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My boyfriend and I are into me being dominant but not in a traditional way. I like to tease him and make him wait. I have fooled around with other guys but never slept fully with any. We thought this would be the best place to express one of our best stories:

So, New Year's Eve my boyfriend and I were invited to a party by my close friend Katie. It was at her boyfriend James's house, and he invited a lot of his friends from the area, most of whom were guys he met in high school. Katie invited ten or so of her female friends, including me. Looking back on it, this was probably partially her own desire and partially at James's request, to "keep the party from being a sausage-fest" as my boyfriend so delicately put it.

It wasn't anything fancy but my boyfriend and I decided to get a little bit dressed up. I chose to wear one of my more casual dresses, nothing over the top, just simple and sexy. Sometimes when we go out together I won't wear panties so that if we get the chance and nobody is watching I can spread my legs a little and show him my pussy out in public. When he's locked in chastity it really gets him, and he was going to be locked up tonight. Before we left my place I took his chastity key out and put it down on my nightstand. I made it clear to him that we wouldn't need it tonight so there was no point in bringing it. There was a mix of disappointment and arousal on his face. I had him kneel and lick my nipples while I finished doing my makeup.

When we got there I wasn't sure if I wanted to drink, but this was a special occasion, I was with some of my oldest friends, and I decided to let my hair down and have fun. My boyfriend chose to stay relatively sober but did share some hits of a joint with James at one point. I spent a lot of time in my boyfriend's arms, we're very close whenever we're in public and tend to kiss each other a lot. I think it makes a lot of my friends jealous because none of them have been able to keep a relationship going this well for this long (I love him immensely and would do anything for him).

As the night progressed and things got closer to the midnight countdown, we were all getting pretty tipsy if not outright drunk. The glances being exchanged between guys and girls were developing into outright and obvious flirtation. My boyfriend joined James on the back deck while he smoked a cigarette, my boyfriend doesn't smoke but appreciates that quiet time alone to chat, and while he was outside one of James's friends started flirting with me pretty heavily. It was little things. Laughing, talking to me, and offering me his beer. He introduced himself and told me his name was Matt. He was making it very obvious that he wanted me, and at this point in the night everyone was too drunk or busy to really notice or care. I had seen him looking at me and my boyfriend earlier in the night while we held each other, and I just assumed he was jealous like a lot of my friends were. Maybe he was, and maybe he wanted to do something about it.

Two of the other girls really wanted me to play beer pong against them, probably because they know I'm terrible at it ... but it turned out Matt was a self-declared master of the game and he offered to be on my side. My boyfriend was still outside, nobody would think much of it, so I agreed and it turned out he was right. We ended up winning, no thanks to me, haha, and in my drunken excitement I gave him a hug without thinking. I laughed it off as no big deal, but I had felt the bulge of his cock against me and it seemed to be a good size. I found Matt pretty decent looking, and I was tipsy enough for that to count as handsome. He was kind of turning me on.

My boyfriend came back in and told me James was going to show him some video he had made. He took me aside, kissed me, and rubbed his knee between my legs so it would grind against my clit. He knew I was turned on. He didn't know why, but he loves to tease me when he knows I'm wet. I told him I was probably going to play another game of pong with Matt because we were on a winning streak. He wished me luck and went downstairs with James. I could tell he was a little bit high.

The other girls were being sore losers and didn't feel like playing against Matt again. They said they'd play me if Matt could be on their team. He told them he'd rather be with me ... iteresting. But now we had nothing to do. Matt and I talked for a while about how he was trying to fix his car or something. I wasn't really paying attention; I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he asked me if I wanted to join him on the back deck to smoke a joint. I said yes.

The back deck at James's house was nice and secluded. It was on the second floor while the party was taking place on the first. We were pretty much alone up there. I could still smell James's cigarette smoke. Matt took out the joint, held up his hand over the tip, lit it, and took a hit. Then he passed it to me. I took a couple of hits and gave it back. We were out there for a few minutes and I started to feel it. Then I decided to go for it. I put my hand on his crotch and felt for his dick. It was definitely a decent size. He was surprised but I could feel him getting hard. I told him to take it out for me, and he pulled down the front of his pants a little to let it hang out. I got on my knees in front of him, took it in my hands, and licked the head. It was cold out and I could see my own breath. He stood there above me, smoking the joint, watching my tongue work his cock. I was so turned on. I got right into it, using my mouth and my hand. I jerked his shaft while I sucked and tongued his head. Matt loved it. I really wanted to make him cum.

Honestly, at this point I started to get really cold. I could see my breath coming out of my nose, I was breathing hot while I sucked his cock and my bare ass in my dress was freezing. I just wanted him to cum so that we could get back inside. I started jerking him really fast, really hard, and doing everything I could think of with my mouth. It worked. He started to shoot off in my mouth. It was a lot. I almost choked on it a little. He was grunting and he dropped the joint onto the ground. I swallowed, cleared my throat, and picked up the joint before standing back up. I took one more hit while he fixed his pants and then we went back inside.

My boyfriend was downstairs when we got back. I guessed he had finished that video with James a while ago. He looked kind of upset with me, probably because he didn't know where I was. I went to him and kissed him on the lips. He held me. He was so warm, I love that about him. I told him I had been smoking with Matt and he told me he could smell it on me. Then I asked him if we could go downstairs, hoping we could get some privacy down there. Sure enough, it was empty. The computer was still on. It was a little colder but we were alone. We kissed and I rubbed my tongue all over his.

"Can you taste that?" I asked him.

"What, the smoke?" he asked back.

"No, someone just came in my mouth," I told him, and I grabbed his chaste cock through his pants.

"Wait, what, seriously?" He was a bit shocked.

"Yes," I kissed him again and this time he told me could taste it. I put my arms around him, kissed him, and asked him to get on his knees for me. He did. The shock was turning into arousal. I could see it on his face. "I'm so turned on. I really need you to lick me, okay?"

He lifted my dress, his hands were so warm against my cold legs, and rubbed his tongue against my clit. It was exactly what I needed. He licked me until I came, it didn't take long, and he held his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet so nobody upstairs would hear. Then I turned around, lifted my dress, and pressed my ass into his face. He licked me there while I played with my clit and I came again. I rubbed my cunt against his chaste dick and then he got up and kissed me. We went back to the party and held each other again. Matt and I exchanged a few knowing looks, and at one point he came up and talked to us, acting like nothing had happened. I'm assuming he believes that I cheated on my boyfriend without his knowledge, and that this would stay our little secret.

When we got home I told my boyfriend the whole story while jerking him off, and then we fucked. To my surprise he lasted longer than usual this time and it actually felt pretty good! I thanked him for being so amazing and he told me how much he loved me.




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