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We have already shared a previous cuckold experience with my hot wife in a previous post, you can read here.

My wife has a new "boyfriend".

About three weeks ago we wrote to him on AFF not hoping for much - if any response. This time it worked out very, very well.

He is an Englishman and pilots huge jets for the RAF. He is slim, handsome, blonde, blue eyes - all the traits that make this seem like I am conflating this narrative. I am not.

He also has a long, thick, uncircumcised cock - for real. I saw it and have pictures of it in and on her.

He comes to New York often and other times he is all over the world - literally.

He wrote from a hotel in midtown Manhattan and it didn't take long for them to connect.

He came to our Upper West Side penthouse. I know, I know - penthouse - yeah, sure. You can see the view in some of the pictures I posted.

I spoke with him for a while and found him to be very intelligent and comfortable with t he situation.

I like him.

I told him that everything is good and that we all know he was here to fuck my wife. I told them I would give them some privacy and went to the lounge on the third floor.

After that it all seemed natural for him to fuck Shari in front of me without any inhibitions.

I left them alone for a while and came back upstairs thinking they would be finished by then.

The bedroom door was open. I could see them from the waist down. Her legs were spread high and her toes were curled. He was between them. She was making little noises that removed any doubt that she was loving what he was doing.

They called me in.

They were both nude (of course) and totally relaxed in front of me. My wife was very happy and told me he was an amazing lover. He said the same about her. They let me take pictures as long as I didn't show his face.

They were making out like teenagers. He was feeling her up and she was gently holding his cock . He mounted her again - this time bareback - for the pictures.

She told me he was a great kisser and when he shot his guy goo into her he pushed in hard and held still. She said she felt him throbbing as he pumped her full. She loves to feel men shoot their load in her. Of course, her boyfriend was glad to hear her say that to me.

He said he had to leave but would be back to fuck her the next time he was in NYC. It was obvious that they had a serious attraction to each other. (They have been writing steamy "love letters" since he left.)

She was hot for the man. She was not inhibited about talking about him while she brought herself to orgasm or for our mutual enjoyment.

A couple of days ago he called from NY and asked if she had time to spend with him.

She told him he could come over and started the "Nervous Bride" act, bitching at me and preening for him.

He called from the lobby of our building. I didn't want to give the doormen anything to talk about so I went downstairs to meet him and bring him to the apartment.

We spoke like old friends. We were glad to see each other. We chatted for a few minutes. I told him she was running around getting ready for him.

When we went into the apartment she was still in the bathroom "fixing her hair". I called her out and when they were together he pulled her close to him and they started making out immediately and in front of me.

I said I would let them have privacy again and went outside for a while. About an hour later I came back alet myself in. They were still fucking. After he blasted his goo in her, they got up and came into the living room - both nude and totally relaxed about it.

I took some pictures of them making out nude except for her high heels. They were not faking it. They were pressed together and really getting into making out. They didn't seem to pay attention to anything but each other.

He took a shower and left after a while. He said he would be back in about a week and a half.

When we were alone she told me what happened. She was excited and very happy.

After telling me how perfect he is she told me they started by taking a shower together. I asked her if he bent her over and she said that SHE was the one who bent over for him. She said when she bent over he slipped his cock into her "smooth".

They stopped short of finishing and went into our bedroom.

She said she "got fucked good" by him. She said he licked her for a while and had his hands on and in her. She said she loved to lick his balls and went on a rave about how big his "pillows" are and how much she loved licking them. She was really turned on by his uncircumcised cock. She said she liked pulling his foreskin over the tip of his cock and sticking her tongue in it.

He left his condom an the table next to the bed. That thing was full of his goo. She wants to get birth control now so he can fuck her bareback. She wants his cum inside.

He has an eight plus inch cock that is thick with his foreskin. She said when she was licking his "pillows" his cock was stiff and throbbing.

She told him she loved him and he said he loves her. She told him she would be his girlfriend when he was in NY and he said she IS.

(As i am writing she came into the room and said she was thinking about her boyfriend again. She told me she was in love with him. She said she can't wait to see him again. Apparently, she is sexually obsessed with him. I am obsessed with them as sex partners.)

I am not really concerned. I see it as a rich, beautiful hot wife having a love affair with a hot guy - in front of her husband. I am sure there will be others eventually.

Before he left he told me he loved fucking my wife and was thankful I let him "borrow her". I thanked him for letting me borrow his girlfriend. She is someone we share now. Like talking about the weather, we chat about fucking my wife.

We talked about their sex and I asked him how he liked being inside her and he said he would still be in if he didn't need to leave. She said he loved fucking her and will do so whenever he can. He said she told him she didn't want him to stop and kept telling him to push it in harder. He said she told him she loves being "full" of his cock.

He said she was so wet and she held herself wide open for him so it was easy for him to slide in and out of her. He said she was very wide and wet the whole time he was in her. He said he loved rubbing the shaft of his cock on her cervix - not just hitting it but feeling it sliding on his cock.

He said he loves lying on her with her thighs rubbing his while he is inside her. He said he loves the way she reacts when he fucks her hard.

He wasn't shy about telling me what it was like fucking my wife.

So, he fucked my wife, they "fell in love" when he fucked her again and he told me that he thinks of fucking her a lot.

Now she has a husband and a boyfriend with a really long, thick, uncircumcised cock.

She has week to fantasize about him before he comes back to NY. She isn't inhibited about telling me how much she loved having his cock slide into her. "It was hot", she said, "I could feel the heat of his cock going deeper as he slid in". She said he fit her but she was so wet he just slipped in slid it in.

She has self induced orgasms thinking about him. She says "Oh, Peter!" when she climaxes and she does that at least once a day. She really does have the hots for the guy. Apparently it is mutual.

I love seeing her act like a teenager with him and having her say his name or talk about him during sex.

He is handsome. She is beautiful. When they are locked together with his cock inside her, they look incredible. She stares into his eyes and he stares into hers. She opens her cunt for him and he slides his long, fat cock in and out. They kiss each other hard and deep. She stays really wet and he soaks her ovaries like a firehose.

He can have her whenever she wants him. She said she planned to.

I told her she should spend the night with him in the penthouse or in his hotel - as long as she comes back by 4:00 A.M. with her blouse inside out and her thighs glistening with his cum.

At various times of the day I tell her, "Shari has a boyfriend". She says, "I certainly do" and smiles.

He will be back in around a week. He is in Antigua now. I expect a front row seat the next time they fuck.

They won't care if I am there or not.

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Me and Shari - unohu23@gmail.com

















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