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My husband, Steve, and I have been married for four years and together six. We started fantasizing in bed about him watching me fucked by other men after only a few months together. Steve first broached the subject out of the blue and he hit a very raw nerve with me - it's always been a secret desire of mine to behave like a slut with my partner in full view and as Steve had his fingers inside me at the time he started talking to me about it he was very quickly aware of the effect it was having on me, so he continued - the fantasies getting more and more complex and erotic until eventually he was using real people we both knew in our bed-time story telling.

This was particularly exciting to me, and I started telling Steve which of his friends and other people we knew or met I would like to have inside me, and what I wanted them to do to me, which drove him wild - he lost control and came over me while we we breathlessly talking on several occasions.

Steve also started taking careful note of any attention I got from men in our day-to-day lives, making sure he remembered all the details to tell me later; "Did you see Dave staring at your tits today? whenever you walked past him he couldn't keep his eyes off of your arse - his wife noticed and was really angry, particularly when she saw him adjust his cock in his trousers as he got hard".

This kind of talk could go on for hours, with me having orgasm after orgasm as we alternated between me talking filth as Steve went down on me and him talking as he fingered me or I sucked his cock - it brought a whole new, immensely thrilling aspect to our sex life and I loved it.

We had talked vaguely about whether we could both cope with moving things along a little from fantasy to reality - in fact neither of us were sure and we discussed various options from going to a swinger party to posting a personal ad, but didn't ever quite make that step. As it turned out things were very shortly to take on their own momentum.

One Friday night in the middle of July we went out for a meal in our home town, as we often will. Part of the regular routing by this stage was for us to touch each other under the table, Steve making quiet little comments to me as a passing waiter or customer glanced at my cleavage or gave me an appraising look.

Steve would identify a target man and I would walk slowly and as sexily as I could past his table to the ladies, sometimes stopping and bending to pick something up I had dropped as I returned. On several occasions Steve had brought me to a wonderful, deliciously restrained orgasm right there in the restaurant, with me having to keep as straight a face as possible while I clenched my thighs around his wrist and he worked in and out of me with two fingers under the table cloth.

This evening was one of our best, as a man I had been to school with, Mike, recognised me and came over to say hi. He was in his mid thirties now, as was I, but he looked like the years had been kind to him and he was, if anything, even more attractive than the last time I'd seen him, 15 years previously. We chatted for a few minutes - has asked about my best friend Gemma, who had lost her virginity to Mike while we were still at school one memorable drunken evening in the park.

In the midst of this conversation Steve's hand had worked it's way very slowly up my inner thigh and was he was very slowly drawing tiny circles with his index finger against my clit, through my knickers, and he could no doubt feel the effect it was having on me as I dampened them and opened my legs slightly.

Mike's phone rang and he said that he'd have to take the call, stepping a few feet away from our table, obviously intending to come back and finish his conversation with me. As soon as he moved away Steve stepped the pace up dramatically and began rubbing me firmly through my knickers. He casually put his other hand to his head and his elbow on the table so that he was close to me in a pose of relaxed confidentiality and started telling me how Mike definitely wanted to fuck me, how he had seen him glancing down my top, his pupils dilating and his trousers starting to bulge. I kept my upper body as still as possible and gently ground back and forward in my seat against Steve's hand as he talked to me, all the while keeping my eyes fixed on Mike.

I started to cum the instant Mike rejoined us - as he walked toward our table Steve pushed my knickers aside and slipped a finger just inside me. Mike was talking to me and I was just staring at him, eyes a little glassy no doubt as I came wetly on Steve's hand.

I came back to my senses quickly and realised that Mike had asked me something and was waiting for an answer. Steve stepped in, "yeah - sure, we'll see you down there later Mike".

Mike rejoined his table and Steve told me that we were going to the local club once we had eaten to meet Mike for a drink. I felt excited and scared, but mainly excited, it has to be admitted.

We finished our meals, had quite a lot more to drink and left before Mike, making sure we were in the club and seated in a dark booth at the edge of the heaving dancefloor when he arrived and went to the bar about 50 feet away from us.

Steve leaned over to me and spoke directly into my ear above the noise of the music. "Why not go and have a dance with Mike? You know I like to watch more than dance - I'll just stay here."

I looked at him, questioning, but knowing what was on his mind - Steve slid his hand up my skirt and started to tug gently on the bottom of my knickers - "I think you should probably leave these with me!"

