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My wife and I have been married for now 12 years, we were married directly out of high school, have 3 kids and have always been devoted to each other and have never strayed. We have always had an active sex life, but of course with business travel, kids, and all it was never able to be as frequent as we would have liked.

This story is based on events that happened in May 2012.

For years we have often brought into our sex lives the fantasy of cuckold sex, we would watch videos, we had a good sized black dong etc. But I as many others never truthfully thought that my wife would EVER go through with taking this fantasy to reality.

Well one night we were out dancing and just having fun at a local night club in Ybor City, which is local hotspot in Tampa. During the night we had had a few drinks, and after a while I had to use the restroom, when I returned I could see L across the dance floor talking to a good looking gentleman probably in his late 20s, and before I got across the floor he had moved along. I asked L what was up and she told me that he had tried to pick her up. We kind of laughed it off, and I told her that she still had it, she still doesnt believe that of course.

We stayed at the club for about another hour or so, and went back to the hotel room around midnight and had some incredible sex, all the time while we talked about how it would have felt for her to have been fucked by him.

The next weekend I recommended that we check out another club in Tampa, a place called the Pleasure Palace. OK it is a local swingers club, my wife was game and I booked a hotel room nearby so that we wouldnt drive home drunk, and off we went. Well this didnt work out very well, as we were at the counter waiting to enter the club the door opened to the main part of the club opened and my wife got a glimpse of what was happening inside, there were several women grinding on each other on the dance floor and she was just shocked, my wife has always been a VERY conservative person. Well she immediately turned to me and said get me out of here, and with that we left.

We ended up going to a local movie theater and catching a movie and that was the end of that night.

During the next week my wife came to me and asked if this was a club that I really wanted to check out, and if it was she would go back and give it a chance. So off we go the following weekend, this time we didnt get a room, I really didnt want to lay out the money thinking that here we go on another failed attempt.

We arrived at the club around 10:00pm on Saturday night, took things very slow, it was funny watching my wife as other couples would approach us and neither of us knowing really what to do or say, hey we had never done anything like this before. We spent the night mostly dancing amongst ourselves and just taking in the crowd and people watching. It was really amazing how open everyone was that approached us, and the interesting conversations that were brought up.

After leaving the club my wife suggested that we go back the next weekend, the club was having a naughty school girl night on Friday and she wanted to go out and buy a costume to wear to the party. Of course I was all into it, we spent several nights throughout the seek searching the local clubwear stores looking for a naughty school girl outfit for her to wear that evening. And finally decided on one, it had a small white top, and a black leather skirt, she wore tall stripper boots along with the outfit, and looked sexy as hell. You could never tell that she had 3 kids.

Anyway getting back to the story.

We went to the club the following Friday and the crowd was nothing like it was the Saturday previous, there was hardly anyone there, and except for one other wife she was the only one dressed up as a naughty school girl, and the other wife was HOT, and intimidated my wife. (We ended up with her and her husband a few weeks later but thats another story).

As the night went on we danced drank and just had a lot of fun together, it was actually a liberating feeling getting out and away from the kids and just being together having fun.

We danced and at probably around midnight L had run out of booze, and since this was a BYOB club, I had to run out to the closest open liquor store to grab another bottle. I was gone about 30 minutes or so not knowing this area of town, and upon my return to the club, I found my wife right where I had left her, but she was chatting with a big gentleman that had come out to the club. T was a good looking man, the same age as us, he was a cop from a local city and told us that this was his first visit to the club, he was married but was very unhappy in his marriage, it is really amazing how much you can find out about someone in a short amount of time. We spent about an hour just the three of us chatting, the crowd was dying down and the drinks were really beginning to hit L.

It was starting to get late, around 2am and L bent over to me and asked if we should a ask T to come back to our hotel room? I simply replied that if she felt comfortable with him it was OK with me.

She immediately turned to T and asked him if he would like to fuck her tonight? Direct and out loud! T had an instant smile on his face, earlier when L stepped out to the restroom T told me that he hadnt had sex with his wife in over a month, and had never stepped out on her before.

We told T to follow us back to our hotel which was about a mile away and immediately left the club. On the short mile ride over to the hotel, L looked at me and asked, what the hell are we doing? I replied we are living out a fantasy, we never just let loose and have fun, and now we can just have some fun. And that we would just go with the flow, and if she got uncomfortable we would immediately call it off.

