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This is about the first time my wife had an affair! I believe that any person/woman has a right to be who they are, the way that they are. Actually, we both suscribe to that same line of thinking. Expectations, I/we could write a book on that subject alone, since it is probibly one of the main pitfalls leading to divorce.

My wife's attraction toward dominant men was undeniably strong, though she would never admit it openly, it did manage to surface in heated moments. Her passions, once aroused, are well beyong her own control and her body language reflected that. To say that I knew that only too well, would be an understatement. Hence, I arrived home from a two week trip a day earlier that I said I would be.

We have no secrets, perse, and had agreed to an open relationship, bacause I was gone so much. But, after six years of being together, neither of had ventured out to do anything about it, until this night. She had mentioned that she had met some one, and I could tell from her voice and tone that she had much more than a casual interest, turned on would be a more accurate statement.

She offered no clear description, other than there was a chemestry between them. I have to admit, I did feel a bit excited, among the other emotions that raced within. The very first two being, of course, was jealousy and insecurity, along with apprehension as to her well being.

Since I was the brave, macho man, I blurted out, hell woman, invite him over for a drink. Since you were so insistant that I might run into a situation where I might be tempted, and that you would understand, I guess you need to turn that around. To tell the truth, I never thought she would, but here I was, slipping home on the night she had, hesitantly, agree to meet with him.

My timing couldn't have been better, for once. It was a warm night, dark, new moon, and they were in the living room. The window was open and the shade was pulled, but not quite all the way, I had a full view of the room. As I should had expected, a rather tall, heavy set and tall man was standing there admiring her as she sort of stood there. It was quite apparent that she was still a bit unsure of having invited him, but very, very aroused at the same time (I know my wife, too, too well.)

Something he was very well tuned into. He was sharp, I had to give him that, and she was utterly defenseless already. She had on a pair of slacks and a clinging, amost sheer blouse that revealed her black bra quite well. It was also apparent that he had made some definite in-roads, prior to this night, as he pulled her toward him to kiss her, saying, well, my dear, you look delicious.

She managed to ellude his obvious magnatism, as she stutteringly, offered to get him a drink and trying to hide the shudder that went through her. He told her that a beer would be nice as long as she would serve it topless and chuckled as he watched the effect he had on her. Then quickly added, ok, ok, so just lose the bra and I promise to still be here when you get back.

When she returned, suprisingly, minus the bra, a drink in one hand and a beer in the other, there was no doubt, in his mind, or mine, that he was already in control. Her very firm nipples had no place to hide, as they strained against the, almost sheer, material of her blouse.

He wasted no time in making like he was reaching for the drinks, but, instead slipped his huge hands up under her breasts and began to fondle them. She could do nothing, not that she didn't have the ability, because she didn't, and he knew it. With both hands full, all she could do was stutter and stammer, as he continued to fondle her tits through the thin material of her blouse.

My wife was beside herself, he had her way beyond any hope of recovery, much less any protest. In fact, he was far more than just in control as I watched, from just a few feet away! He was in no hurry either, as he continued to send hot bolts of excitement racing through her hot yielding body. As I've already said, I know this woman and her body was saying that he could do or ask anything and she would be only too eager to agree. I had never seen her this hot before. She would have been fucking my brains out long before now. Yet, as I was to witness, he was far from doing anything yet, but continued, instead, to stoke the fire even more.

Hmmm, let's see here, he said, as he bent to plant a hot sucking kiss at the base of her neck under her ear. Holy shit, I thought, knowing what that does to her, and he hasn't even tweeked her super sensitive nipples yet, damn he's going to have her so far off the deep end, she may never recover.

As much as she squirmed and stammered, moaning and whimpering, as she sucked in her breath with a hissing sound. Yet, he continued to suck on her neck, deliberatly planting a large hickey, before saying, there now, something to remind your husband, just how hot this man had his sweet willing wife while he was gone!

Does hubby's hot little wife like what I just did, he asked, and does she like where she is right now? He paused a bit to allow the effect of what just took place and to watch her body's response. Man, this guy was smooth as well as sharp, I thought, he just might be the answer to exactly what she needs. Yeah, somebody without any direct emotional drawbacks to be concerned with. Plus, as I was already seeing, his being dominant was like pouring, high octane, jet fuel to her, much wilder, inner passions, that had, until now, never been reached. To say that I was very quickly, warming to the events, would be an understatement, a fan and supporter of my wife's future, compulsive, behavior, was in the making.

She didn't say a thing, but she didn't need to, her body trembled with new found excitement, as her inner passions exploded into an inferno that was now, consuming her. I guess hubby's hot little wife does like being where she is, he said. I'll even bet that she wants me to take full advantage of it too, he went on, being here half dressed, and with full intention having you remove all of my clothing, while leaving the rest of yours, on.

