He Wanted Me to Dominate Him

Mrs H


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Well I haven't really posted to this site before but I am not new to cucking my husband. I have chatted in chat rooms on swinger's sites a few times and always seem to be recounting how I got into this.

To start, I am 40, hubby is 50 we got married when I was 21. I was no angel before we got together. I recently read that woman have an average of 7 different lovers. Because of me then, there are 5 girls who are still virgins.... I got quite a reputation in my hometown for being quick to end up on by back. Anyway, when I first met my husband, Tim, all I intended for him to be was a few quick fucks. It wasn't long before I started to feel different about him and started to become very attached. Perhaps even starting to feel the "L" word. He sort fo knew about my past, but maybe not quite the exact number of guys. Anyway, after dating for a few months, I moved in and we eventually married. I intended to be the good little faithful wife, having gotten all of my wildness out of me.

One thing I noticed about Tim, from the very beginning, was that he pretty much let me have my way about everything, never argued, and way more helpful around the house than I thought most other husbands were. I just considered myself lucky. Finally, one night, I am sitting on the couch watching TV when Tom come in, drops to his knees in front of me and hands me a letter. He drops his head towards the floor as I open and read the letter. Esentially, what ii said was that he has this burning desire to become my complete submissive and to be dominated completely.

After finishing the letter, I looked down at him and told him he was dismissed to the bedroom and I would be in later. I read the letter several times, telling me how he wished that I would control him, discipline him and cuckold him. Cuckold! What in the world is a cuckold???? I looked it up in the dictionary and almost fell over. He wanted me to fuck other guys. I must have been misunderstanding this. I thought about the dominant part for quite some time. The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I was. After almost an hour of contemplating, I decided that if this is what he wants, then I would be more than happy to dominate and discipline him, but he could forget that cuckold stuff.

I went into the bedroom where I found him sitting on the side of the bed. I ordered him up, only long enough for him to strip and then onto his knees. "If you want to be my sniveling little hubby, who I am I to say no". I told him in no uncertain terms that if I was to be his dominant, then I expected full submission from him and would tolerate nothing less. I asked him if he understood and he just softly shook his head. I instructed him to go to the bathroom, bring me my short shower brush and report to me in the living room.

I was sitting in an easy chair, when he came to me, brush in hand. I ordered him over my knee and started scolding him for being such a pathetic wimp as to be naked over a woman's knee like this. I had never done this before, but was amazed how easily it came to me. I told him he was to be punished and he quielty said he didn't understand what for. I told him for thinking that I would even consider sleeping with other guys when I was married.

I asked him what kind of woman he thought I was. With that, I started to paddle his ass with the brush. At first, the blows were not real hard, as I wasn't sure how hard they should be or how much he could take. As I proceded to punish him, his ass became redder and redder. The redder it got and the more he thrashed about, the more confident and excited I got. I am sure that I went way too far that night, but it was like I couldn't stop myself. He must have received 200 or more swats and when I finally stopped, I told him to get up and go over to the corner and bury his nose as deep in the corner as he could and keep his hands straight down to his side. I sat and admired what a fine job I had done on his now glowing backside. Meanwhile, he stood inthe corner sniffling and no doubt wondering what he had gotten into.

As time went on, the relationship progressed very well, except he was continually bringing up how he wanted so bad to be a cuckold. It seemed that I was blistering his ass at least once a week for even mentioning it. But I do have ot give him credit for being persistent.

After two years of his constantly bringing the subject up, I finally decided to see if he really could handle such a thing or not. It took all of about 10 minutes for me to find an old friend who was willing to have a go at me again, even in front of my husband. I told hubby to be home on time on Friday night. Like the obediant sub he is, he was home right at 5:15pm. I ordered him naked and to fix my supper. After he finished cleaning the kitchen, I ordered him to the bedroom.

I had set a wooden chair in the middle of the room, facing the bed. I sat him down and tied his hands and feet to chair. A collar around his neck was attached to the back of the chair and a ball gag was put in his mouth and blindfold over his eyes...

