At a Party



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Let me start with a little background info. Lara and I have been married for 8 years. She is 38 years old, and has a very pretty face which gets her lots of attention. Quiet and conservative but really lightens up when the alcohol hits her.

We had dabbled a bit in the cuckolding lifestyle but nothing really to write about. A few weeks ago though, was something worth sharing. It happened on a Saturday night. Lara and I were invited to a Halloween party at the home of one of her coworker's. My choice of costume was easy; 1 white sheet later, wha la instant ghost. Lara put a little more thought into her's. On Friday evening she asked me to drive her into the city of Perth Amboy so she could find a "good" costume.

I could tell by the hoochy stores that she was going into that this was going to be a "nice" surprise. The party started at 7pm. At about 6:30 Lara emerges from the bedroom dressed as a young, slutty college girl. Short plaid mini skirt, tight white button down shirt, tight up above her belly and a pair of black loafers. Holy cuckolds brownie did she look HOT!!! When we arrived at the party, the looks she was getting were great.

By 11:00 the booze was flowing and Lara was feeling no pain. I was keeping my distance as she seemed to really hit it off with some guy who was about 23 years old dressed as Spiderman. The flirting and electricity in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The host had set up a bonfire in the back yard with hay bails around it for seats. As luck would have it. There were no more open places to sit. Conveniently Lara made herself comfortable on Spiderman's lap.

In a matter of minutes he was rubbing her back and neck and playing with her belly button ring. She had on one of those head piece microphones and Jason, AKA Spidy, kept playfully pulling it off. He finally snatched it and took off running. Lara grabbed unto him and they both wound up falling into the swimming pool. As they surfaced he pinned her against the side of the pool and they both proceeded to make out for the next ten minutes. After leaving the pool. The host offered them both some dry clothes and towels.

Giddy, they both disappeared into an upstairs bedroom. Ten minutes later I had to go and see what if anything was going on. As I approached the door I could hear those little moans of ecstacy coming from my loving wife. I flung the door open to find the two of them on the bed with him lying flat and Lara riding him. They both stopped and looked at me. Lara said, "Uhmm excuse me I 'm a little busy here. Why don't you go home and i'll catch up with you later. I'm sure Jason won't mind giving me a ride home".

So with that I took my raging hard on and left. At 8 AM I awoke to feel the sun shining in the window. looking around, there was no sign of Lara. I called her cell phone and it went right to voice mail. Now I was starting to get nervous. At 9:30 a strange car pulled into the driveway. It was Lara and her new man. After a 2 minute long kiss goodbye she got out and sauntered in the house. With a big grin she sat on the couch and filled me in on the gory details. When she went to change she said that he followed her into the room.

They both undressed and dried off. She said that when she saw his v body and 8 inch cock she lost total control. She blew him for about 10 minutes and then mounted him ( that's when I came in) she said they fucked for about 30 minutes but kept getting interupted by other party goers. They decided to get dressed and go get a hotel room. They went to a place called The Loop Inn, a really classy short stay hotel. They fucked several more times on the bed and in the hot tub before passing out. She said this morning they showered together and she finished him off with a baby oil hand job. The best part is that he didn't realize that she was married until he drove up to the house and she remarked that she hoped I wasn't too worried. He had thought that we were just friends that came to the party together. I've got a feeling that this will not be the last time we see Jason, as the 2 of them have been text messaging back and forth all day today.






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