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Hi I'm Don. Sometimes you find great things when you least expect it. I have been voluntarily deprived of sex, tattooed and Humiliated like you would never believe. My wife is a reader of this blog and this is the story of a night that changed my life. I'm not even sure how it happened, well, I guess I do but what a change! This is how it started.

I had been with my wife Julie for 5 years. She is now 40 but absolutly stunning. Too good for me really. We have always enjoyed good sex together but I always wanted more. The trouble is I didn't know what. Don't get me wrong, Julie is a fantastic fuck and will do anything. In fact she is the one who normally comes up with new things.

About 9 months ago she said it might be fun to play some fantasy role play games. I didn't really know what she meant but it sounded interesting so I said "ok, Like what" ?

She said we might spice things up by going out to bars and pretending not to know each other. Maybe I could try and pick her up, or maybe just see what happened. I thought 'why not?' so I agreed. That night she got dressed to kill and wow did she look good. I already had a rock hard cock just looking at her. she looked at me and laughed. "Patience now, good things come to those who wait".

She and I went out to the car together. She said that I should drop her off near a bar and then wait ten minutes and come in. She told me to find a nice seedy part of town and go to a bar there where nobody would know us. As we drove Julie noticed a small group of hookers standing around looking for business. Suddenly she said, "Stop the car." I asked her why and she replied. "I will go over to one of those corners and pretend to look for business, you drive around the block and then slow down and pick me up?"

I must have looked concerned because she said "Don't worry, its just a bit of fun. We can talk about how much I will charge you later." she laughed and jumped out of the car.

I watched her cross the street. She looked amazing and full of confidence. I drove off around the block I guess it took about a minute. as I turned the corner I could see Julie leaning into a car window talking to a guy in the driver's seat of an old white ford car. It was dark and the street lighting was not very good so I was not able to see what the driver looked like and I really counldn't believe my eyes when Julie walked around the car, looked across to me, smiled and got in.

The car pulled away and I followed from a distance I was panicing a bit but I didn't know what to do. After a couple of blocks the old Ford turned into a dark alley and stopped. I waited a moment and tried to clear my head. I thought, I had to check she was ok but I didn't know what she was doing. I got out of the car and approached the alley. Looking in, I could see the car but not what was happening inside. I was torn between going over there and getting her out and excited about what she might be doing. It was amazing.

I thought I was going to cum in my pants. After ten minutes or so the interior light went on as the passenger door opened and out climbed Julie. She said something to the guy in the car and then closed the door. I heard the engine start up and the car pulled away. Julie walked towards where I was. I stepped out of the dark and looked at her in disbelief. "Hello stranger are looking for a good time?" she said with a grin from ear to ear.

Stunned I said angrily. "Are you kidding me? What the fuck do you think you are doing?" Julie looked at me and growled "Listen mister! I haven't got all night. Do you want to fuck me or not? If you do, show me the way to your car. If not fuck off." I was unable to answer. I just dumbly walked over, opened her car door and she got in. Once I was back in the car she continued. " It's 80 for a hand job, 120 for a blow and 250 for a fuck" I was knocked back and dizzy.

"What?" was all I could say. She looked at me as if I was stupid "What do you want Genius?" I had never felt like this before completely horrifide and fantastically excited I just said "Fuck please." She held out her hand saying "cash up front."

I fumbled around in my pocket finding my wallet I took I out the money and handed it over. I was trembling all over and my head was buzzing. I started the car and drove over to where the old ford had been parked, Julie then climbed into the back and I followed.

I undone my trousers and slipped them down to my knees. Immediately she straddled me and slid onto my cock. She was soaking, wetter than I had ever known her. I cound feel her juices running onto my balls. It felt wonderful. This wouldn't take long. She began to rock. I said to her "You feel great and your so wet." Julie stopped and looked into my eyes. "I am not suprised I'm wet. I'm full of cum."

My head started spinning with different thoughts. It hadn't occured to me. I had had a vasectomy, a couple of years ago so we never used protection. She didn't have a condom nor was she on the pill. As if she was reading my mind she said "I didn't have a condom and neither did he but he seemed like a nice old man so I let him fuck me anyway, by the way he was huge."

This last piece of information was the last straw and I emptied my balls into her soaked cunt. She looked down and laughed. You are a bad boy aren't you? Julie leaned back and reached for the interior light switch. Turning it on she lifted herself off of me and sat besides me legs wide open with her pussy running with the mixed juices. "The problem is," she continued. "He came so hard I felt his seed hit my womb."

Julie leaned forward and wispered an order in my ear. "Now clean it up every drop." with that she took hold of a tuft of my hair and pulled my mouth onto her gaping vagina. I licked and sucked for all I was worth the salty cream filling my mouth. "Swallow it" she hissed "All of it." I was amazed. I was loving it. I looked up at my beautiful wife, my face covered in cum.

She smiled, "You love it don't you? Well good. That's it, that's your new job. I have had a great time tonight and I am going to do it again and again. You will help me and take care of what's left for you. Now make me come and then take me to a bar." I did as I was told licking and sucking until she grunted, pushing her cunt hard into my face.

Afterwards I drove us to a bar. I could smell the cum on me and could see semen stains on my shirt. It would be difficult to miss what I had been doing. We went home not long after and when we got inside Julie was back to her normal self, came over with a smile and hugged me. Then she said, "how was that?" with a big grin. "Did you like it?" I didn't know what to say again. "He didn't really cum in me. We used condoms but I thought you'd like it if I told you he did." I kissed her and we went to the bedroom to make love. It was one of the best nights ever. I didn't expect a thing and didn't know she had it in her. We won't be doing that again as Julie doesn't want me to know what she'll do next but I am a very lucky man. I hope you enjoyed a piece of her and like her pictures.




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