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How many cuck husbands ask themselves; 'why does this turn me on, why is my wife enjoying herself with that other man, am I enjoying it more, how did WE ever get started doing this'? Well I have asked myself those questions, in the past. Now I just enjoy the 'freak nights', as she calls them.

Of course there were bumps along the way, trust issues mostly. But we got through them and this is our story. Hopefully you will all like it. Maybe it will provide some guidance for any couples that are thinking of trying some unconventional sexual pleasures, with more than just their spouse and beyond the confines of their bedroom walls. But mostly I hope it will stimulate and excite you as many erotic stories here on the cuckold blog have done for me over the years. I am a Wife Sharer. I am not a cuckold, I am not degraded and we have recentlly agreed to always be together to share our sexual adventures.

We met as neighbors, living across a gravel country road from each other; eventually we fell in love and got married. Fast forward a decade or so and we had been married for about 7 years, three kids, me 10 years into a solid career and her recently self employed in real estate sales. We were very happy and I'm not just saying that, we were and still are to this day. After all these years of being together, we were still having sex at least 3-4 nights a week and sometimes 7. It was good sex too, and we tried just about everything we could think of that a couple could do, on their own. We watched videos, read 'how to' books, Kama sutra, extended orgasm, we made videos and we even had sex in our high school parking lot and got caught by the police.

The only thing that was different with us was that I had several sexual partners prior to getting married. She, on the other hand, had only one, me. Sure, she had been on some dates, kissed and even got nearly naked with a high school boyfriend, but she chickened out and made him leave before it went too far. So she felt like she was missing out? Wrong! She never brought it up, ever. It was me, I did. I don't even remember how it started now. We always told each other how good we were at sex, how well we made the other feel and she told me how much she liked my cock and the size of it was just right for her. But I wondered. Yes, I wondered, how did she know? How did she know any of it, was I good, did I do it all right, was I satisfying her. As I said before, I had been sexually active with other women. Both long term relationships and one night stands and she knew about it all. I don't think I ever left any of them disappointed, but I was never at that point where we could talk about it. Not until now, with my wife of 7 years, was that a topic that was regularly discussed.

So, as I said, I brought it up. I think I asked her if she ever wondered what another man would be like. Would it feel different? Did she want to try it or at least fantasize about trying it? Of course in the beginning she was actually upset and I dropped it. This went on for about 6 months or so, me bringing it up during sex, her warming up to the talk. Talking became more often and more graphic. Soon we were openly talking about our fantasies, hers and mine involving others in our bed, men and women. Role playing came next and that was fun. The predominant one became her having sex with another man, calling me by a different name and even telling him how good he was and how she really needed it from him instead of me. It was hot, very sexy and it really spiced things up for a while.

Soon the first opportunity came and as fate would have it, it was with another woman, actually three other women. But since I am writing about her with other men, I will skip most of that story and give the summary version of that event. It was after a fundraiser and four couples that we knew went back to one of the houses to continue the party. The women ended up getting naked in their hot tub while the men played cards. Eventually my wife licked her first pussy for a short time and we left. It was an exciting but awkward occurrence, wrong time of the month for my wife. Funny thing is one of the women asked her over to do it again and she went. This time they were there alone, just the two of them, all night. She told me about it in the morning and admitted that she liked it, a lot. There would be many more times for her to lick pussy and she never turns them down, if the opportunity is right.

So after this had happened she became more comfortable with her desires and the bedroom talk got really good. We talked about her actually having sex with me and another man, a threesome, mfm, whatever you want to call it, she was ready. But how, who, when? We did not want a stranger and to this day, even with all of the experience her and I have, she has no interest in a total stranger. Man did she get horny and wet talking about it. Surprisingly enough the opportunity would come as a surprise to both of us and of course the third party.

We were out for a fun night on the town; a group of friends, married couples, dating couples and singles. Regular bars at first, alcohol, someone left and went home and the group got smaller. Next, someone suggests the strip bar. My wife had never been, several of the other women in the group had. It was a lot of fun and I don't know about the others, but I for one was really turned on. I actually thought I might get to see her with another woman that night. Well it was closing time at this bar and the group broke up. We had ridden with one of my friends who lived fairly close. We dropped our car off at a restaurant parking lot, at the beginning of the night and jumped in his Jeep Cherokee. So out to the lot we go and I suggest another strip bar. In our area the topless bars serve alcohol and close at 2am, the totally nude bars cannot serve alcohol and stay open until 4am. So across the street we drive, just the three of us and into the fully nude strip bar. She was sitting between the two of us, front row and right up against the stage. There was fully naked pussy within inches of our face, we were pretty lubed up from the alcohol and I, for one, was very horny. Oddly enough I had not even thought about a threesome happening tonight or even considered it with this guy. A couple of dancers later, about 45 minutes and we were ready to go.

Back in the Cherokee, my friend was driving, I was in the front passenger seat and my wife was in the back seat. We had about a 15 mile drive, mostly expressway, back to our vehicle. As he's driving and I'm leaned back in the reclining seat, I get really horny. I ask my wife for a blowjob, she acted shy and put off a bit. I just rolled with it and asked my buddy, 'Do you mind if my wife gives me a blowjob while you drive'? Of course he says 'no'. I actually talk her into it and pretty soon we're driving down the highway, I'm leaned back all the way in the passenger seat, my wife on her knees sucking my dick. I am talking to her about how good she is at it, she is being shy and telling me to stop talking, hell I even start to tell my friend how good she is at. I finally cum and she doesn't lose a drop, swallows it all without even taking her mouth off my cock, licks me clean and sits back up. A short time later we pull into the now deserted parking lot, all of us still in his Cherokee and our empty car in the lot.

