I was the Bull who Humiliated the BF



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So I was a bull in this case and it was fun. I'm 33 years old, bisexual, dad bod, 8.5", uncut and thick.

I had a lot of experience being a cuckold in my life up to this point. I had both good and bad experiences, but it was usually always me being cucked and fucked. I had dressed up and had sex with my ex wife's bulls and my ex gf's bulls before that. That all came to an end when my ex wife took my kids and left me for her bull.

This story takes place a few months after my ex wife left. I was living with my parents and only had a car and a crappy job to my name. I frequently went online to find sex partners. Most of the time it was bi couples.

One day I got to messaging with a couple who lived close by. The boyfriend wanted me to cuckold him. His gf was pretty cute. I said yes and got a hotel room for the night. They showed up and we chatted for a bit and had some drinks.

I smoked some weed too but they didn't want any. I showed them proof of me being clean so I wouldn't have to wear a condom. This was preferred by them. We laid out the ground rules which included no anal for either of them and no kissing.

I started by having them both undress in front of me. The gf was gorgeous, just see her pics. Her face was smoking but they weren't comfortable with me ever showing that to anyone so i will respect their wishes. Her bod though is fine.

The guy was shorter as well, only about 5'5" with a pudgy body. I had them both kneel in front of me and let them each lick and suck me until I got tired of standing.

I had the gf lay down on the bed on her back and kneeled between her legs and started eating her delicious pussy. I told the guy to start kissing my ass. He eagerly jumped in and started. It felt amazing.

This went on for a few minutes until the gf had a pretty decent sized orgasm. I then got between her legs and started fucking her wet pussy. The bf came around and started trying to make out with his gf while I fucked her.

I was fucking her so hard her body was shaking back and forth. She kept moaning real loud and started ignoring him when he wanted to kiss her. She turned her head and pushed him away from her. She told him to stop trying to kiss her.

I told him to make himself useful and start licking my balls from behind. He kneeled down behind me and started licking at my nuts as they swung back and forth from the pounding I was giving his girl. Eventually he tired of this and silently sat on the side of the bed, pulling his stiff cock. His gf and I ignored him as I continued to fuck her tight little pussy. We switched positions and she got on her knees for some doggy style. I told the boyfriend to lay down under his girl and lick her pussy while I fucked her. He was excited for this and eagerly crawled underneath her.

I started pounding her hard. I was making her passionately moan and groan while her bf was licking at whatever his tongue could reach. Sometime I would feel his tongue bathe my balls. Sometimes my balls would slap on his forehead or nose which felt uncomfortable. I slowed down my thrusts so he could enjoy eating his gf's pussy and I could catch my breath.

His gf then wanted to switch positions to her side. The bf was once again relegated to the sidelines while I slid into his gf once more. I felt especially cruel for some reason so I started talking dirty. I asked her if she liked getting fucked by a real man.

If her bf could ever make her moan like I could. All the stuff I had heard directed at me before. It was thrilling to me to humiliate someone else. It was actually kinda fun. She would talk dirty right back. She would loudly claim he was a pussy.

She encouraged me to fill her dirty pussy up and to treat her like the slut she was. She said she wanted to make him clean her up while she sat on his face. She said she wanted to smack his useless balls and make him eat his own pathetic load in front of me. She was calling him all sorts of names and it got pretty brutal.

At this point the bf was visibly getting upset. I don't think the fantasy was unfolding the way he wanted. I felt bad for him on some level, but his gf's pussy felt too good and I wasn't gonna stop unless she wanted to. He started begging her to stop and to just go home with him instead.

She didn't even tell me to stop fucking her, she just breathlessly told him if he wanted to leave he could. She said I could drop her off at her house after we were done. It was so cold and brutal, even I felt bad for the guy.... but my dick was doing my thinking for me and I just said that wouldn't be a problem.

The guy got dressed and made some angry noises and gestures before leaving, slamming the door behind him. His gf and I just switched positions so she was on her back again. We heard him drive out of the parking lot and both were unsure. Suddenly she reached up, grabbed my face and pulled me in for a kiss.

It was a wet, open mouthed tonguing that went on for awhile. I asked her about the rules and she said he's asked me to cuck him and do this kind of stuff! I continued to kiss her and play with her gorgeous tits. We fucked like this for what felt like forever.

I finally came hard inside her well used pussy. We laid together for awhile, basking in the afterglow of some raunchy sex.

After some time I suggested we clean up and leave. We jumped in the shower and cleaned each other off. We also made out some more while we were washing off. She was insatiable. We dried off and got dressed. She seemed hesitant to go home so we watched some TV and cuddled for another hour. She wanted her bf to wonder where she was and what she was still doing. She was pretty devious and knew how to cuck him.

We eventually left the room and I drove her home. She had me drop her off a ways from her house so I wouldn't know where she lived. That was fine with me.

We didn't have plans to do this again anyways. I went back to the hotel room and stayed the night, jerking off later to the memories we had made in that very room.

The bf emailed me a week later apologising and saying they were all good and that I did do what he had asked me to do but just got too emotional and wasn't expecting it.




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