We arrived at the hotel and T was right behind us. We went upstairs, small talk the whole way, and once we got into the room, it was like a cold air blew in, we could tell T was as uncomfortable as we were.

T took the only chair in the room and L and I laid on the bed on our sides facing him and it was like we were meeting all over again.

L never a very forward person got up from the bed and went into the bathroom for a minute, came out and turned on the radio in the room. She walked directly over to T and began to give him a lap dance, (This is something that I have never seen her do before, in fact I didnt even know she knew how to do a lap dance).

Ts hands were immediately all over her, holding on to her hips, reaching his hands up and cupping her breasts you name it, of course this was also having its positive effects on me as well.

L stood up in front of T and pulled him to his feet, and began making out with him in a deep French kiss as her hand went down between his legs, within what seemed like seconds she had his pants unbuttoned and they dropped to the floor, she immediately went to her knees and took his hard cock into her mouth and began to suck him all the way down, (she has always had an art of deep throat).

She sucked on his cock for about 10 minutes, after which he picked her up from under her arms and lifted her to her feet and dropped her on the bed. He immediately pulled down her panties and pushed her legs up to her chest and dove his face into her shaven pussy. T licked and sucked on her pussy for what seemed like a half hour as she was cumming over and over again. They moved into a 69 position during this time and it was incredible watching this hard cock pumping into my wifes sweet mouth.

L was soaked, and has always gotten wet very easy, T climbed off the top and looked over to me and asked if it was OK? In which I replied that this was her night, and it was fully up to her. It took all of us about another 30 seconds to realize that none of us had brought any protection, and L looked over and said fuck it I need his cock in me! L during this time had become like a bitch in heat, she wasnt going to give up this chance now.

T climbed in between my wifes legs and pushed his cock straight in all the way in one quick shot, I have never seen my wifes eyes open so wide. He began to pump his cock in a rapid full length pace into my wifes sweet pussy. We didnt know it at the time but this guy could fuck for hours, this fucking began at around 3:00 am and didnt end until 6:00am my wife was taken in every way possible, all the while giving me blow job after blowjob every time I got hard again. What was interesting is that while T was fucking my wife he would tell her to suck my cock, and would watch her suck my cock as he fucked the hell out of her. T came inside of my wife twice in the 3 hour fuck session, and by the time he was done, cum was running out of her pussy, that there was absolutely no way of closing, her pussy was like an open hole by the time he was done with her. After he was done, he went over to the chair and sat down and told L it was time to fuck her husband while he watched.

I laid back on the bed as L climbed on top and began to ride me in a reverse cowgirl position, all the time the cum from this man was coating and being smeared all over my cock, I lasted about another 30 minutes before I too blew another load deep into my wifes stretched out pussy.

We hit about 7:00am and T had to get going, he worked the night shift and his wife thought that he was on duty tonight, so he would be getting home right when he should from work.

L and I crashed in the room, and it was rather funny both of us were sprawled out on the bed butt naked when the cleaning lady walked in and immediately left. She must have gotten en eye full. L and I couldnt stop talking about it for days, about 3 days after T and I started talking and has been fucking my wife at least once a week ever since. All bareback of course, we also moved into swinging with other couples, we are not a cuckold couple and one incredible thing from this whole experience is that we have not been able to stop fucking since. Prior to this night if we fucked once a week it was a lot, now it is more like once or twice a day, T is the only single male that we play with, I also let L see T when I am out of town on business which is rather regularly.

For us this has opened us up to so many fantasies and a level of honesty that we had never had before, and the ability to see them out, I love to watch my wife fully fucked out by Ts cock, coming home after fucking for hours and I have even gotten to be turned by eating her well fucked pussy. L soon after asked me what my #1 fantasy was and I told her it was to fuck an Asian chick, what did she do? She went online and found us a couple with and Asian girl and hooked us up with them (BTW the Asian woman? Was the same chick in the club that night in the other school girl outfit). She was not only my first Asian fantasy come true, but also my wifes first Bi-Sex experience, they are now regulars as well, although "T" is the only guy allowed to take my wife Bareback.




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