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I must say I had to write this after discovering this blog and reading about people's wife/girlfriend cheating.

I got married when I was serving abroad. I was horny and just had to have a steady lay. Ohhh and she was so damn good both orally with one tight wet pussy that just seems to grab you and suck you inside. We had been married for 2 years and then I got sent away for 6 months overseas. I had a good friend of mine keep an eye on things while I was away because she didn't have a drivers license and could not get around. I never felt theatened with his presence because he was definitely not someone women could find in any way attractive.

Many times I attempted to get him dates but one look and it was a no go. Any way I was gone for 5 months and of course rumors fly all the time, of what is going on at home with the wives, and I was no exception. Course no one pays any mind to the rumors. Three weeks prior to my scheduled return there was suddenly an opening in an early crew that was departing that afternoon and my chief placed me on that flight. I had just enough time to pack my stuff and get back to the airport.

My arrival was a suprise to everyone and because I lived on base and all I had was my seabag over my shoulder, I elected to walk home. When I got to the house the front door was locked. Lucky I have a house key on my work key ring. I walked in and I heard nothing so I thought no one was home. I headed down the hall towards my bedroom to unpack my seabag and I could hear muffled voices. I opened the door slowly and got such an eye full I just stood there dumb founded with my jaw dropped to the floor.

There was my friend Jim, he had my pretty wife stripped absoulety naked, fondling and squezing her full tits popping her nipples out between his fingers while he had his hard dick in her pussy ramming her with such force her head would bump against the head board. The doorway to the bedroom was at the foot of the bed so they could not see me standing there, but I could see the hardness of Jim's dick just pumping the shit out of my wife's pussy.

I stood a watched for what seemed like eternity but really was only a few minutes. Then I heard him start grunting as he was getting close. She had already cum three times while I watched and no telling how many times before I got there. Her cum was all over the shaft of his dick pumping in and out of her. She knew he was getting close and said "give it to me like always". Just then he pulled his hard dick out, making a suction sound as air filled her hole, and strattled her tits so the massive head was sitting on her lower lip.

She opened her mouth, he stroked once or twice then he let out a deep groan, and then suddenly let loose his load. Thick white globs filled her mouth in no time. The first spurt was large and powerful and must of hit the back of her throat catching her off guard causing her to gag cough shooting cum back out of her mouth and into her hair. She had to swallow three full times as his cum filled her mouth to the edge of overflowing her lips. She gasped for air before she could wrap her lips around the end of his dick just to suck out the rest of his cum.

She had her lips locked on the end of his cock and I could see she swallowed again as his dick pumped one more load into her hungry mouth. She took her lips off his dick and stuck her tounge under the opening of his dick head, he grabbed the base of his cock with his fingers and milked two more globs of cum on to her waiting tounge, and she swallowed it, licking tenderly his sensitive head which now looked purple and distorted. I heard her say "I love the taste of you more and more each time, I think I am getting addicted to your cum."

Just then her eyes shifted and she saw me standing at the door. Out of panic I said "What the Fuck!!" They both jumped and I turned around and left the room. I was sitting in the kitchen when Jim came out to say something and I just told him to shut the fuck up and get out and I would talk to him later when things cool down if they ever do. My wife came out a few minutes later in her robe and asked me how long I was there. I told her ...Long Enough!!! She said that she was very sorry and that it was just sex. A need that her body wanted but had nothing to do with love. She said that she loved me with all her heart but if I wanted to leave her she would not blame me because of what happened.

We talked for an hour or so and while we did I kept looking at Jim's cum dripping down my wife's dark brown hair. She didn't know it was there. It must have been from when she choaked on his masive first spurt into her throat. She saw me looking after awhile and grabbed her hair and felt his semen in her fingers and said "shit". I told her don't worry about it you have it under your chin and on your forehead too. I admitted to her that I got a hardon watching her and that I am still hard talking about it.

I guess I was so turned on about this whole ordeal that I just wanted to shoot my load. She asked if I still wanted her. I told her more than ever right now. "What do you want me to do?" she said. I put her on her knees, opened her robe, cupped her tits and bent over to suck her nipple. Then I completely removed the robe, grabed her neck and shoved my dick into her mouth. I throat fucked her and shot my wad deep down her throat. It was the biggest load I have ever shot but nothing compared to what I saw earlier.

After that I asked her to be completely honest with me. Was Jim the only one? She said at first, but there were others. She told me about them and those are other stories that I could share if you liked this one.

Ever since then it has been 3some,4some,moresome for me and mine and it is amazing.

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