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As I was watching my wife sucking hungrily on the large cock in her mouth, I thought about what a lucky man I am. We had discussed our fantasies and when I told her my hottest fantasy was watching her suck and fuck other guys, she at first looked at me kind of shocked, then said, tell me more.

I told her I loved her and didnít want anyone else but her, but the idea of her sharing her pussy with other men was something that made my cock rock hard. As we talked about it further, she started to relax and a smile formed on her face. She asked me if I really thought I could handle watching her or hearing about it later. I pointed to my cock, which was swollen in my pants from all of this talk. She reached over and started rubbing my cock, saying this sounds like fun.

She said the first time she wanted me watching, so she could see my reaction. She said she wanted me to remember what she looked like with a big hard cock buried in her because there would be other times when she would be alone with her lovers, and she wanted me thinking about that while I waited for her. She then said, "you know they will be cumming in me, donít you?"

I told her that was the hottest part, and added I wanted to eat her afterward. She groaned at this thought, and told me I could set up her first time, but after that she would do all of the choosing. After telling her I wanted the first time to happen at our home and in our bed, she smiled again and told me she loved me.

I made sure I got her a nice guy with a large cock so she would want to do this more than once. The day of her meeting him, she was nervous but excited. She let me watch her shaving her pussy, and knew I wanted to fuck her, but told me I could only taste her, because she wanted to be fresh for our guest. As I was licking her smoothly shaven lips, she said get a good taste because in a little while she was going to taste a lot different. I groaned at this and slid my tongue deep inside of her. She said thatís enough now help me get ready.

She then said, now I want you to slide my panties on me, because I want to see your face as my lover takes them off of me. So now, after meeting him and getting comfortable she said, 'letís go in the bedroom.' She told me to sit in the chair as we entered the bedroom. They wasted no time getting undressed, and she smiled at me as he was pulling her panties off.

Then she started pulling his underwear down and stopped as his cock sprung free, it was large and swollen and she looked at me and said thank you. She pulled his underwear the rest of the way off and tossed them on the floor by my feet. Then she crawled up to him, kissing her way up his legs until she got to his balls. She then started kissing and licking them.

Then she worked her way up to the head of his cock, licking his precum off, and then slowly started swallowing his cock. Her eyes never left mine. He groaned and told her, I wonít last long like this, and I really want to fuck you now. She stopped her sucking and laid down on her back, saying I want that too.

He immediately started to mount her and I watched as she grabbed his cock and guided it in her. They both groaned as his cock started sinking into her. He got about halfway in and stopped, letting her get used to his size. After a little while she started pushing her pussy up into him telling him she wanted more. He then started sinking his cock further into her, and she grabbed his ass pulling him further in, saying ďI want it allĒ.

I watched as his balls finally came to rest on her ass. She groaned and said, now fuck me. I watched as he began rising up and gradually started to pick up his pace, my wife raising her pussy up to him to match him stroke for stroke. The whole time telling him how good his cock felt in her. I knew neither of them would last long, and then I heard her telling him, oh yes Iím cumming, cum with me. He then started slamming his cock into her, until I saw him bury his cock deep in her, and hold it there, emptying his balls deep inside her, moaning into her ear, telling her how hot she was.

She held him in her until she felt him stop shaking, and she knew she had gotten all of his cum out of him. She kissed him and said now itís my husband's turn. He slowly started pulling his cock out of her and they both groaned as his cock came all the way out of her. He then rolled over next to her, and kissed her again, saying that was so hot. She then looked at me, smiled and said, "you have some cleaning up to do."

She was laying there with her legs spread wide, bent at the knees, her pussy red and swollen, his cum starting to slowly run out of her, inviting me to enjoy myself. I looked at his cock too, still half swollen and glistening with their cum, and thought Iíd like to clean that up too, after seeing how much pleasure it had given my wife.

I saved those thoughts for another time as I approached the bed. I lay down with my face between my wifeís legs thinking how beautiful this was. As my tongue started tracing the lips of her pussy, my wife groaned, pulled my head tight against her, and slowly started fucking my face, saying ďeat me until I cumĒ.

She held my mouth tight against her, telling me thatís it get it all. Then I felt her shudder and felt her cumming in my mouth, their cum being forced into my mouth. As I started swallowing, I knew there was no turning back, I loved the taste. I swallowed it all and started pushing my tongue up inside of her trying to get more.

Finally, when she couldnít take anymore, she pushed my head away saying that was the hottest thing she had ever experienced. She then looked at me and said, I want him to spend the night, and for tonight, my pussy belongs to his cock only. I want you to watch and clean my pussy up when needed.

I just nodded, and then she leaned over and started to clean his cock and balls up. As I watched her, she motioned for me to come over and kneel down next to her. As his cock started getting hard again, she motioned me closer. Pulling his cock from her mouth, she told me to kiss her. She was holding his cock just inches from my mouth, and as we were kissing me she stopped and said he tastes good doesnít he. I nodded and then she rubbed the head of his now swollen cock across her lips and said now go sit down and watch.

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