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When I was 23, my girlfriend, now wife of 15 years, went on vacation to an island where there was a nude beach. Since we were only recently out of college and didn't have much money, we stayed with a friend of mine who was renting a house with four roommates.

I was very trilled that she was my girlfriend because she was very attractive and all the guys liked her and looked when she passed by. So while we were there, I wanted to show her off at the nude beach and wanted her to go there with me and my friend.

Since I was concerned that she would be uncomfortable being nude with my friend we went one day while he was at work. She didn't have any problems being nude around strangers and I asked her if she would be okay nude with my friend.

She said that it would probably be okay and if not she would cover up in her towel.

So on Saturday, the three of us headed to the beach where we put down a blanket and the three of laid on it with her between my friend and me. She was feeling a little shy and had covered herself up with a towel as she lay on her back.

She then rolled over onto her stomach and let the towel fall off her. We all talked and sunned and she needed to roll over so that she didn't burn her back. So she just rolled over and laid there with her firm breasts and landing strip she sported at the time completely visable to my friend and also other guys who were walking by us.

They seemed to come up further from the water and closer to us as they went by us. After a while my girlfriend relaxed and spread her legs revealing her cunt lips to both my friend and the guys walking by.

Through all of this time we talked about how our lives were going since we last saw each other in college. A little while later a big guy came close and then walked right up and sat in front of us. He was a friend of my friend and they started talking while he looked (stared) at my girlfriend.

She didn't seem to mind as she had been enjoying the fact that so many guys found her attractive. I was feeling great being able to show her off to a lot of guys.

The wind then started blowing harder and my friend and the big guy suggested that we walk up the beach to an area that was shielded from the wind. So we picked up our stuff and walked to an area that was shielded from the wind and also from the view of most of the others on the beach.

My girlfriend spread the blanket out and before I knew what happened she was lying between my friend and the big guy and I was on the outside. My girlfriend rolled over on her side facing my friend since she was a little uncomfortable being that close to a nude larger guy (she told me this later).

After a while the guy moved up behind her and was rubbing his huge erection between her ass cheeks. Then he lifted up her leg and started rubbing his dick between her legs.

After a few minutes of this she called me over to the top of the blanket and pulled my head down and kissed me. She then told me that she wanted all three of us to fuck her but I would have to be last since I already had fucked her many times and they hadn't ever before.

Her fucking other guys had never entered my mind before this since we had both been virgins when we first started dating and never fucked anyone else. She said that I would have to ask the guys to fuck her since she said that if I asked them I could never hold it against her.

I was torn because I really didn't want other guys to fuck her since she was mine but I knew that she would be uphappy if I didn't ask them to fuck her. So I asked them if they would fuck her but said that my friend would go first and then the other guy.

So she immediately told my friend to get between her legs and told me to kiss her while he inserted his dick into her, only the second one to ever be there. I then watched as my friend fucked her and the other guy started to fondle her tits.

As soon as my friend finished inside her, the other guy got between her legs and put his dick into her, the third guy to ever fuck her was a large man. I was amazed at how easily his dick went in. I kissed her again and watched as he fucked her for what seemed like an hour but was probably only about 10 minutes.

After he came inside her and pulled out, I stuck my dick in her and it slide right in since she was full of come and had been fucked by two cocks that made her so wet. I only lasted a couple of minutes before I added my come to the two other loads that were already inside her. There was no concern about pregnancy since she was on the pill.

This was the first of many many times that I have fucked her with others come inside her. It was also when I decided that I wanted her for my wife so that she would always be mine but I would share her with whoever she wanted since she enjoyed fucking the others probably more than she enjoyed fucking me.

As of now she's still active in this lifestyle, meeting men on the street or at work once every 6 months or so and a few old friends/flings from Facebook. These are pictures she sent one old flame via messenger.





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