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My wife Paula told me that last week at the resturant that she works at, that they hired a new guy. Paula said that his name was Mitch and that he was 19 years old. She said that he was really cute and muscular; not big but in shape. Paula was going on and on about him telling me how he and her were flirting back and forth when they worked together and that even her boss was getting jealous.

Paula told me that she was going to invite Mitch over for drinks after work last saturday and I was all for it. Paula said she invited Mitch over and since he isn't old enough to drink at clubs or bars he was more than happy to come over; Paula assured him that I wouldn't mind.

So Saturday night after they got off work he followed her over to our house and intruduced him to me. Mitch is 5-10, 175 lbs., brn hair, brn eyes, a good looking guy. Paula said she was going to get changed and told me to get Mitch a drink. I offered Mitch a Jack and Coke and we both started drinking. About 10 minutes later Paula came back in wearing a tight little t-shirt and a pair of my boxer shorts (with no panties on underneath them).

Mitch looked a little uncomfortable at first but I told him that she alway's walks around the house like that. We all drank for awhile and they talked about work and I mostly just listened. Paula was flirting with Mitch the whole time. Finally she said that she was going to put a movie on.

Paula came back in with one of our porn movies. These movies are awsome they have a married guy and his wife and another man fucks his wife while the husband watches. Paula and I talked about it and thought that if we put this movie on it would help get Mitch comfortable fucking her in front of me.

Well when she put the movie on again Mitch was a little uncomfortable at first, however Paula is hot and we had all been drinking so he wasn't too uncomfortalbe. Well as we were watching the movie Paula was saying things like, his cock is so big I would just suck on it like a loli pop for hours. In just a short amount of time Paula started rubbing Mitch's dick over his pants.

Finally Paula told Mitch, "I want you to take your cock out". Then Paula started unbuttoning and zipping his pants. Mitch just sat there and let her. Paula slid his cock out of his pants, about 7 inches; and I could see that he was already cumming a little. Then Paula started to slowly lick his cock up and down. After sucking Mitch's dick for a couple minutes she looked up at him and told him "I want you to fuck me Mitch, fuck me like a little slut". Mitch then turned her around and pulled her boxer shorts off and bent her over the couch and began fucking her.

Paula was moaning and telling him to fuck harder. I was so hard that I couldn't help but take my dick out and start jerking off as I watched. Finally Mitch said he was going to come and I could see him shaking as he came in her pussy.

Paula then kissed him and told him to sit down. She then sat back on the couch and opened her legs and told me to come and clean her pussy. I knelt down in front of her and began licking Mitch's cum as it dripped from her pussy. Paula was telling me what a good boy I was while I was cleaning her up.

When I was done Paula told Mitch to go to the bedroom and that he could spend the night with her in our bed. Her and Mitch went the bedroom and I could hear Mitch fucking her again a little later on that night. I get the feeling we would be seeing Mitch again soon.

And we did.

They set up a date the next week. Mitch came by to pick her up at about 9:30. Paula was very excited. Paula said when he arrived that she jumped in his car and immediately started rubbing on his cock over his jeans. Mitch told her that they were going to go to one of his friend's house because none of them were old enought to drink in bars. Mitch stopped at a store and Paula had to buy the beer and liquer (tequila).

Paula said they went to Mitch's friends house, Bryan & Jimmy (roomates). She said that there was another couple there a guy John and his girlfriend Susan. She said they started playing drinking games and the other girl Susan was getting drinks real fast and her boyfriend had to take her home before she got sick.

That left Paula there with Mitch, Bryan and Jimmy. Paula said that they continued playing drinking games and that after a while Mitch was so drunk that he passed out on the couch. At that point Paula called me from the apartment and told me that she would be staying at Bryan and Jimmy house but not to worry they would take good care of her.

Paula said that after Mitch passed out that Bryan (19, 6"/ 190, brn hair, brn eye's well built) and Jimmy (20, 5" 11, 210, brn hair, blue eye's, very well built) started hitting on her. Paula said Bryan told her that Mitch had said that he had fucked her in front of her husband and wanted to know if it was true.

Paula told him that her husband likes to watch her get fucked hard by strong young men and that it's hard for just one man to satisfy her; she said that while she was telling Bryan that she spread her legs on the couch so that he could see up her skirt and see her pussy.

Paula said then she told Bryan that her pussy was very wet and asked if he could lick it for her. Bryan then slid her skirt up and began licking her pussy. She then told Jimmy to come over to her and to take his pants off. Jimmy took off all his clothes and she started to stroke his cock while Bryan was licking her. She said that while stroking Jimmy cock he began to cum a little and she licked the cum from her fingers.

Bryan then picked her up and took her into the bedroom and Jimmy followed them in. Bryan bent her over the bed and began fucking her from behind and Paula sucked Jimmy's cock while she was beign fucked. Paula said Bryan then held her real tight and came inside her, she could feel cum dripping from her pussy. After Bryan came Jimmy laid her on her back and slid into her and fucked her hard. Jimmy then pulled out and came on her stomach and had Paula lick his cock clean after.

Paula then put her panties on to get as much of the cum as she could in her panties before it all came out. She then fell back in the bed and woke up with Mitch fucking her from behind. She said she was laying on her side and he had slid her panties down to her knee's and was fucking her. When he was done he just pulled her panties back up and went to relax.

The next morning Mitch dropped her off at home. Paula gave me her panties to clean out for her and had me lick her pussy for her because it was still red and swollen from being fucked. Paula was happy all day.

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