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I am 38 years old and have been talking a lot about sex with my husband recently. Specifically about including other people but we never really did anything about it as talk is all we wanted. Sort of ...

To explain, I wanted to share my middle of the night experience while it is still fresh in my mind. I woke up in the middle of the night after a dream in which I was being fingered by numerous, annonymous men in my bed (a big first for me!). I think I was rubbing myself before I even woke up. Usually after a couple of times I'm real sensitive and have to stop but not last night. I was putting my fingers inside in every way imaginable, rubbing my cheeks and started grinding against the remote which was in the bed.

All this movement finally woke up my husband and by the time he was conscience of what I was doing and reached between my legs he found I had worked the remote inside me, I mean almost ALL the way inside me. He worked it around and then asked if he should go to the closet for some toys. I said no, eased the remote out and his fingers in.

I started looking at the night stand for objects. I reached for a spoon I was eating ice cream with earlier and put it in his hand. He slid the cool metal handle between my lips and then inside, then out and put it on my clit. I can't tell you how hard I came. Next he took the cap from a water bottle and let me feel it with my fingers and then placed it on my clit, spinning it, the ridges gliding over and over again. This led to a bottle of lotion which was to big to go inside but felt good being pushed against my whole vagina and thighs and between my butt cheeks.

I have never been this way before but both he and I were loving it! I finally told him about my dream while he continued to work objects inside of me and in just telling him about it I would cum again and again. He was incredibly turned on and kept asking if I wanted real men to finger me and I kept saying, 'yes!'

I finally reached for the cordless telephone and handed it to him, he stared using it like the lotion bottle and I said no and positioned it to be pushed inside me. It took some doing, real pushing (and occasional beeping), at some point I reached down to hold my husband's other hand and found it wet with his own semen. I was so wrapped up in what I was doing I didn't even realize he was masturbating himself.

We went back to his hand inside me from behind on my side, I'm pretty sure he put all four fingers and his thumb against my butt. It felt so good having all of my insides touched. While doing this he began to tell me to imagine our neighbors and friends fucking me and he made me scream out their names which made me shiver and also cum again. When we stopped he literally had prune fingers.

We both woke up at about the same time this morning and looked at the collection of objects between us, some stuck to the sheet from both of our dried wetness. I was starting to feel a little silly about all this when he pushed everything off the bed, rolled me on my stomach, got behind me and lifted my butt. With his legs and kness he spread mine as far as they would go and roughly pushed himself inside me. With one hand firmly on my shoulder and the other pulling my cheeks almost too far apart, he started to pound me, and I mean POUND.

He has never (and I have never been) fucked this hard and roughly ever. My whole body jolted with every thrust, the bed was slamming against the wall. I swear, from outside you would have thought there was constuction going on. Nonstop for 10 full minutes. When he was done his legs were shaking and looked like he had just run a marathon. I wouldn't want to be fucked like that all the time, but it was a real turn on this time. Especially because I know why he was turned on and because he knew I was picturing other men.

Well, I just wanted to share. I've been meaning to write here for a while and this seemed like a good time to do it. I am really sore right now (and a little swollen) and it's a great reminder of last night, but I think I'll have to give it a rest today. We have no plans to actually go though with our fantasies but it's still lots of fun to pretend and to scream out names. And, who knows, maybe it will happen one day. We certainly didn't expect this.

Hope you liked, I know we enjoy reading other's stories.

Have a good day, and ladies,-try the spoon.

Southern Peach





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