I shuffled around in my seat so that Steve could remove my knickers. He picked them up from around my ankles and put them in his pocket, quickly passing them under his nose as he did so.

I leaned over to Steve and shouted in his ear "If you're sure about this then I think I may just be about to give you a show you won't forget..." I allowed my hand to drop onto his crotch and found, unsurprisingly, that he was as hard as a log. "I'll take it that you're sure then!" I smiled.

I stood and moved out of the darkness to the edge of the dancefloor just in time to intercept Mike, who was carrying a drink and looking around eagerly - for me as it turned out.

"Oh - great", he bellowed, "you made it - where's Steve gone?"

"He left", I lied, "he hates these places - too noisy and he doesn't like to dance."

"Well I LOVE to dance", said Mike, downing his vodka in one and slapping the empty glass down on a table, "Let's go!"

Mike took my hand and led me into the middle of the floor. A retro number came on which took us both back and we were both soon showing our dated moves - having a great time.

I was acting like I was more drunk than I actually was and started to do the odd bit of bumping and grinding against him, trapping his leg between my thighs and sliding to a squat at his feet before jumping up again, then turning my back to him and rubbing my arse into his groin for a few seconds.

On about the fourth occasion I used this move, I felt positive evidence that Mike was having a good time - a hard, moveable lump pressed between my arse cheeks and he dropped his hands to my hips and held me against it for a few seconds, and I didn't pull away, instead I pushed back and ground against him to feel his restrained cock move between my cheeks.

The next song was slower, and I turned and draped my arms around Mike's neck, allowing our bodies to touch every now and then. I suddenly remembered Steve and manipulated Mike so that we moved slowly to the edge of the dance floor, within easy sight of my Husband.

I turned us so that Mike's back was to Steve and dropped one of my hands to his arse, pulling him firmly towards me so that his erection was again very obvious to both of us. I allowed my legs to be parted by one of Mike's and he began to subtly rub his upper thigh against my pussy through my skirt.

All this was making me very wet indeed, and Mike was now openly staring down my top at my erect nipples, pushing tiny tents of silky fabric toward him.

Mike leaned close to my ear and said "You look amazing - would you like to, erm, go somewhere?"

"Mike!", I said with mock offence, "I'm a married woman."

"I know, I know, look - I'm sorry" he started to pull away from me but I grabbed his right hand, which was on my hip, and slid it down, slowly, to my crotch, holding it there long enough for him to be perfectly clear about what I wanted.

I heard him make a sharp breath intake and he moaned a little as he started to rub my pussy through the fabric. My mouth still close to his ear I said, "wet your fingers - no-one can see..."

This was a small lie, as I had made sure that we had turned so that Mike's back was to the majority of the dance floor, but we were presenting a clear side view to Steve, who had moved further back into the shadows and I sensed was watching us intently.

Mike slid his hand inside the waistband of my skirt and down to my pussy - gasping a little again as he realised I had no knickers on, he immediately slid a finger inside me. I hooked my wrists together behind his neck and started to push against his strokes.

As the tempo of the music picked up I shouted in his ear "Make me cum Mike - Make me cum."

Mike obliged, his left hand on my arse and his right to the elbow down my skirt, two fingers now fully inside my dripping wet pussy as he hooked them to touch my g-spot.

I shouted obscenties in his ear as I came. I couldn't hold my own weight as my legs quivered and buckled, but he held me up as I pushed and ground against him.

When I was able to stand unaided he slowly removed his hand and licked his fingers in front of my face. I was still very horny indeed, if a little embarrassed, although not as embarrassed as him, it turned out.

"Would you like to come outside with me - so I can take care of this for you?" I asked - but as I did so I grabbed his cock and realised it was softening in my hand. "Erm, well, no need, actually, any more..." he smiled, sheepishly.

Mike kissed me once on the lips and hurried off to clean himself up as best he could. I walked over to Steve in a dream and asked him if he'd enjoyed his show. Steve grabbed my hand and dragged me at a half run to the exit, leaving our coats we jumped into a waiting cab and as soon as the door closed he was all over me, kissing my mouth and neck, pulling my skirt up, fingers inside me.

I came twice more in the cab and we fucked like animals for most of the night, the first time we didn't even make it through the front door - he took me against it as he described, for the first but certainly not the last time, what he had seen.

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