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A little over a year ago, I found some emails on my wife's cell phone being sent to a couple of guys. In these emails was naked pictures of herself and some words that were quite unbareable to read. Nothing to drastic, just sexual talk about the pictures being sexy or whatever. After many many days of talking things out come to find out that she didn't have sex with anyone.

She was talking to a friend from facebook who she hasn't spoken to much since high school. one thing leads to another and they are talking about how sexy she is and sexual topics. some how she brings up how she has always wanted to try a threesome. The guy appearently had a friend who was down to try this out with all of them.

Some emails were exchanged with the pictures that were sent. Now after this she claims to have freaked out and stopped everything all together between the guys and the orgy never happened. After finding this all out I had alot of thinking to do, I decided that if this is something she wanted so badly that she was willing to send naked pictures to a couple of guys, I would try n give her what she wanted.

We talked about having a threesome with a stranger from FB, didn't work out right away. There was to many creeps replying. We ended up giving up for a while and things seemed to be OK for a while between us. About 6 months ago she came to me telling me how she started to fall for some guy at work and held hands with him. Nothing past that happened and we made sure she wasn't around that guy at work any more.

We also tried finding a guy online again to try a threesome with. We posted some ads and put some naked pictures of her in the ads. TONS of guys reply, we enjoyed sharing pictures with some guys, she's was checking out other guy's cocks and taking pictures for them. I gotta admit I enjoyed the whole experience then and was really looking forward to having a 3 some with my wife.

Yet again, no luck. Everyone either was lying about being single or stood us up when time came to meet, or turned out creepy in some other form.

And this is just the back ground story...

So long story short, about a month ago I notice similar, personality changes in her again and demand to know what's going on. She denies anything was wrong for days. One night she gets home 5 hours late from work saying she was drinking with coworkers, I kind of believed her but knew some thing was up still. Christmas morning about a week later, I couldn't take it any more and stayed in bed refusing to be a part of Christmas till she came clean.

It worked, she tells me that she was starting to fall for another guy at work again. Its Christmas, I stop pressing her for info and go join our son in opening toys. Couple days later. I bring it all back up and get her to admit she actually fucked the guy the night she was out 'drinking' with coworkers. I was/am destroyed beyond belief... Long story short, she says she tells me what got her off the most was the ’tabooness' of fucking someone other than her husband, and the fact that he had a big cock didn't help her resist.

We agree to try the orgy again and make it happen no matter what. I found someone right away this time. He had a post up that seemed to good to be true, it was everything we were looking for before. I talk to the guy and he's prefect. A bigger cock than me by a couple inches and thick.. Real thick. So the night comes, we meet the guy, hookup, everything was amazing.. We've met him one more time since then.. Idk what to say, it has been great so far.

Story behind pictures,

These are some pictures she sent to guy to use him before meeting. Cum shots are from our second night with the guy. He came once in her and I came twice in her pussy, followed by him shooting his load on her face. The shower picture is her washing off her shame the next morning.

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