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The pictures we are including are from a fun night in a hotel out of the state.

I wanted to share something that happened last fall with Trixie. We had folks over for a Halloween costume party and had quite a crowd. Trixie had been flirting with one of our friends, who Ill call "G" , via text pretty much all day.

Of course he knew I knew they were texting and he knew I was ok with it. As crazy as it sounds to some I get a kick out of her flirting or sexting a guy. He was supposed to come to the party but he said he would be late as he had a date. I'm guessing it was around midnight or after when he finally showed up and just a few people were still there.

We all sat around cutting up and drinking a bit more for a little while longer. "G" stuck around and was in the kitchen as the last of the people left. We had a few friends that were crashing at the house and had already gone to bed. I was watching him give her looks the whole time he was there and it was quite a turn on.

We talked for a little while longer when he said he was going to go. We all got up and made our way towards the door finishing up with some chit chat. I remember telling him bye and backing up so Trixie could give him a hug as she normally does.

I could tell that the hug was a little awkward because it was one of those lingering hugs. He then planted a little kiss on her lips and said something about how much she had him flustered all day. I could tell that there was some serious sexual tension between them and that he was pretty flustered at the moment.

They looked like a couple teenagers too nervous to say what they mean. It was actually kind of funny. As stood back and smiled and laughed it off as they kept talking and he gave her another hug, this time bear hugging her and picking her up off her feet and setting her back down. He kissed her again and backed up slowly.

I could see it I swear. He left out the door and as she turned to me I said "I dare you". She looked puzzled so I said something like, "I dare you to go with him to his car, make out with him and then drop down and pull his dick out and give him a blow job." I told her I'd peak out the window so I could see. I was so turned on by the idea and I think she knew I was serious. She laughed and asked if I was serious and I said yes and told her that she had to catch him. To my surprise she didn't hesitate and turned and went out the door.

I ran to the window to get a good vantage point. They stood by the car a few minutes talking. He was leaned up against his door and she was facing him a couple feet away. I don't know what they were saying but I could tell she was nervous.

I could see her looking toward the house every few seconds and I was hard as a rock. I honestly didn't think she would do anything until I saw him lean forward and grabbed her arms and pulled her to him. I couldn't see anything other than the tops of their heads at that point and I knew they were kissing. I didn't think it was like the little pecks he'd given her in front of me either.

I was going crazy in the house because I couldn't see what was going on. I went from room to room to try to get a view and couldn't. The thought of Trixie being out there without me and something happening between her and "G" was thrilling and I was wanting something to happen so that she could tell me all about it. Most will call it weird but some of you would completely understand. There I was pacing back and forth horny as hell not knowing what was happening.

It was a good 10 Minutes before I built up the nerve to sneak out the back door and sneak around to the opposite side of the house to see if I could see. As I peeped around the corner of the house I saw movement in the back seat of his car and I saw one of her feet in the air and I knew that they were going at it. I didn't bargain for the full monte when I dared her to go but I was ok with it if it happened. I couldn't see any details in the car but I knew they were fucking.

I scurried my way back into the house and I really think I was talking to myself for a minute. I think I was a little shocked but extremely turned on. I paced the floors for a few minutes longer and then noticed his headlights in the windows and immediately headed for the door. As I opened the door she was walking up the steps, When she saw me she put her hand over her mouth and giggled like she was completely and totally embarrassed. I remember her and I laughing and her saying stuff like "I can't believe I just did that". I don't know why but I had to hear her say it but I asked, "You fucked him?" All she could do is put her hand over her face and giggle shaking her head yes. I was blown away.

I wanted the gory details and I had a million questions to which she was an open book and always has been and told me everything. She told me what they talked about and told me how it all went down. At the car when he pulled her to him, he hugged her and held on.

She turned her head toward him and then that is when they just started kissing feverishly. Trixie said she wanted to do what I dared her to so while they were kissing she was feeling his dick through his pants and loosened his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled it out. She said she stroked it in her hand for a few seconds while they were kissing and then she said she pushed back off of him and got on her knees and just started sucking him beside his car.

She didn't expect anything else to happen as she knew we had friends asleep in the house. After a few minutes he pulled her arms and stood her back up, turned her around and kissed her against his car. He opened the back door and pushed her inside across the back seat. He unbuttoned her pants and pulled them and her panties off. She said he leaned in and started licking her pussy for a few minutes and then climbed on top of her. She said he didn't waste any time and just stuck it and began to fuck her. She said she came a couple of times while he was going at it until he pulled out and shot his load over her stomach.

He kissed her a couple of times. Poor guy had to take his tshirt off to clean up the mess. They kissed bye and he left and she headed back in.

I have to say, even telling this story makes me horny. As crazy as it sounds, this really did happen.

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