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My wife is a very highly sexed 38 yr old but kept herself in excellent shape as she swims daily and is always well presented and feminine. We have been together years and she had only been with a few men before me but was so young that there was nothing really kinky involved.

After we had been married for years we began experimenting verbally just fantasizing and I was amazed at how receptive she was to any ideas I had. We have now been swinging for about 15 yrs during which time her appetite for sex has not diminished and in fact she seems to be worse than me now.

In my old age (48) I have become somewhat boring in her eyes/.. If the truth be known I haven't the same sexual appetite or stamina but she is in her prime and looking to fulfill all her fantasies. In this email I will share what we have done to date as it very much turns us on to think of guys looking at her.

She also took very well to being able to humiliate me in public after I told her I was strangely turned on by it. Initially it happened accidentaly but when I told her it had turned me on she played on it and definetely enjoys that side of things. She has a very high powered job and it seems to come naturally to her where as I am in a dead end 9 to 5 job and quite meek.

Our favourite way of meeting guys is simply to go to a normal nightclub in our home city. She is very attractive despite her mature age and has a very nice chest which she takes every opportunity to show off. Our last success was 3 weeks ago when we went into town on a last minute whim. It was around 10pm and we had finished watching X factor and the usual rubbish and she decided she wanted to party which is normal for her, just when I am getting ready for bed!

She went and slipped into her usual "pulling gear" as she calls it and when she walked into the living room my cock became rock hard at the sight of her and I could tell she meant business. She wore a red satin very tight pencil skirt which was so tight that you could see her suspender belt beneath it through the material. It also had a slit along the side which she knew would give a glimpse of stocking top when we were seated at the bar. She wore a low cut boob tube with no bra (this is normal for her as she has extremely stiff sensitive nipples which she loves to flaunt) and to top it off she wore a pair of strappy heels with a chrome silver stilleto sharp heel. Sensing I was hard she approached me, grabbed my cock beneath my trousers and smiled while she told me that my cock might have to do if she didn't get lucky with a young virile man and my cock twinged at the offense of her belittling me like this.

We headed into town and within no time of entering bars she was smiling, making eye contact and chatting to guys. We now know a good few guys who have become regular friends of hers for fun and it such an embarrassment but a turn on when she meets these guys who are with some new friends. I can see the guys' friends and my wife looking at me and they clearly know my position and very often I find myself standing next to my wife while she chats to several groups of guys and no one is even interested in making conversation with me to pass the time which I feel is rude.

As the night wore on and she became more tipsy I could see a few hands from the group of guys going wandering over her. This always goes to plan when we get this and know we are in for fun. One of the guys Miles was giving her particualr attention as, knowing her type ( tall, dark, fit and muscular), I knew she would like him best. It is a real turn on seeing my wife in an excited state as if she is a school girl on a first date and she is always overly gigly and nice to show a guy she is interested.

She is very astute at what guys like to start off with and I always see the same bahaviour when she is on the prwol in that she gives little touches while she chats giggles and leans into them to brush her tits against them. As the night goes on this ends up with her overtly stroking Miles's chest and playing with his hair. By midnight I could sense she would be soaking wet and dying for cock and sure enough she approached me with Miles and advised she had explained our situation to Miles who gave me a pityful grin and shook my hand while he had his hand around my wife's waist.

I was fearful some ppl we know might be in the clcub and warned her about being so openly sexual but she just laughed and said who cares. I did not drink so that I could drive her and her friend for the night home ( as is always the case) . They both sat in the back and I watched in the mirror as her head disappeared and I knew it was Miles's treat as he was about to have the best blowjob ever. Shortly after her head was gone I heard a satisfying gasp and knew she had been pleased by her friend's size ( although she does usually have a sly feel while at the bar to establish which guy in a group is the biggest) So as not to embarrass him I pretended to continue to drive and not know what was happening and he also continued to chat to me as if nothing was happening but I could see his eyes rolling and knew she was working her magic on his cock and balls. He could barely keep his groans silent and I could hear her slurp on his cock as I drove them to where he would take her hard hopefully.

I watched as after about 10 minutes she got up and I heard her say, "that was close, lets keep it in there for now" and I suspected she had felt him about to explode when she broke away in order that she could enjoy him at our house. I am always very proud at how clever my wife is at reading a situation when it comes to guys and sex.

I had no sooner opened the door to our house and let Miles into our livingroom when my wife told him to have a seat before taking out a huge penis and placing it in her mouth. I was amazed at the thickness of his cock, not overly long but by far the thickest cock I had seen other than on the net.

My wife gave gratifying mmmm sounds as I watched her engorge her mouth around his cock. I made eye contact with Miles as he lay there and he smiled at me and told me to fetch him a beer. My wife looked up and laughed, told him he was a cocky bugger and asked what I was waiting for and demanded I fetch her lover's beer as it would be thirsty work pleasing her.

When I returned I handed him the beer and on splitting it open he took a huge gulp leaned back and said this is the life while my wife looked up at him.

He began to finger her pussy which was soaking wet and glistening in the light and I could see she was desperate for cock as her hips began to buck as if to demand that he enter her. Miles bent her over the settee and went to put his cock in her. I noticed he wasn't putting on a condom and I demanded he did. My wife took one from her bag and put it on him however so I was happy and sat back to watch my beloved wife enjoy herself.

Miles wasted no time and began pounding hard and fast much to my wife's delight and she began screaming with pleasure. There is nothing better than hearing my wife being totally satisfied by a younger fit male and she enjoys telling me that he is much bigger and better than me as they fuck. After several different positions and a half hour of pounding my wife's hot pussy they both exploded and screamed in ecstacy as I heard him shoot his load. I was playing with my cock and about to come myself when I saw him withdraw and noticed there was no condom which I saw by now was lying discarded on the settee and must have been sneaked off while I was undoing my trousers or something.

I protested to my wife as she has done this on other occassions which has resulted in arguments. They both looked at me and told me to relax. Miles said it was her idea and my wife just looked at me and said "you know how I like to feel real man's cum in me baby" This was a reference to my vaesectomy I had a few years back and since then she has had a fetish about real baby making sperm as she puts it.

As much as I am wary with the health side of things I really do secretly enjoy my wife's passion for cock and cum and now rarely get on to her.

Miles picked up his clothes, stated that he was satisfied that he had got what he came for, told me she was all mine and said he would pop round sometime for a re-match!

I liked his cockiness and suspected he would make a good lover for her so told him to keep in touch. I suspected he maybe up for some cuckolding as he seems very dominant and cock sure.

My wife lay there panting as he left and I watched her fall asleep on the sofa, fully satisfied with Miles's sperm beginning to trickle out her pussy. I couldn't resist it and went down on my wife and cleaned her of his juices. This is something she doesn't know I did as I am too embarrassed as that is kinky even by our standards but I did enjoy it and the offense was great even tho she hadn't ordered me into it.






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