Satisfied with her agreeing uncontrolably, he started kissing her on the lips and running his hand through her hair to the back of her head. There now, I'll let you get comfortable with my hand where it is, while you find the buttons, he said, while taking his cell phone out of his pocket.

With his shirt open and his pants around his ankles, he stepped out of his loafers, out of his pants and embraced her. With one hand stroking his cock, she reached behind his head, soul kissing him as they moved to sit on the couch. They had hardly sat down when he started to lean away, letting her lips trail down to his chest while she continued with her hand movements. Hold a sec, he said, as she lifted her head. Here, let me, he paused as he leaned back to put one leg between her back and the couch, much better, he added as he pulled head back to where it was.

With his encouragement and his nudging hand on her head, she moved lower and lower as he leaned away, until his back was against the arm. Her moist lips paused for a moment to nuzzle his pubic hair, that's right baby, that's right, I'd say hubby's wife here does want to sample this meat, real bad, do you think, he added!

Ummm, hmmm, was her only reply, as she moaned and kissed her way back up his hard sucker, he kept telling her he had for her. Pausing, she looked up, a guesture, I guess of directing, what was about to take place, toward him personally, though it's focus would be transmitted to the object in her hand, in her eyes was wanton, passionate hunger that I had never seen before. It was a defining moment, no doubt, as to deep inner urgings of the woman I was married to.

Oooh, sshit, he muttered, as we both watched my wife's soft lips slip past the crown and onto the throbbing hardness of the shaft. Moaning in obvious pleasure, she started sucking his thick cock like it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. With one hand slipping down through his pubic hairs and the other cupping his testicles, her hot hungry mouth went to work in ernest. Her tongue working feverishly, while her head rose and fell, as her lips caressed the shaft, now glistening with saliva that escaped her sucking lips.

Oh, dammit girl, he said, how did you ever learn to suck a cock like that. Oh, fuck baby, suck that dick, yeah, yeah, I ain't never had a woman suck my dick like you're doing. I gotta say it, holy shit baby, you are a natural born cocksucker, ssshe. . it, you're good, ddamn. This just inspired her even more as she increased her suction, her head moving in circles around and around the pulsing crown, with smacking, slurping and very loud, yet, muffled sucking noises. Then the obvious, muffled, grunts and groans that escaped her tightly sealed lips, announced that she was nearing an orgasm, just from the obvious pleasure she was recieving from sucking this man's hard object, burried in her hot eager mouth.

Not losing the opportunity, as he watched her body squirm and shudder with her climax, he reached for his phone, a moan escaped her lips as she realised what he was doing. She was barely through her orgasm when said, hey man, yeah, it's me. Remember that good looking woman I was flirting with the other day, yeah, that one. You ain't gonna believe, yeah, the one that's married. Well, yeah, you could say that, yeah, I'm with her now. No, she's got her mouth full, that's why.

Hearing this, she began to shake even more, as another orgasm swept through her body. Holy shit, I thought, my wife is getting off on this. Damn, she had my vote, right then and there! My thought was interupted, when he said, here, I'll put the speaker phone on. There baby, let him hear what you're doing. Another climax erupted when she heard the other voice, her sucking getting louder as her climax took full control. Having accoplished what he had hoped, he hung up.

Then, very shortly, I heard him hiss as he sucked in a deep breath and groaned, his body squirming as his climax drew closer and closer. Her moaning, her cheeks hollowing each time her hot sucking lips slid back up the shaft, her drool running down his shaft were mixing with his grunts and groans as she fell into a steady tempo as she worked feverisly.

Suddenly, he blurted out, yeah baby, like that, yeah, just like that, suck it baby, suck that hard meat like I know you're loving it, don't change a thing you're doing, just a little more baby, stay with me, please stay with me, that's it, yoah, you got the rythym, and I know you want it all. Oh, fuck, what a cocksucker, suck baby , suck this man's meat, don't stop, don't you dare stop.

Her tempo never wavered, though the slurping, and sucking activities were now focused near the top and that sweet, tender spot, just behind the crown that was now beginning to flair in her hot hungry mouth. Then he groaned and grunted, suck baby, suck, then his whole body responded as the first blast erupted. She never altered, nor slowed her tempo. There was a gurggling squish as the first blast hit the back of her mouth. She swallowed and moaned, just as the next blast erupted, and the next, each time, with what sounded like, a greatfull moan each time she swallowed. She never altered a thing she was doing until he was soft, before she made any attemt to stop!

Damn, shit, I ain't never, damn, I just gotta say, I knew you were something else from the git go, but, damn, I never expected this, he told her.

She still had that look in her eye as she smiled at him. I never, never would have believed it myself. if it didn't just happen, she said.

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