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I married my first girlfriend in college. At 29 she remains the most beautiful woman I've ever met. She was the ultimate party girl in college however I was firmly convinced marriage would take care of her party girl attitude. Obviously I was wrong. I had no idea I was not man enough to satisfy her.

Unbelievably extraordinary looks move mountains. In the business world, in every facet of life my wife has had virtually everything handed to her because of her looks. Looking back I am amazed, especially in the business world, of all the things she has had come her way that in all honesty she was not qualified for.

Four years ago I caught her in an affair with a guy she met "out with girls." She convinced me she would give him up and after about 6 months I thought we had worked through it. It was quite easy to tell when she started back again and this time when I caught her it turned out she was seeing the original guy again and had added a new one.

We talked about a divorce. When it came right down to it I just couldn't go through with it. My wife agreed to "attempt" to give up her "two guys." (Could have been more she only admitted she was seeing the two I found out about) Well things appeared to be better for a couple of weeks and then she started again. I knew I should divorce her but I just couldn't face the thought of losing her. The fact that I didn't do anything actually fanned the fire. She quickly became more brazen. She got to a point she was very seldom at home on time and staying out later and later. At first it was under the guise of "going out with the girls" but that ended and she would just tell me she was going out. She had realized she had a free pass. I was not going to divorce her.

Obviously I realized at this point she would always have other men and the hurt slowly subsided. I suppose I was adapting. Then a truly amazing thing happened. I would steal glances at her getting ready to go out. Oh my god she would look gorgeous. I knew all the preparation was not for me, but for some lucky guy she had a date with. And for some unknown reason that gave me an erection. I could even think about her being out with her guy after she had left and get an erection. And finally, I got to the point of visualizing her making love to her guy and would masturbate when she was out. That did it. Her dating had finally become a huge turn on for me. I would have never believed it possible.

I confronted her, told her I knew she was seeing other men again and I was OK with it now. And in fact it had become quite a turn on for me. She was shocked and it was not easy convincing her of my sincerity. I finally showed her the bulge between my legs from just talking about it and she slowly began trusting me. I managed to persuade her to give me the details of her date and it was erotic as hell for me. Much to my delight divulging the details of her dates quickly became a huge turn on for her as well. So that's how we got our start. I'm still amazed when I think back. And believe me, I had no idea what would transpire over the next couple of years. One important note, she began gleaning the cuckold sites and quickly was able to decide which direction she wanted to take our relationship.

When I admitted to my wife her seeing other men had become a hot item for me she threw her arms around me and told me my admission made her love for me grow beyond bounds. The fact that I actually encouraged her was very hot for both of us and we quickly found out just how hot humiliation was for us both as well. Past that, she spent hours on the web determining just what she had on her hands with a cuckold husband and just where she wanted to go with the relationship. From that our Dom/Subhub relationship quickly evolved.

At the start she would come home from dates, divulge all, and we would have hot sex, at least for me. I loved the slippery seconds but in all honesty the best part was her comments: "Honey have you got it in?" "I can't feel you, stick it in all the way." "Sorry but you'll just have to masturbate, I can't feel you!" So quickly we abandoned the sex and we both masturbated while she filled me in on the dates. Shortly thereafter she demanded I clean her up when she came in. It was tough for me to get used to another man's cum believe me. Or at least that's what I kept telling myself. In no time it became a delight for me cleaning her and to my terror I actually loved the taste of another man's cum. She questioned me until I finally admitted I loved the cream pies she brought home and she said I was finally READY!

She showed up with the strapon and indicated it was for discipline, to totally emasculate me, and to get me ready for MFMs which we would begin when she found a partner that was OK with it. Then she dropped the bomb on me. One of her hottest fantasies was seeing me suck cock and get fucked by another man. She couldn't talk about it without masturbating. I objected and said no (secretly thrilled but would not admit it to myself), and she threatened divorce.

Also she was quick to point out how much I loved cum. She said that was pretty much proof I was latent gay or bi. So we started with the strapon, well lubed and a thin dildo to start with and we worked up quickly once I began to love it. And yes, she had me suck and lick just to get a feel for a cock in my mouth. In all honesty I loved it from the start.

Since her open dating had started I had been allowed to masturbate fantasizing about her being fucked by her guy on date nights. But now the fantasy was changed. I was to fantasize about sucking a REAL man's cock and being fucked by a REAL man. Thinking about sucking a cock or being fucked actually pretty much gave me a permanent hard on while she was on her dates. It was at that point I knew she was correct. I was possibly latent gay or at least Bi.

So, my wife cut me off sexually, I understood and surprisingly felt relieved. Sex with her was being replaced with the strapon, masturbating while fantasizing about cock, and sex with her partners she would bring home. Actually not a bad trade off, of course she didn't want to fuck me, she was fucking REAL men.

The first time? Oh my God I loved it. And true to her previous comments, every single time I sucked cock or was fucked she would kick back, grab her vibrator, and masturbate. What a hot sight. I didn't admit how much I loved cock until the second or third time. Once I did she immediately told me I had become her gay, hot, bottom boy. I protested being called gay but I know now she was right all along. So there we are. It's been quite an exciting journey. I really owe my wife believe me. I was so homophobic without her encouragement and insistance I would have never allowed myself to discover my true sexual idenity.





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