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It was a hot summer night (Saturday) and my girl and I were suppose to go out to a club that night, but we had gotten into an argument. Now we both agreed that no one was staying home so I decided to go out and hang with my buddys and my girl decided to go to the nightclub.

Well we left it at that, then she started getting ready and pulled out a black thong that I gave her on her birthday, very short black mini skirt, high heels and a matching top! So she put on her thong and her skirt then the top but no bra!! I wanted to say something but did not want to get into another argument so I just let it go.

It was about 11:00pm when she was leaving for the nightclub but little did she know that I was gonna spy on her. I mean if you would of seen the way she looked (really hot) you probably would of done the same. So she went in and I followed a couple feet behind. To my surprise as soon as she got there she turned a lot of guys heads and headed to the bar and ordered a drink. Then she met up with a couple of her old friends and started talking and laughing so I thought nothing of it.

Suddenly this guy comes out of no where and hugs her from behind!!! She turns around and gets a good look at him and hugs him back. When I finally saw him I realized it was her ex-boyfriend. He ordered a couple more drinks then he whispered to her ear and took her out to dance. By this time my girl looked very tipsy, you could tell she had a little too many drinks.

He would grab her by her waist and sometimes as if just testing to see if she say something he would grab her ass. Once they finished dancing they headed back to the bar, had another drink and then both seemed to be saying goodbye to their friends. Well it was about 2:ooam when they headed out the club together so I followed them and by this time I too was kind of buzzed!! So I decided to give my girl a call and tell her that I was not going home tonite because I was too drunk and the guys won't let me.

So her ex right away grabbed her and pinned her to her car door and with one hand on her waist and the other caressing her thigs and ass!! Suddenly they kissed and started making out. I was furious but at the same time I was excited and couldn't control myself. Then with one hand he slid a part of her top down exposing one of my girl's tits, so he went down a bit and started sucking in her nipple. I was so hard and finally my girl said stop. I thought to myself she would not go any further but to my surprise she told him to follow her home.

Once home they went inside into the bedroom while I very quietly followed and stayed outside the hallway. They left the door open so I was able to see what was going on. First they sat on the bed and talked for a bit. All I could hear her say was that she was not sure if she wanted to have sex but her ex began sweet talking her and getting her to relax.

Then she said that she would only give him a blow-job so he said ok. So my girl went down on her knees and unzipped her ex. Suddenly his hard cock came out. As soon as his dick jumped out my girl said "omg I almost forgot how hard you get"! so he hushed her and told her to start sucking.

She began jerking his cock then licking the tip of his cock and little by little she was trying to put it in her mouth. He would grab her head and try to force her to deepthroat while her eyes got all watery and you could hear her gasping for air. Then she pulled his cock out of her mouth and started licking and sucking his balls while he reached behind my girl's ass and lifted her skirt up toward her waist and moved her thong to the side.

Then he took his finger and started fingering her pussy. You could hear my girl moan and him asking her if she wanted him to stop but she said no. He told her to get up, threw her on the bed and started to suck my girl's pussy while at the same time fingering her.

I could not hold myself together so I came. Then he asked her if she was gonna let him fuck her she replied "you can't, I don't know, I'm not sure." So he removed the top and started sucking on both her tits pulling and biting her nipples till they were red.

Suddenly he spread her legs and position his cock on her pussy. He started rubbing the outside of her pussy gently and at times sticking the head of his cock in just a little. My girl kept saying no in a soft gentle voice but I could tell she wanted him to fuck her and she finally gave him a nod of approval and suddenly he pushed his massive cock inside her pussy and my girl realesed a loud moan.

While she quivered and turned her head and at the same time grabbing the bed sheets real hard with her hands. He started to pump her pussy faster and harder calling her his girl and a whore! He fucked and kissed her at the same time then sucked on her tits for a couple seconds. You could hear him telling her how tight her pussy was and how he was gonna loosen it up. I was still so hard and at the same time felt sorry for my girl cause she looked like she was not sure she should be doing this but also loving it.

He kept pumping her while my girl screaming "keep going, don't stop!" suddenly she tighten up her body and released and even louder moan!! This was beacuse he made my girl cum. So he pulled out and licked her cum off her pussy then got her in a doggy style position and began to fuck her pussy again.

In my mind this guy was a monster I mean not only did he have a very hard cock but he had been fucking her for at least 40min. and he still had not cum. He had no mercy with her you could tell that he wanted to fuck her for a long time. Juices were running down my girl's thighs and her pussy was very wet as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out.

Then he took my girl's thong off cause she still had it on. It was just to the side and he pulled it so hard that he ended up tearing it in half. While fucking her pussy he took his pinky and started to finger my girl's ass. Right away my girl spoke up and begged him not to fuck her in the ass cause her ass was sensitive.

He laughed and told her that he was not gonna fuck her ass tonite but not because she told him but because he was getting ready to cum! He started slowing down and tightening up and then asked her where she wanted him to cum so she told him on her chest and suddenly he released a loud moan and my girl did too at the same time as her faced turned red and her mouth open with her body stretching as if she was trying to pull his cock away.

Finally he pulled out and my girl's pussy started dripping his massive load of cum. Then he took his cock and told her to lick his cock clean. So she did and then he told her that next time he was going for the ass. He got dressed and I went into the hallway closet as he left the house. Then I waited about 15 min. before I went into the bedroom and my girl just laid there sleeping.

She was a mess and she did not even try to clean herself up and you could still see his cum running out her swallen red now loosen up pussy. I could not help myself and I don't know how nor why but I started jerking off to my girl while sucking and eating her ex-bf's cum out of her pussy.

Finally I came and let my load on her chest. She had no idea I was there so I went to the diner to eat something and then called her to let her know that I was on my way. When I got their she had changed the sheets and picked up a bit. She came towards me and kissed me while stilled she had a little cum in her mouth cause I could taste it and when she walked, she did so in a slow way telling me that she was still buzzed from last night and her legs hurt from all the dancing she did.

I said nothing and just headed to the living room to get sum shut eye. I'm not sure I'll ever tell her I know but I won't lie; I'm dying to and probably will give in soon.

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