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My husband and I have an agreement between us and it involves me taking my lover when I have the chance while hubby doesn't get anyone else. I wouldn't be comfortable with him seeing someone as I'd be too insecure. My husband is good looking and is successful and would be a good catch for many of the willing ladies out there. About a year ago he told me he wanted to see me with another man and after talking at length (I think it was until 4:00am) I accepted with conditions. So we settled on a man that I met online and I have seen him a few times and have enjoyed him very much. The very last time I saw him, which was 3 weeks ago I was on business and took him with me. In the morning he left as I had to go on to other cities but wrote this email to my husband, so that he could get his 'share' of this encounter:

"Finally after 5 months my lover and I are alone!! We get to the hotel and check in. I have about 30 min before I have to leave to get to an interview. As you know we have been waiting all weekend for this day, he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. Our eyes close and our lips meet. It has been over a month since the last time we've been in each other's arms. His warm embrace, the gentle touch of his lips and the way that he makes my heart race when our tongues meet, sparks fly. He slowly unbuttons my shirt and works his way down to to expose my nipples. He loves to play with my pierced nipples. He sits on the bed as I straddle him and continue to explore each others bodies. He flips me over and kisses down my stomach and unzips my pants and in one pull I'm completely exposed to my lover and he already has me a tad wet. Rubbing my thighs and kissing my clit I'm craving to feel his cock, he undresses and puts his hard cock near my wet pussy. I'm begging to feel him as he continues to tease my pussy. Finally my pussy stretches and I moan with pleasure and he pushes his nice hard cock into my pussy. My lover has something else on his mind, with just a few thrusts, he looks deep into my eyes, kisses me deeply, grins and says, "baby you have an interview."... mmmmm his master plan was to tease me, which I can't complain about. But there's no way, I push him back down on the bed, my lips meet his, our tongue's caress and his dick slides right back in to the pussy that he has claimed as his own. I continue to ride him, my pussy starts to quiver, my nipples get hard, and my breathing starts to speed up.

When I get back to the room my darling lover is naked laying in bed. I strip and climb into bed with him. Rubbing his chest, back, neck, and slowly moving down to his cock that is starting to swell with my touch. I smile and tell him that we have dinner plans in less than an hour. I straddle him so that he can feel how soft and smooth my pussy is, which is his favorite feeling. I lean down to kiss him, as our tongues meet I feel an incredible sensation as his nice hard cock is stretching my pussy again.......... mmmm I love the way he feels in my pussy. As I start to ride him, he flips me over. I knew from the look in his eyes that I was in trouble but I didn't know what kind just yet. As his hard cock is thrusting in and out of my ohh so wet pussy, his thrusts get shallower. As he finds my g-spot, he continues to thrust rubbing my g-spot until I'm so close. Then he pulls out and says. "we are late for dinner." OMG... he knows he's going to get it good after dinner. On our way to dinner he asks if I'm good and horny with his oh so evil grin. I said you know I am. He laughs and says that he remembers a conversation that I said that he couldn't tease me and get away with it. He also says that my orgasms now are going to be better then ever since he's been taking me to the edge all day. I know you love it when he makes me cum baby.

We get back to the room from dinner. I have had a few drinks which makes me horny and he has been taking me to the edge all day. Finally alone at last and this man is going to feel how wet he's been keeping my pussy all day. We strip and climb into bed. He leans over and starts to kiss me. He knows that his kiss alone will drive me totally crazy. I kiss down his chest and put his cock into my mouth and play with his balls. He better believe that after what he's done to me all day that he's going to be one satisfied man. After giving him a great blow job he climbs on top and my dripping wet pussy is anxiously waiting to feel his nice hard cock again in me. With every thrust my pussy stretches and it doesn't take long for my pussy to quiver, as my breathing starts to become shallow and quicker.

I grab his legs because there is no way he's going to leave me here again. As his nice hard cock is taking my pussy to incredible heights I'm moaning with pleasure, the moaning must have gotten loud, as I am having one of the longest and best orgasms ever, that the neighbors in the next room start pounding on the wall. I don't think I realized that they were pounding until after I came down from the orgasm. Not that it mattered, because we continued for at least another hour, as we weren't letting the fact that we were keeping the neighbors up have any impact on the fact that our alone time is limited. I love the way my lover feels and I love the feeling of the 2 loads that he shot deep into my pussy!! I look forward to the next time my lover and I can be alone, next time one of us will bring a camera for you hon. The night ended with us falling asleep together naked in each others arms, it was the best feeling ever. "

After sending that I got a response within 10 minutes saying that not only did he read it but that he came while doing so! He said he wants more and so I'll have to try and get my lover to meet me one more time. It wasn't planned but I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for letting us share our fun with the readers of your blog.




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