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I have seen several blog posts here questioning the pleasure that a cuckold would receive when he is not involved in any way with his wife or her lover. This is an example of how much pleasure and excitement I receive when my wife is having discreet sex "behind my back", so to speak.

My wife went on a date Saturday with her new lover who is also married. His wife is out of town until this Sunday and the only thing stopping him from fucking my wife every day is me not being there. He is not aware that I know he is fucking my wife, but instead believes she is just a cheating slut wife that he stumbled upon.

After their Saturday date, I wanted to make sure my wife realized how thrilled I was, so I ordered her a candle centerpiece I knew she wanted even paying extra to have it overnighted. I always try to send her flowers, buy her something she really wants or at least give her a card so she sees an obvious extremely positive reaction from me after she fucks someone else.

On Tuesday at around noon, my wife called me to tell me the gift came and to thank me. She said she had stopped in at home for lunch and the delivery guy happened to show up while she was there. When I returned to my office, I went online to check my email and I had a confirmation on the delivery. When I followed the link, it gave me the delivery time and also said "delivered to adult male". I have seen this before when I have checked after a delivery but it says "delivered to adult female" or "left by door". Obviously, she was at home getting fucked by her boyfriend for lunch and he must have taken the package.

I may be strange...correct that...I am definitely strange, but the whole principle of my wife sneaking home to fuck a man in the middle of the day and for whatever reason not wanting me to know is one of the hottest things I can imagine. I love that she is so addicted, so to speak, to having sex with him. It is everything I could possibly imagine. Even more exciting and erotic is the fact that based on the time of delivery and when she called me, he must have been there with her when she did so.

After walking around the rest of the afternoon with a huge "mental" hard on, (physical hard ons are a rarity nowadays), I finally walked into the house just before 6pm. I went immediately to the bedroom and noticed the bed was unmade. I make the bed every morning myself so it is quite obvious someone used it. My wife just laughed and said I must have forgot to make it this morning. She finally admitted that her lover had met her for lunch and they had sex. She also asked if I could work late so they could go out tonight since his wife is still out of town. She then asked if I could figure out a way that she can spend Friday through Sunday morning with him as his wife will be back Sunday and meetings will be more difficult to arrange once she is back in town. I never mentioned the delivery confirmation.

I will be at the office burning the midnight oil tonight until she calls me after he leaves the house. I already reserved a room at a nearby hotel for Friday and Saturday in case they decide to go to my house. We told the kids we are going to Vegas for the weekend so they will not come by the house to visit and stumble upon their Mom getting banged by a strange man.

He wants to fuck her at his house for the weekend unless it becomes too risky, then they would go to mine. Vegas explains why my wife and I are not around to our kids, but I still needed to explain why I was not around and she was available to her boyfriend. She told him that I needed to go down to Tucson again to meet with a group of investors who are looking at investing in our company. This will come in handy for future excuses when I need to disappear for a night or two.

It is oddly exciting that my wife would hide the fact that she was meeting her lover for midday sex and yet leave the bed unmade knowing very well that I would notice. Sometimes I think she does so for my pleasure knowing how much I like her cheating behind my back. On the other hand, she could just be a really bad cheater and was so wrapped up in getting fucked that she totally forgot to make the bed afterwards. Either way I win and I am a very happy cuckold. My wife is not one for minor details but she has promised to tell me at least when he fucks her and how many times he does so.

- MyWifeDoesMen




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