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I haven't posted here before but I cum often reading everyone else's blog posts so I thought it time I do the same.

Anyway, I am not by any means a victim of a small penis. My dick is close to 8 1/2 inches, But I began having fantasies of my beautiful wife having sex with other men. It was odd cause at the same time I was extremely jealous. We have been together since High School and she is 22 and I'm 24.

She always gets hit on which used to annoy me but now I look forward to it. She has a great ass which you can see in the picture (which btw were taken on a vaction which is a whole other story) and small perky tits. Her natural hair color is blonde but she streaks it.

Anyway I also am in decent shape at 6'1 220 IBS. I work out often as I am an independent professional wrestler. Well I can't remember exactly when I became inticed by the idea of her with another guy but it lurked up on me a lot. Well we have had MANY an encounter with other women as she is Bi. And once we had an orgy of sorts with her best friend and her boyfriend and me and him swapped girls for oral but that was about it.

Well let me quit boring you with the back story. I had a buddy of mine over who my wife has a bit of a detest for, she thinks he is an arrogant and cocky asshole but he is a bit of a pretty boy. Well we were drinking and watching some tv and she was sitting with me and we were getting a bit tipsy when I made a joke about her sucking me off. Snd she is pretty out-going so she started trying to get me to take my pants off. Well I was a bit turned on and my friend made the joke that he was next and I was like yea service us up.

Well I can't really explain how it just happened but I let her give him head while I fucked her doggy style and then I just found myself turned on massivly so I instigated her to let him fuck her. Well his dick was a liitle smaller than mine at 7" but still nice and I was a bit intimidated by the idea of another guy fucking her but at the same time I was turned on. So she started sucking me off as he fucked her. Well after that was through we didn't say anything else of it for awhile.


My wife has a friend who is at best a really femine bi guy, now before you think this is gonna turn into a bi story it isn't. She and I were joking with the notion of us having a 3 some and low and behold it happened again. But see I was really caught up on this idea of cuckolding, now I don't think I could be completly submissive cause I am a masculine guy so anyway we traded off on her a little while until I started my little plot.

I made it seem like I had to go get a drink so I left the 2 alone as he fucked her I went to the door turned and watch him hammer away at her from behind and I will admit his dick was a bit longer than mine, not quite as think but he was hitting spots I could tell I missed. At first I felt jealous but then I felt amazingly turned on and I watched till he came in her and then he had to leave quickly.

I dont remember why but it was literaly like he came, got dressed and was out the door with a, "i'll be back later."

I went in the room and my wife looked at me and I couldn't belive what she said "I saw you watching! You liked that didn't you?" and I agreed and then she asked me to eat her pussy and I did and it was amazing as she licked his cum off my face and we fucked for another hour with her telling me how he was so much better at my request. She said later she felt weird me asking her to degrade me, But I can't explain how much of a turn on it was.

Well that is about it.





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