Just as I had finished preparing him, the doorbell rang and my heart jumped in my chest. I slowly walked to the door, contemplating what I was about to do and asking myself if this was really a good idea. I hadn't seen Keith on 10 years and as soon as I saw him standing there and my pussy twitched, I knew it was going to be a very good idea. He asked me if I was sure this was going to be alright and I told him not to worry. I told him how I had prepared Tim and he had a very curious look on his face. We sat on the couch and within minutes were making out like I remembered doing with him years ago.

It didn't take long before he was under my blouse and I slapped his hand and, telling him to save that for the bedroom. It didn't take long before we were both very ready and I took him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom. I motioned for him to be quiet and stood him next to the bed. I moved over to hubby and whispered in his ear, "you have been bugging me constantly for 2 years to cuckold you and I have tried to beat it out of you with no luck. You better hope it's really want you want".

With that, I pulled off his blindfold. He stares at Keith for a moment and then at me with a look of disbelief that I had brought someone in to see him naked and tied to a chair. I looked at him and told him, "this is Keith. He used to fuck me senselessly years ago and with any luck, he is still as good as he was back then. This is what you want, so I wanted to make sure you saw exactly what was going to happen every time I go on a date.

With that, I turned to Keith who slowly started unbuttoning my blouse, while staring deep into my eyes. After sliding my blouse off my shoulders, he unzipped the zipper of my skirt and it fell to the floor. My bra fastened in the front and he quickly unhooked it and pulled it off of me shoulders and leaned down to take a nipple into his mouth.

I immediatly responded by throwing my head back and moaning. Keith next hooked his fingers into both sides of the waist band of my thong panties and turned to look at Tim. he smiled and said, "Dude, you are nuts to let me do this to your wife, but too bad for you".

Keith slowly slid the material down my thighs, smiling big when he saw that my pubic hair was trimmed neatly. As soon as the panties were off, I kicked off my heels and dropped to me knees in front of him. I unzipped his pants and unbuckled the belt and pulled his pants quickly down. One of the reasons I had picked Keith is that he was somewhat larger than most guys and that is what I wanted hubby to see. I could tell by the buldge in his boxer briefs that he was more than ready to do this.

I stood up and pulled his t-shirt over his head, wanting to prolong the mystery for Tim as long as possible. I knelt back down and fumbled with Keith's loafers and socks until he was just in the briefs. I looked at Tim and smiled, knowing what was about to pop out. Tim's eyes were almost bulging out of his head, watching his naked wife kneeling in front of a guy, preparing to pull down his last remaining article of clothing.

Quickly, I pulled the briefs down and Keith's hard cock popped straight out, only inches from my face. I looked at Tim and grinned as he looked at Keith's cock bouncing before me. Without hesitation, I opened my mouth and slid it onto the cock that had been offered before me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Tim staring, almost in disbelief. I worked Keith over for quite some time and decided I needed to give him and my jaws a rest.

Did I mention that hubby Tim had a raging erection??

Anway, I decide that it's time for the next step and I fall backwards on the bed with my heels up on the edge of the bed. Apparently, Keith didn't need much instruction because he instantly dropped down to the floor and buried his face deep in the pussy. His tongue quickly finds my clitoris and works it over very well. I grab his hair to pull him in deeper, yelling out his name. At this point, I can't see Tim's face, but know he must be watching intently.

Keith licks and sucks me through 5 or 6 hard orgasms, before I shove him away and tell him that I needed to be fucked and fucked hard. I laid back on the bed so that I could see Tim's face but he wouldn't be able to actually see Keith's cock inside of me. That would come later. Keith climbed on me and I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his cock and turned and looked Tim right in the eyes as I guided the hard member towards my pussy. As the head slowly made it's way through my lips, my expression must have changed because I sew Tim's eyes open as wide as they could and heard a loud moan coming from his gagged mouth.

That moan was quickly followed by my own as Keith slowly eased the entire length deep into me until our crotches were pushing together and his balls slapped my ass. I wrapped my legs around his body and threw my head back as he started thrusting into my pussy. Keith literally pounded my pussy for at least 20 minutes before I moved around on the bed so that Tim could get his first view of Keith's cock inside of me. I threw one leg over Keith's shoulder so that Tim's view was unobstructed. I could hear Tim's breathing growing more rapid, making it almost sound like he was an animal because he had to breath through his nose.

