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One day while having sex, my wife, lets call her M, asked me to tell her of my cuckold fantasy again, it really turned her on, in part because in it I want her to pretend she is having sex with another guy in front of me and continually telling the guy how good he is and how much better than me he is. We had great sex, like we always do.

Later, I asked her if she fantasized about fucking another guy and she admitted she did and had been on the net watching guys on cam sometimes, which really turned her on, but she had not cammed back to them only talked live or chatted to them.

I asked if she would be prepared go on cam and show her beautiful pussy to a guy playing with his cock and talk to him while I was watching it, hesitatingly she agreed, providing we set it up so her face would not be showing it would be ok.

The next night we went onto our fav site we knew would have guys on cam and chose a guy whose cock looked large and hard. She started talking to the guy, who lived in our city, and told him she liked his cock and the way he was playing with it.

He asked her if she would like to suck it for him and she told him she would. The conversation went along those lines, he convinced her to show him her tits, which, she did and played with for him. All the while I was sitting out of view with my cock getting harder and feeling excited as M seemed to forget I was there and concentrated on the guy.

Lowering the cam to her now very wet pussy, she started playing with it for the guy, it wasn't long before the guy had shot a great stream of cum and M had brought herself to a huge orgasm. They swapped addies for a return private cam night.

Afterwards she told me she was so horny, if the guy had been live in our room, she would have fucked him. I suggested that as he lived in our city and she could email him, why not set it up? But if she did, it would have to be with me there and along our fantasy lines.

After a few email exchanges and phone calls, we set up the night, the guys name was Derrick and was 23, we are in our fourties so it made it more exciting. He agreed to come over after dinner.

M dressed in a skirt without knickers and an almost see-through blouse without bras. Throughout dinner she got more excited as the time came to when there was a knock on the door.

Derrick stood about 6ft tall and looked about his age. After some small talk and a glass of wine I excused myself on some pretence (we arranged that earlier) and left them alone for a while.

When I came back they were on the couch kissing and Derrick had his hand firmly on M's tits giving them a really good feel. Excitement ran through me, the first time I had seen anyone playing my wife other than me. Gradually Derrick ran his hand up M's leg until it reached her now very wet honey pot.

M immediately opened her legs wider to let Derrick have greater access, and had now unzipped him and released his extremely hard cock. It was getting very hot now and I suggested that we go to the bedroom. Again I left them for a while and then went up to the room. They were now lying naked on the bed and M had Derrick's cock in her mouth, giving it a real seeing to.

She looked up and said to me "go sit on the chair in the corner and watch a real man work". She was getting into how our fantasy would go.

I did as I was told. By now my cock was hard too but not as hard as Derrick's. M was now aching to have him inside her and had him positioned on top of her holding his cock just at the entrance to her pussy, rubbing the head along her slit teasing him and getting herself very wet.

She held him one more time at her entrance then looked up at me and said, "Now this big hard cock is going into me, you can see what I have been missing out on." and with that she pulled him into her hard and fast.

Someone else was fucking my wife and she was loving it. I heard the noise she makes when she orgasms just as R thrust into her. By now my excitement was extreme, my cock was hard and I could see M's wet pussy being banged by this young stud. She kept a stream of beratement towards me about being unable to service like this. Eventually Derrick could not hold back any longer and exploded with a loud grunt into my wife. She implored him to give it to her. "cum in me, fill me up" she yelled.

After a while Derrick withdrew and you could see the cum dripping out of M. "Come here and clean me up cuck husband" she said. I hadn't expected this as we had never discussed this situation. I went over and began to lick and suck her wet puffy pussy.

By now I was ready to explode too but M said because I was her cuck slave I could only have a hand job. It only took a few strokes and I was cumming everywhere.

Later that night we talked about it and M said that while she liked the experience she would not want to do it too often. Then she said that maybe we could try a dogging experience one night.

I am not sure what I unleashed but I am not going to say 'no'!




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