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While on Holiday, I had the total experience while in flight. My wife is very submissive and loves to be used. I've always fantasized about her being more aggresive sexually and going out and getting what she really desires. Well, I was sitting on the right side of the plane next to a window with my wife next to me. Across the isle sitting against the other window was an attractive man working on his laptop computer.

All of a sudden, my wife turned and looked at me and whispered into my ear "I'm horny, I need to get laid!"

She then put her hand in my lap and started playing with me, smiling all the time. As soon as I was hard, she stood up, I was thinking "oh -my god. I'm going to get cuckolded on a plane! - I'm going to join the cuckold mile high club!

My wife then stepped across the isle and sat next to the surprised man across the way. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but the conversation went on for a while. Occasionally my wife would look my way and smile. The man leaned forward, looked at me turned and looked at my wife and began laughing. I was dying to know what was being said.

This went on for an hour until the plane started its descent. Then my wife came back and sat next to me with a grin on her face. I know they didn't do anything since I was right there and it would have been impossible with all the people around but for a second I didn't know if she would do anything. We'd never done anything before with anyone else but our cuckold bedroom talk was intense lately.

I asked her what happened and she smiled and said she'd tell me in the evening. That drove me crazy to say the least!

When evening finally came she admitted that nothing went on and that she was just flirting and having some fun. She said she knew I'd be going nuts and was so turned on at the thought of actually going through with it, but never had any intention of doing so then. Especially not in front of everyone.

In bed at the hotel, I asked her what she would have liked and she didn't have to think about it at all. She came right out and said what she imagined the whole time she was talking to him.

She imagined that she got up and headed to the back of the plane to the rest room. After a minute, the other man smiled at me and stood up and made his way to the back of the plane also.

At this point I had visuals of this man lifting my wife's skirt, pulling aside her panties and pushing his large fingers into my wife's tight, wet pussy. I thought of her undoing his belt in the akward cramped space and putting his hard thick shaft into her mouth, finally mounting him. I though about how exciting it would be for the both of them, sex on a plane, with a stranger, would they get caught? With her husband sitting up front in total sexual frustration. The turbulence adding to their movement as my wife rides slowly up and down on his rock, hard cock. He grabs her hair with her freed breasts bouncing up and down as she picks up speed, riding his cock.

My wife stopped me and said that I had a much bigger imagination than she did. She was just thinking of fucking him in the bathroom but was getting turned on with my imaginings and wanted me to continue while I rubbed her pussy.

I told her that basically after that that I imagined that I occasionally would turn and look to the back of the plane to see if they have come out yet. Some of the other passengers elbow each other and nod my way smiling. Knowing that my wife is in the rest room getting fucked by another man. One man looks at me and shakes his head and rolls his eyes - knowing I am a weak cuckold.

I hear laughing, and know people are laughing at me, about what a slut my wife is, and how I am useless to stop my wife's sexual exploit with a strange man. the stewardess stops at my row, catching me looking toward the back. She asks if I am ok, then realizes my wife and the other man are missing from their seats and are most likely having sex in the rest room - she looks at me confused. I reply - yes I'm ok. everything is normal for me.

Finally, my wife leaves the rest room with a very satisfied smile on her face. Instead of being discreet and waiting for a minute or two, the man leaves the bathroom right after my wife, like a hunter displaying his trophy, walking behind her. For anyone paying attention, they know what the two were up to. Fucking in the bathroom. my wife sits next to me and gives me a big knowing smile and checks to see if I am still hard.

I am.

I look across the isle and the man is holding something, he lets it drop, dangling from one finger. It is my wife's red satin thong which he is displaying for me, both as his trophy and proof that he has just had my wife.

My wife looks around to see if anyone is watching, she then slowly slips two fingers up her skirt and into her pussy, I think - oh my god is she HORNY! now she is masturbating.

She is playing with herself. she pulls her hand out, it is wet, and had she has fished his come out of her, she smiles and puts her fingers to my face and says simply, "lick." I suck her fingers, she then puts her fingers back in and brings another bit out for me, as I again lick her fingers, she quietly giggles and says that's it, taste another man's cum out of your wife's pussy.

I let out a groan and she says "pathetic...aren't you?"

I look over at the man, and he is just shaking his head at me smiling with a look of both disgust at me, and amusement.

After the plane lands, we are standing at the gate and the man approaches, my wife tells him the hotel where we are spending our vacation, she nodds in my direction and says "come on over to visit me, I haven't decided where my husband will be spending his vacation yet."

At this point I am about to cum and my wife already has several times. She loves these types of fantasies and we hope to make it happen for real some day but I don't want to push her too fast. The fact that she went over and talked to someone for real and FLIRTED was a big and sexy step.

We hope our experience was a good one for other cucks as we enjoy reading this blog.

Him and Her - callabreeze@hushmail.com




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