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My girl A is a beautiful brunette with a great body, a great smile, a sunny personality, and an appetite for fucking and drinking. She's an intellectual as well - she'll work in a reference to Kirkegaard or Voltaire when we're talking about baseball. She's also, shall we say, very comfortable in her own skin.

So it was that we were in a bar in the Fort Lauderdale area two days ago, on Tuesday, January 13, 2014. After a long night of fucking - we're really very good together in bed - we woke up around 11 yesterday morning. After another hour of rolling around, she said to me, "I want to go to the Rooftop."

If you don't know, The Rooftop Hotel is a swingers hotel in Hollywood, FL. This surprised me, because we'd only discussed my fantasy a day earlier - that I would love to watch her get fucked by another man. She just up and conceived of this plan, all by her lonesome.

We arrived around 2:45 PM. Because it was a Wednesday, and a bit more cool and overcast than we would have liked, there were only about ten people there. Everyone was sunbathing nude. The women there included one from California with these beautiful, bulbous breasts, no tan lines, and a Brazilian that allowed a very close inspection of her beautiful pussy, and a Norwegian with high breasts, toned abs, slim waist, and again, a beautiful, bald pussy she had no problem displaying.

After I made us some drinks, I first stripped myself. Standing there naked, I then called over to the pool, and told everyone there that "I'd like to announce A's arrival". With that, I turned her so she faced the pool, put her arms over her head, and lifted her dress up over her body. Since I didn't let her wear panties or a bra, her long, tan legs, beautifully manicured pussy, lean torso, and beautiful B-cup breasts were immediately exposed for everyone.

We walked over, and A's engaging personality and sense of humor, combined with the fact that when she was sitting, she would sit with her legs spread, immediately meant that she owned the room. She was now holding court. She had everybody laughing, and now wondering if they were going to either get their pussy licked by her or get to use her pussy for their own pleasure.

We separated ourselves to sit in the late afternoon sun. She had two suitors, both Cuban, one older and one younger. The younger one - in retrospect, I should have told him to get lost. He didn't talk to either one of us, just sat across from us staring at her and grabbing his cock. But whatever. She actually turned her back to him and he went away.

She then motioned for a guy sitting some distance from us. He sat down on her chaise, and after a few minutes, started playing with her nipples. She responded by kissing his neck and playing with his cock - by this time, the coconut rum had taken effect. No more inhibitions. The three of us walked down to this guy's room.

On her way, she decided, why I would learn later, to pick up the guy who had been staring at her. Now there were four of us in one room. A little drunk, she pulled me into the bathroom and told me she told me she was nervous but excited. She wanted to go through with it, but wanted to role-play: I would assume a dominant role. This was getting hotter by the minute.

She took one last swig of her drink, and said, "Ok I'm ready." I grabbed her hair, opened the bathroom door, pulled her into the room by her hair, and guided her onto her knees. "Suck my cock", I said.

She started sucking and slurping on my cock, devouring it. She was fully in the mood. I thought I was going to cum right there, so I instructed her to go suck the young guy's cock. I only gave him a minute because I didn't like him. Then I made her suck the older guy.

"Time to fill more holes", I told her. "Get on the bed." I took a position near the head of the bed, and had her put her ass at the edge of the bed. Now she was sucking my cock while the older guy was pounding her from behind. She came on his cock while she was sucking me, and her screams vibrated the first load right out of me and down her throat.

She asked for a break, so she laid there licking my cock, recovering from her orgasm. She even lifted my balls up and licked my ass.

After a few minutes, I got up, because I wanted to take pictures. Ready to resume, she was now laying on her side, being fucked by the young guy while she was sucking the older guy's cock. The young guy didn't last long - he blew his load, got up, and left. (Both guys wore condoms.) What a waste. I replaced him, ready to go again, and now I was fucking her in the missionary position while she sucked and slurped the older guy's cock and balls. She told him, "I want you to come on my face."

That was it for me. After hearing that, I couldn't hold it any longer, and after a few more strokes, I blew my load deep inside her pussy, yelling out, while she came with me. The guy told her, "I want your pussy", so I made way and he was again fucking her while they were laying on their sides. She came a few more times, and he grunted loudly and filled his condom. They laid there for a few minutes, little drunk kisses, a few last intimate touches, and then we got up and cooled off with a jump in the pool.

Later, I asked her why she brought the young guy in. What she told me was a nice cap on the night. "Sympathy fuck...I just wanted to get used and get him out of the way."

Delicious. Here she is, laying by the pool before the action started, and here she is in the thick of things.

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