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Although Shelby, my now ex-wife, had sex with a number of men after she finally made me a cuckold - we'd been married 9 years before it happened and was something I'd long wanted and fantasised over, as I'd guessed correctly had she - the best of her lovers was Dan, a man I'd written to after she'd picked him out, along with three others, from an online ad .

In the first and most important place, Dan was exactly her physical type and she admitted to me that she fell in love with him sexually. He was also about the only one who was really well-endowed, about eight inches plus, and he was also a very good lover. For example, she would bring him to orgasm orally, yet immediately, even though he'd just come, he would return the favour before then fucking her. From my point of view as the willing cuckolded husband, though, he was far and away superior to all the other men she had during those last four and very erotic years of our marriage.

He was the only one - this occurred on the morning after their first night and time together - who on the phone asked me what fantasies I'd had over the years about her having sex with other men and how he'd make them come true. He even said that a big part of his motivation and enjoyment came from knowing the woman was married. He also made it quite clear to the married woman that he had no interest whatsoever in any social interaction, simply wanting only to fuck and have sex, and he had developed, after an unfortunate experience with one married woman who became too fond of him, a system where his contact with a woman lasted for three months at a time only, before he would break for three months, but then come back for a further three months and so on. Shelby's first meeting with Dan was around nine or so months after she first started having sex with other men, and over the next three years, she continued to see him, with six months being the longest gap between.

After her first time with him, I wrote out and sent him my favourite fantasies and in just two weeks, three of them had already happened:

1. She comes home to me after an evening with her lover and in bed, slowly unbuttons her top, looking at me all the while and saying something like 'Dan said you'd be turned on by this', revealing her lovely tits covered in love bites. The very first time this happened, I orgasmed without her touching me and barely heard her describing how she'd been on top so that he could really feed on them.

2. She phones me unexpectedly. She tells me she is lying on her lover's bed, completely naked, her legs are wide open, and Dan is sucking, feeling and licking her tits as he makes his way down to her wet pussy where he combines an oral with finger-fucking. At first, she is reamisterably coherent and descriptive but as he works his magic, the phone falls onto the bed and her words turn into groans and moans of passion and I can sometimes hear Dan complimenting her on her reactions and sexy body. Over time, Dan developed this into a fine art, even making Shelby place the phone near her pussy so that I could hear very sexy sounds. This one eventually always finished with Dan, having brought Shelby to a noisy orgasm, complimenting her on being a very sexy woman whose husband couldn't satisfy her, to which she would readily agree - later when I began watching them regularly, this kind of comment became quite common - they would then exchange some very passionate kisses, making sure I could hear, before Dan would say something along the lines of 'And now I'm going to fuck the arse off you'. Shelby would respond accordingly, using the most graphic and crude langauge, and usually making sure I knew she was reaching for his cock and pulling him towards her. Occasionally, they let me hear the rest of this but mostly the phone was hung up before.

3. Her lover calls her quite late at night, usually again unexpectedly and after she hadn't seen him for a few days, and tells her he is coming over to fuck her in my car which is parked by the side of the house. She dresses appropriately and goes outside to wait in the car while I remain in the house. When he arrives, I hear the car doors go but am not allowed to go out. After about ten minutes or so, she runs back into the house, carrying most of her clothes and still visibly aroused and excited, and lies on the bed. I immediately have sex with her while she describes the better fucking she had in my car and how she preferred it to my effort, how Dan had pumped her full of his cum and how she wished he was still fucking her. This was the nearest I ever got to having sex with her at the same time as a lover, and I understood the truth of how she said she couldn't feel my cock after Dan's because it was liking having sex in fluid, she was so wet.

Dan made all my other long held fantasies come true, including watching her, because when she first started having sex with other men, I would only hear about her sexy experiences in bed later, which although admittedly not as sexy as actually watching, was still very, very erotic. I will never forget her first time, never. It was with a man at work, and when she retunred home, about 12.30a.m., when she entered the bedroom - I was naked in bed - the look on her face told me how much she had enjoyed it. The slight look of concern or worry she flashed me was simply in case my so strong desire for her to have done this was only because up to then she hadn't.

I patted the side of the bed and as she sat down, I looked down over her shoulders, at her lovely tits outlined in the sexy black dress I had made her wear because it just had straps and was easy to remove and always had a sexy habit of riding up when she sat down, her stockinged legs, and the knowledge that she had been intimate with another man, filled me with lust and sexual excitement. I remember saying, 'Well, am I now married to a sexy, adulterous wife?' She didn't say anything, just nodded her head. I groaned very loudly, not in pain, but in real sexual approval so that she knew just how fully I approved and was turned on. And I was rubbing her shoulders and telling her how proud of her I was and how I loved being married to a woman who had sex with other men. I was speaking incoherently, really, begging her to tell me all about it, begging her to tell me she loved it, every single moment of it. I made her lay across the bed and as she looked up at me, she had a flushed look of real pride in her body and at what she had been doing. 'Tell me you won't stop now, tell me you want other men, let me get other men for you.' I was blurting it all out like a madman. When she said 'Gavin, I couldn't believe it....I....it was good to be fucked like that,..god, I so enjoyed it', I leapt out of bed and even she gasped at my erection which seemed to be trying to touch the ceiling. 'Now do you believe me?' I said. I pushed her dress up. I almost tore off her black knickers, and as I felt them in my hands and their wetness, said: 'How many times did he fuck you?' You would not believe that the simple word 'Three' could sound so sexy.

I pulled her dress down to her waist, freed her tits and it was as if I was fucking her for the first time, I was so turned on. I can't remember all what I said but I do know that I told her I loved knowing that another man had played with her body, had sucked and felt her lovely tits and fingered her pussy and had come inside her. And I loved knowing and told her she would have to tell me the graphic details later of how she had reacted when his hands first started moving up her legs, the sexy kissing and petting and her reaching out to feel another man's hard cock for the first time in over 9 years.

To any wannabe cuckolds out there, if your wife has given off the essential signs that means she is willing, go for it, because it is the most erotic thing in the world. When I first mentioned to Shelby I wanted her to have sex with other men - I imagne it was around two years before she actually gave in - her reply along the lines of: 'Suppose I prefered another man', is now, I know, music to the ears of the wannabe cuckold. It is the green light, really.

- Gavin




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