After a good amount of time in this position, my leg was starting to cramp and I moved Keith off of me and motioned him to get behind me. I moved to all fours so that I was facing Tim, about 6 feet from him. Keith moved behind me and quickly replaced the hard cock into my very anxious pussy. I was looking Tim right in the eye as Keith was fiercely fucking me with all he had. I could see Tim's arm straining to get loose from it's bindings to get to his erect dick. His dick was bouncing with each of his breaths. Keith was doing an excellent job, so I felt that perhaps I should praise him for his efforts, even though my words were more for Tim's benefit. In between my pants for breath, I yelled at Keith that the last time I had been fucked this good, he was the one doing it. I told him his cock was so big and he was reaching spots that hadn't been touched in years. This was all Tim could take, and huge amounts of cum started spurting from his poor little dick. I couldn't remember the last time he had cum so much, but at that particular time, my mind wasn't working so well. Especially after at least a dozen orgasms.

Within a short time, I could sense that Keith's movement was changing and I knew he was about to cum. We had not discussed whether or not he should pull out before he did so I took matters in my own hands. I looked Tim straight in the eye and screamed for Keith to fill me with his cum. That I wanted to feel him shoot deep inside of me. With those words, Tim, who never had gotten soft after he came, spurted several more times while shaking almost violently. I felt Keith tense up and heard him groan as he buried himself as deeply in me as he possibly could. I pushed my ass backwards towards him and came again, surprised I actually had one left.

After Keith quite quivering through the last of his orgasm, he fell backwards causing a slurping sound as his cock left my pussy, a feeling I always hated. I fell sideways on the bed and Keith moved up beside me and wrapped his arm around me. we cuddled for quite a while and I could see that tears were starting to stream down Tim's face. I wondered if he had changed his mind now that he got his rocks off, but this was what he had been hounding me for. I really didn't feel the least bit bad for him at that particular moment. After about 10 minutes, Keith got up and said that he should be going and I agreed since Tim and I had a few things to dicuss.

As Keith got up and moved around the room, gathering his clothes, I saw that Tim was watching Keith. More exact, he was watching keith's cock, still shining with the mixture of our juices. Keith went into the bathroom to cleanup and I took that opportunity to sit off the edge of the bed so that Tim could see my red, stretched pussy. All he could do was moan as I ask him if he saw. His head did a subtle yes shake as he did. Keith walked back in the room dressed and I stood up, still naked and wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a huge kiss and told him he was still the best I ever had. He asked if he could see me again and I looked over at Tim while saying, "you bet you can, as long as you bring this" as I squeezed his cock through his jeans. He laughed and said that would be no problem. As Keith walked past Tim, he looked down at him and shook his head.

After Keith was gone, I removed the ball gag, which had been in for at least two hours, and I knew Tim's jaw had to be sore. I looked at Tim and ask him if that was what he really wanted. All he could keep saying was, "oh my God, Oh my God. that was awesome. Thank you so very much". I untied him and told him he should go get himself cleaned up. While he was in washing his cum off, I laid back on the bed, contemplating what this all meant. Tim came back to the bed and knelt down in front of me and timidly ask if he might be allowed to pleasure me orally. I had read about this kind of thing, but that had not really been part of my plans, but what the hell. I spread my legs apart and looked at him sternly, replying, "that was to be part of your punishment anyway, so you need to get started. And make sure you get it all". Tim buried his tongue in me and started licking. He must have gotten a huge wad because he suddenly gagged a little, making me chuckle when he did.

That was four years ago. Since then, Keith has moved on and there has been a few guys come and go. I am never without a fuck buddy, but don't let them get too attached. I'm not looking for a romance, but for a good time. I have the love of my life at home. Tim is the man of my dreams, my best friend, my confidant. I am pleased that him being my submissive cuckold is what makes him happy.

Cause it makes me VERY happy.

The pictures you see here were taken by Tim and were to show one of my most recent bulls what I was leaving the house in! Tim was in disbelief and my bull kept texting me asking where I was. That was fun.

- Mrs H




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