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This is a story about my girlfriend in college who wanted to be a stripper and ended up cuckolding me. Her name was Nicole. She was a short brunette with an athletic body and large c-cup boobs. She played soccer for the school and always stayed in great shape.

We lived together in the same freshman dorm and started dating during our second semester. Nicole was more experienced than me sexually and helped show me the ropes on a lot of things. I got really good at licking her pussy and she would cum four or five times when I went down on her. Despite her tips though, I always had trouble lasting very long while fucking her. She was just so hot and she could push me over the edge with the slightest moan or bite of the lip. When I did finish early, she would pull a dildo out of her drawer and use it on herself while I kissed her and licked her boobs. The dildo was thicker than my cock and at least two inches longer but I couldn't complain much after blowing my load so quickly. She would often talk dirty while using the dildo and describe her sexual fantasies. I tried to play along with her dirty talk and after a few weeks I had admitted my cuckold fantasies which she seemed to really enjoy. We discussed every detail of her meeting and fucking other guys. She loved to play along and ask leading questions like "you want another guy to cum in my pussy?" and "you want me give a blowjob to the next guy who hits on me?". On her side, she revealed her fantasy of being a stripper. She wanted to work at a strip club, give lap dances, and dance naked on a stage. She was an exhibitionist at heart and got off on the idea of revealing herself to strangers.

During spring break, we had the week off from classes. Most of the our dorm went home or on spring break trips. Nicole and I stayed back on campus though. The dorm was a ghost town and by midweek we were struggling to find ways to occupy ourselves. As we sat together in bed, Nicole mentioned that she wanted to try to audition at a strip club just for fun. She didn't want to actually work there but she hoped she could prove her skills during an audition and at least get an offer. I consented to the plan and she spent the night emailing a couple strip clubs. She chose places that were at least thirty minutes away from school to minimize the chances of getting caught. By the next morning, one of the club owners had gotten back to her and agreed to let her audition. He said that he couldn't let her try out during working hours but he would be at the club in the early afternoon and she could stop by then to interview. Nicole agreed and made the plans official.

I wasn't allowed to watch her audition since the club would be closed. Nicole promised to tell me all the details afterwards though. I was already turned while watching her get ready to leave. She started by shaving her pussy to be completely smooth. I had never seen her without hair down there and it looked amazing. She then put on a bra and thong that were pink and completely see through. Over that, she wore a pair of short jean shorts that showed off her butt nicely and a white tank top. She told me she'd text when she got there and then took off.

Roughly 45min later, I received her text saying she arrived at the club. While she was driving there, I looked at the pictures of the club online and it looked small and a little run down. They had pictures of their dancers on the website and Nicole would easily be the most attractive dancer they had. I replied to her text and told her good luck and have fun.

A couple hours went by and I didn't hear anything from Nicole. I texted to see how it went and asked if she was on her way back. About 15min after my text, she replied and said she be back in an hour and that she'd had a great story for me. I was over the edge with anticipation but couldn't imagine what was keeping her so long. After about an hour, Nicole came back to the dorm room with a big grin on her face. She sat down with me on the bed and proceeded to describe her audition.

When she arrived at the club, she was greeted by the owner. His name was Marcus. Nicole said he was tall and muscular and she thought he might be the bouncer before he introduced himself. She later learned that he was 38 years old, twice her age. Marcus let her inside the club and locked the door behind her. They sat down together at a table and he asked her about herself and why she wanted to try stripping. Nicole said that she thought she could be good at it and have fun while doing it. Marcus was pleased by her answers. Before the audition began, Marcus made a photocopy of her driver's license and made her sign a waiver. He then turned on some music and told Nicole to walk up on stage.

The stage was moderately sized and had brass pole at the end of a long catwalk. Marcus took a seat right in front and Nicole walked up in front of him on the stage and awaited his instructions. He told Nicole that he needed to see how she moved and that she should spend the next song just dancing without taking her clothes off. She obliged and began to dance seductively. It was a hip hop song and she luckily had a lot of experience dancing to rap songs at parties. She showed off all her moves, shook her butt, and even spun around on the pole. As the song ended, Marcus looked pleased and told Nicole she should keep dancing through the next song but now begin to take off her clothes. She did as told, starting with her tank top and shorts. She spent a minute dancing in her underwear before unhooking her bra and dropping her panties. She said she was completely exhilarated at this point and was getting wet while gyrating her body in front of him. She ran out of dance moves midway through the song but compensated by bending over and showing off her ass and then lying down on her back and spreading her legs in the air.

When the song ended, Marcus got up, said she did a great job, and promised to hire her. Nicole was overjoyed but quickly admitted that she really just wanted the experience of trying out and didn't actually want the job. Marcus was slightly perplexed. She apologized for the deception and explained that being a stripper was a lifetime fantasy for her and that she owed him for helping make her fantasy come true. Nicole walked down from the stage still naked. She approached Marcus and said it was also her fantasy to give a lap dance. Marcus read her subtle advances and said she could give him a lap dance to continue her audition. He turned the music back on and led Nicole to a VIP room that had mirrors on the wall and a big padded chair on one side. Marcus sat in the chair and Nicole proceeded to dance in front of him. As she danced, she inched closer an closer to him until she was standing directly in front of the chair. She then turned around and sat her ass down on his lap. She could feel his erection and she was incredibly turned on. She rubbed her butt back and forth across his erection and then turned around and straddled him. She pushed her boobs into his face while reaching down and touching his bulge with her hands. Eventually she managed to unbutton and unzip his pants. She pulled his cock out and was surprised to see how big it was. She said it was even bigger than her dildo. She stroked him and they started to make out. She then got down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. She could barely fit his cock in her mouth but tried her best to take it all in. As she continued to suck him, he put his hand on the back of her head and guided her pace. She could feel his cock swelling in her mouth and she started fingering herself. Marcus then stood up and started jerking his cock in front of her face as she masturbated on her knees in front of him. Nicole could tell he was close to cumming so she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. This sent Marcus over the edge and he immediately blasted her face with his load. It got on her cheeks, mouth, chin, and dripped down on her boobs. Nicole orgasmed at nearly the same time and then laid down on the floor covered in cum.

Marcus left the room and then came back holding Nicole's thong which she had left on the stage. He used the thong to wipe the cum off her face and boobs. He was still rock hard. Once she was clean, Marcus put the cum covered thong into Nicole's mouth which she accepted and then positioned her in a doggy style position on the chair. She stuck her ass out and he pressed the tip of his cock into her bald pussy. Nicole was already soaking wet and Marcus soon had the full length of his cock inside her. He started pounding her and Nicole came multiple times over the course of four songs. Marcus eventually came too and filled her pussy with his cum. He grabbed the thong out of her mouth and she sat down on the chair completely spent.

Marcus left and came back with the rest of her clothes. He said he'd be keeping her thong so Nicole went commando in her shorts as she got dressed. Marcus told Nicole she was welcome to try out again sometime. Marcus then led her out of the club and she drove back to the dorm.

While telling me this whole story, I was rock hard. At the end, she even pulled down her shorts to prove she wasn't wearing her thong. She noticed the state of my hard on and offered to give me some relief. She pulled my cock out of my shorts and was getting in position to give me head. I was already so excited though that I exploded after just a few strokes from her hand. My cum landed on her tank top and she was surprised and amused by my sensitivity. She remarked that she should do something like this again and we both agreed.

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