Now things got interesting. I ask my friend if he wants a blowjob from my wife. It actually got kinda fun, the sexual tension between the two of them and me egging it on. He says, "Only if she wants to". Her answer is, "well what do you want", to him. "Are you ok with it", she says to me? This goes on for what seemed like forever, probably about 15-20 minutes. Picture the conversation going on in that car, both of them not sure what to say, never having been in a situation like this before. I am saying, "I am going to stay out of it, if he wants it and you want to, I'm ok with it". Finally she breaks the standoff, "pull your pants down, I'll suck your dick". I suggested that she should move to the front seat, so her and I switched and I moved to the back. As soon as she got in she looks at him and says, "Pull them down", so he does. She leans over the center console and her pretty face disappears in his lap. She starts sucking his dick and he likes it. He actually tells me how good she is. Soon she is on her knees on the passenger seat; face down in his crotch, sucking like a pro. I'm horny again and I want some pussy. I tell her to undo her pants and she sits up and without even a pause she unsnaps her jeans and shimmies them down her hips, to her knees. She says to him, "I need to kiss you" and leans over and starts to make out, while playing with his cock. She is soon back in his lap, sucking away and again he and I are talking about how good she is at it. I start to rub her ass and soon get to her pussy. I rub it and find it to be soaked; I put one, then two fingers in and start to finger fuck her as she is leaning over sucking my buddies cock. She doesn't resist me, she pushes back and moans as I continue to finger bang her. I tell my buddy, 'her pussy is so wet, I think she likes this, feel how wet she is'. I pull my fingers out and he reaches over her and tries to get to her pussy, but it'd too far away. He pulls back and reaches under her and I know he gets in; she moans and starts to rock on his hand. He comments on how wet she is and continues to play with her pussy. I just sat and watched as she continues to suck his cock and ride his hand. Soon he says that he is getting close and says, 'I'm gonna cum, what do you want me to do?' She stops for a second, sits partially up and looks at him and says, 'You can cum in my mouth'. At some point he had pulled his hand out from under her and put it on the back of her bobbing head. He rolls his head back and cums with a moan and a grunt, then one or two more grunts. Her head never leaves his lap and I knew from experience that she was licking him clean. Soon her head comes up and she wipes her lips with her hand. Then she pulls her pants up looks back at me and says, 'I need to fuck'. I ask her if she wants to have him come back to the house so we can tag team her and she looks at him and asks him. He agrees and she says to me, 'I want to ride back with him, so we can talk and make sure everything is ok'. I agree, jump out and into our car and we are off. I can see her the whole way, talking to him.

When we get home, we all walk in and go the bedroom. I begin to get undressed and she goes into the attached master bathroom. My buddy also gets undressed. I can see now that his dick is much smaller than mine. Soon she walks out of the bathroom, naked. The lights are off, but as my eyes adjust, I can see her body and I am sure he can too. We just got down to business. First she sits on the bed and sucks both of us, back and forth, as we stand next to each other, we take turns reaching down and playing with her tits and pussy. She tells him to lick her and lies back on the bed and pulls my dick into her mouth, she has a good orgasm from him eating her pussy. Then I fuck her while she sucks him off and she cums again. Then it's his turn to fuck her, the first cock in her pussy, other than mine, in her life. She lies on the bedroom floor on her back and he gets on. He starts to line it up, but she grabs it and guides it in. I can see, in the dim lighting, as his cock disappears into my wife's pussy. She likes it. She really gets into it and is having fun. I even tried to go over and get my cock sucked and she pushes me away and says, 'Not now, just let me enjoy this for a while'. So I moved back and watched, stroking her hair, her arm, her kissing my hand and finally sucking and biting my fingers as she cums again. She says to him, 'I want to ride you' and he pulls out and lies down. She straddles him and again uses her hand to guide him in. She bounces up and down and grinds on him for a while, me watching and getting my dick sucked some, him playing with her tits and enjoying the pussy. He had tried to put a condom on earlier, but it broke and it was the only one we had, so he is fucking her bareback. He says that he is getting close; she lets him slide out and gets up. Now she gets on her knees on the bed and starts to suck him off again. I get behind her and she is more than willing to have a cock in her pussy. It goes in pretty easy, I cannot remember her being this wet, ever. He doesn't even tell her when he is going to cum, I guess he learned how she handles that in his car earlier. He lets go and she swallows it all. He goes into the bathroom and I finish off, shooting my second load of the night deep into her pussy. She just rolls over and lays on the bed, naked with cum dripping out of her pussy. My buddy walks out of the bathroom dressed and I put some clothes on and walk out to the front door. We make some small talk and he leaves.

Back in the bedroom her and I talked about the night and how awesome it was. She is very horny and we actually ended up having sex again before we go to sleep. While fucking, her on her back, me on top, we talk about the night. She talks about how small his dick is, how the size of it really surprised her. She says that it was not a big issue, that she just felt lust having another cock. She also says that he licked her pussy good, but not as good as me. I don't know if that was an ego boost or just trying to protect my feelings, if she really thought he licked pussy better. She talked about how he moved differenly than I do. She also talked about how his cum tasted different than mine. She concluded the night by saying that she wanted to do it again, she loved having two cocks in her and she loved all of the attention.

So that was how it all started. We had a threesome with him one more time after that. He and I are still friends, he is married now and I would never even consider asking him to participate in that again. But my wife and I do with others and they just keep getting better.

- Rick and Emily





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