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I can tell you about a couple of things my wife has been getting up to lately; she arranged for her to take a day off from work as sometimes she can work from home writing reports. This sometimes means she has her B/F come over during the day, which she tells me about before hand and asks me what I would like her to do if possible with her B/F and she trys to arrange it. I asked her if possible to call me when he gets over so I can listen on the phone to her getting fucked, she said she would try, but as her B/F is still a bit unsure of me knowing about what they get up to she doesn't like to put him off. I told her no worries only if she can. The most important part is her getting her jollys, and for me to hear about it and play in her used cunt after, that really turns me on.

It was getting quite late into the day and she had not phoned me to tell me what had happened that day. I was on my way home in the car as I work about 30 mins from home when the phone rang. It was her telling me her B/F had had some trouble making it to our house and that he was only just on his way there, and could I wait before coming home, and she would text me when he had gone, I told her no trouble I would stop close to home and have some coffee and wait for her to call when they had finished.

I stopped at a coffee shop close to home so I could get home in two mins and waited. I was there over an hour when she called me to tell me he had just left and that she had a creampie to play with, I was so excited, I love fresh creampie and as he normally comes over during the day I don't get it as much as I would like.

I got home to find her still in bed with the outfit she was fucking him in, still on, with stockings, a small red babydoll nightie and red high heel shoes. She was smiling when I walked in, she pulled back the bed covers, she had put dark blue sheets on the bed. When I looked at her I could see the cum all around her pussy lips and on the bed was big wet patches where they had both cum. I got undressed and got into bed on my back, she knows what I like. Next she got up on one knee, moved over to place her pussy over my mouth where I started to lick her pussy clean. I would never dream of sucking a guy or letting a guy cum in my mouth or face, but it seems okay for me to lick a guy's cum out of my wife's pussy.

During the time that I was cleaning her pussy she was telling me how good he was and how much she came. She told me about how he fucked her, telling me how much I like her fucking other guys, making me say I like her fucking other men etc.. When I cleaned her she put my cock in her used pussy. I love the feeling of fucking her pussy after she has been fucked. She moves up and down for awhile then lifts her pussy off to let his cum run down over my cock and balls. She keeps telling about her fuck, not long after I always shoot my load and add to the mix. I would never want to have a normal marrage now that this is so much more fun.

I have gone on a bit too long now so I will have to tell you all the other story next time.

I hope you enjoy, and I will let you know what she gets up to next.

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