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Many times we have talked and fantasized about having another man join us in bed but I never it thought it would go beyond that stage. A number of years ago my wife and I went together to a conference out of town. Our last night in town we went to a night club with 3 floors of different live music. We visited and danced at each floor and at the third floor Annabelle‘s eye was caught by a young, maybe 25yo man that was watching her. We danced a while longer then I went to find a restroom.

When I returned I didn't find Annabelle where I had left her. She was dancing with the young man and obviously having a great time. I simply stood in the shadows and continued to watch from a distance. At one point she saw me and came over to say "he is very sexy and he thinks I’m hot. Should I ask him to come to our room tonight?"

I said "sure, why not" and she ran back to him. It was a bit outward walking back to the room as no one really knew what to do but as soon as they got in the room she started kissing him and their hands started touching each other freely. Because of all the beers I had while watching them dance I had to go to the bathroom. When I returned Annabelle was sitting on the bed and in the process of taking Jason's underwear off to reveal his very hard dick.

I found my way to the chair and sat down to enjoy the show. His dick was a bit longer and thicker than average and it was pierced, what a bonus for her first extramarital dick. Annabelle fondled it for a short time and soon had it in her mouth trying to take as much as possible. She can just get my entire dick in her mouth, but even though she was trying very hard she couldn't get it all it all in her mouth. She then lay on her back while he straddled her chest and kept his dick deep in her mouth.

She managed to tell me to take my clothes off and lick her pussy. What a sight! As I was licking her, his balls were resting between her tits and he was holding her hair while fucking her mouth. I could have stayed in that position all night watching the show. After they had enough of that I had to move so he could fuck the pussy I had just made so wet. What a thrill watching a strange dick enter my wife's pussy for the first time. My dick was as hard as it had ever been. At times she had me kiss her tits as she was going crazy over Jason's dick. Annabelle cums very hard, is multi orgasmic and a screamer. She was going absolutely nuts as he fucked her in every position. He finished by cuming in her ass with her on her hands and knees. Neither of us knew that this was the beginning of a new lifestyle for us.

She (and I) came home from our trip sooooo hot she could hardly wait for more. At this point we didn't even know what the word cuckold meant. We just knew we both loved having having another man join us in bed. She loved the excitment, the stimulation of two cocks, the thrill of something new. We talked about when we fucked and she couldn't get enough. I could hardly wait till she found another dick because I needed help keeping up with her.

Several times we went out to bars to find another man to share her but we found it to be harder them we imagined. We'd enter a bar that had live music and I would hang back while she tried to catch someone's eye. Many times she could find someone to talk to and even dance with her. Once she got to dancing with a good looking man she would edge them on and it wasn't long till they would be feeling her ass and kissing her right on the dance floor. A couple of times it got so hot she had an orgasm while dancing with a new found man.

I found this to be the hottist thing ever. Watching my wife dance with a man she just met. One time she was wearing a short skirt and a guy started stroking her thigh as they were dancing. She didn't do anything to stop him so he continued until he was feeling her pussy on the dance floor. She later told me he was actually finger fucking her and she had a huge orgasm. If he hadn't had his other arm around her to support her she would have collapsed on the dance floor.

All this was great but when he (or sometimes she) talked about going home for more they got scared off when she told them her husband would have to be there. This was not all bad because we would go home and have GREAT sex, but she wasn't getting her need for more dick fullfilled.

Annabelle instructed me to go into the spare bedroom. "You are to stay here until I come to get you" and with that she was off to meet a new BF for the first time. He is a man she hooked up with on an internet dating site. The only information I knew was that he is 32 (she is 41), he is built very well (she showed me a picture that showed his body), he is married and looking for some extramarital excitement, and they were meeting at a local bar/restaurant at 12:30 for lunch to see if things clicked between them.

Laying there in the dark my mind raced with thoughts of what may be happening. There was a clock in the room so I could guess what may be going on by what time it is. At 12:30 I wondered if they were sitting at a table talking. Did he like what he saw? Did she like him? Did they sit across from one another or side by side? By 1:00 I was wondering if they had finished lunch. Had he touched her yet? Had she touched him? Was there anyone at the restaurant that knows Annabelle and I? I had figured that if she would be back with him by 1:30 or 1:45 at the latest. Or maybe they would go to a motel. I just had no way of knowing. My mind was going wild with thoughts.

11:45 and she had not returned. Well she should be back by now even if things did not work out. 11:50 …nothing. 11:55…nothing. 2:01, I hear footsteps and voices coming up the stairs. The door opens and closes. I hear muffled voices and footsteps up the stairs to the living room which is just off the bedroom she left me in. They stop just outside the door. Was she going to open the door and let this man see her cuckold husband? Then I heard the unmistakable sound of them kissing passionately. They kissed for a long time. Then I heard a piece of clothing fall to the floor. I couldn't tell if it was hers or his. Then she invited him in and I got to watch the show of a lifetime!! He fucked her for 3 straight hours in multiple positions and made her cum more times than I ever did.

We see him on a regular basis now and are still looking for others on that site too.

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