My Wife was So Sore the next Morning

Mrs P


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This ain't no fantasy folks, it's really happening, right NOW. I'm so strung out waiting for my wife to come home that I'm actually going to write about it. Pretty wacky...

Mrs P and I have been married now almost 10 years and tonight she is staying with a man she's known about 13 years. I know him well and he is a very nice guy, the real standup type. He also happens to be black and we are white. We joke about him living up to the stereotype, but he truly does have an enormous penis.

Last weekend she caught up with him while I was working and she ended up sucking his dick three different times throughout the night, each time in my van in the bar parking lot. He never came, he just held her head and talked to her, telling her how gentle he would fuck her, promising not to hurt her. She looked like a sunday school teacher that night in a very conservative dress. Panty hose, sensible shoes, laid out in the back of a van sucking cock.

She has done this with him a few times over the years, but she has never fucked him. She very matter-of-factly told me, "His dick terrifys me. It's 5 times bigger than yours and harder soft than yours is hard."

Well, tonight they are together for the evening and I'm up all night playing with my pathetic pud. I took a bath and shaved. I keep watching porn and jerking off, but nothing changes. I dribble a little cum and it starts back up again. She called around 10pm to say that she was "taking a vacation at ******'s house tonight." She has no doubt been split in two by now as it's nearly 5am and she hasn't even called yet.

Her strategy for accomodating such large cocks is usually to take them in her ass. Her pussy is average, but it isn't very deep and I know she'll only be able to take about half of him. Her ass is obviously much deeper. By the time she gets home he will have poked a couple of foot deep holes into her and she'll probably have a sore throat too. No creampies either. Sorry fellows, but it's condoms for us.

We have always swung, but with irregularity, just in spells here and there. Maybe 20 men have fucked her since we met. I encourage her to cuckold me more blatantly, but it's difficult for her because we are both subs. The reality is that I am a complete cuckold - unable to satisfy her, loyal to her and enthusiastic about her fucking other men. I just don't get the usual trappings very often. I'm cuckold, but we play it like hotwifers.

She is often left wanting with some of her men, most of all me obviously, but I know that she's not going to be the same after tonight. She really loves this man (as a friend) and if she can take his cock, she'll be fucking him all year long.

I'm thrilled about it, but I do wish she'd come home soon. I miss her dearly when we're apart.


She got home about 7:30 the next morning and was very worn out. They had drank alot the night before and had passed out after a few hours of fucking. When his alarm went off at 6:00, they went at it one last time and she came home.

She says that she had a great time and that sex with him was outstanding. He had had some issues keeping hard the night before due to the alcohol, but his half-hard was still good enough for her to get off on. In the morning he got hard for real and she had to take him in her ass instead. She does this often with really large cocks. It's only so deep, and when he hit full mast she couldn't take it all in. He fucked her ass for an hour that morning, finally cumming for the first time deep in her bowel.

She tells me that she may have exagerated his size a little before. He was 8" drunk and still thick and hard enough to fuck her, In the morning he was about 9" she says.

By the time she got home the inside of her pussy was raw and swollen. Rather than gaping open, it was instead tight and extremely tender. Her internal tissue was inflamed from the working over she'd gotten. She isn't used to that sort of friction! The most she can get from me is 20 minutes of 5" thin. He did her for about four hours with an enormous, rather thick penis.

Needless to say, my "sloppy seconds" were a very delicate thing as she was feeling a bit injured down there and had sobered up.

She let me fuck her pussy for about 2 minutes, but only very slowly and moving just a little. It hurt her too much though, so I flipped her over and entered her still open ass. It was as if she had a foot deep hole pounded into her. She was tender there too though and after a few minutes of loose anal, I pulled out and finished myself manually, cumming on her forehead as she held her sore pussy tenderly.

She has promised to fuck him throughout the year when she can. I have promised to be thrilled about it, and I am.

John T




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