Watching from the Window

Mrs Smith


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My wife had never let me watch her with her lover. They had started behind my back but I had discovered her affair and we had come to an understanding about it that left me on the outside. She never told him that I knew. She would tell me in advance if they were going to be at our house, or call me at work, and I was supposed to stay away from the house until she called. I had never broken that rule except to drive by the house one time to see his car parked in the driveway and which resulted in a huge lump in my throat from the realization of what they were doing.

This time, she was planning on going to our house with him after a late afternoon meeting they were at that was not far from our neighborhood. It was around 4:30 when she called me at work and said they were there and he was in the living room having a drink. She would call me when he had left and I could come home then.

I was through with work so I had to either sit around, or go to a bar, and I ended up at a bar not very far from our house. After a couple of beers, I started imagining what they were doing and had to know so I left and headed for home, not sure what I would do. I drove by and both of their cars were there so I kept going up the street until I could turn around. I parked up the street from the house and sat in the car for awhile. It was late Fall and almost dark, and I could see lights on in the house but the blinds were closed.

Our house is on a wooded lot and has some large evergreen trees in the front, so I snuck between them and now I was only about 20 feet from the living room windows. I couldn't see in but could see shadows moving on the blinds so they hadn't gone into the bedroom so I waited.

At some point, there weren't any shadows moving around and I realized they had moved to our bedroom. Our house is a 1 story contemporary with floor to ceiling windows and our bedroom is on the back side. There are no houses that look into the back yard so it's very private. I started shaking when I stood up and walked around to the back, and first I walked past the house so I was in the dark about 25 feet away from the windows. There was a low light on in our bedroom and the blinds were down, but they don't go all the way to the floor because there is a sill about 2' up from the floor that we keep books on - so they stop about 8" above the sill.

I couldn't see anything from where I was so I snuck right up to the house next to the window. I took a deep breath and bent over and looked in below the blinds. The bed is only 3' from the window but they were standing on the other side, kissing and touching each other. His back was to me and his pants were pushed down to his feet, and I could see her hand moving like she was stroking his cock. They moved a little and I could see his hand between her legs and she was up on her toes.

She pulled his shirt over his head and off and he helped her undress, then took his pants the rest of the way off so they were both naked. He is a big guy and his back was very broad. She started to the bed and when he turned around, I got my first view of another man with an erection and ready to fuck my wife. It excited me tremendously and made me nauseous at the same time because I knew what was going to happen right in front of me. They got on the bed and immediately started kissing and touching. Her back was to me about 4 or 5 feet away and I saw his hand go between her legs and when she spread them open I could see him siding his fingers in and out of her.

Her arm was moving like she was stroking his cock again. Then, he pushed her onto her back and started to squeeze her breasts and suck on her nipples, and they were close enough that I could see them pull between his lips as he sucked. I could just barely hear her moan through the window but couldn't make anything else out. She was arching her back and pushing herself against him and reaching behind his ass and pulling him to her. He stopped sucking her nipples and just looked at her while he started fingering her again. He decided she was ready, and moved over her, and she pulled her legs back and spread them wide apart.

Then I saw her take his cock and put it against her, then move her hand away. He said something to her I couldn't hear and seemed to hesitate just for a second, then his hips started to push forward and her body moved back as he entered her all the way without stopping. He lowered his body onto her and only a few feet away from me, he started to fuck her and I could hear her moaning every time he thrust his cock into her.

Everything started to blur and I lost track of how long it went on. At some point, he stopped and pulled back out of her, then put his face between her legs and started licking her. After a couple of minutes he stopped and looked at her for a few seconds, then moved up on her again and I saw his hips push his cock back inside her. I looked away for a few seconds with the image of what I was seeing burned into my mind and when I looked back into the bedroom, he was fucking her really hard.

Her body was moving back and forth and she was moaning, then her legs straightened out and she wrapped her arms around his back and I saw her whole body stiffen then press against him and spasm. He stopped fucking her and stayed as deep in her as he could until her body relaxed, then he started again. She held onto him with her legs wrapped around him as he kept fucking her for what seemed like forever but later I realized it had only been a couple of minutes.

There are 2 windows and I moved to see them from a different view. The view was from further away but was from almost directly behind him. I saw his cheeks tighten when he thrust his cock in her and his balls pressed against her. I moved back for a closer view and just as I got there, I saw his rhythm break down and he pushed in her as far as he could and stopped for a second. I heard her moan and say Yes! Yes! Then he did the same thing again several more times and each time she moaned and pushed herself up against him until he collapsed onto her, still slowly moving in and out of her.

I wanted to leave but I couldn't take my eyes away from them. They both relaxed and laid there like that, for awhile. She would press herself against him and he would push into her softly and his ass would clench then relax. They kissed some more and then he pushed himself up with his arms and said something to her, then he pulled his cock out of her.

It was flaccid slick and wet and just hanging, but it looked swollen and huge as he got of out of the bed on the side to the window and just a few feet from me. He was standing next to her saying something, then he walked right past the window and started to get dressed. My wife was still on the bed so he was facing the window and I left to be safe. Back in my car, I looked at my watch and it had been a little more than an hour since I had gotten there so I guessed they had fucked for at least 45 minutes.

Somehow I drove back to my office but couldn't remember doing it - She called around an hour after that and said he had left and I could come home and hear about it.

For a long time, I couldn't recall details. I knew what I had seen but couldn't describe it and now I think my mind was overloaded to the point of forgetting for a while. I didn't tell her about it until much later, and they had broken off.

She just smiled.

Attached are picture she once sent to him while I was at work.

- Mr and Mrs Smith





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