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This was written by my wife as part of our cuckold fun to me and her lover. She does like writing in general but has now enjoyed it even more that we started finding men for her. She has only been with two so far. The first one we found online and it was a nice, fast into to cuckolding for her. WE basically stayed in our car and she took out her boobs and sucked him off. That was how we planned it and it was safe and a good start. Michael was our second and he turned into her lover for 3 weeks. After her last session with him she wrote him this play by play down and sent a copy to me and him as well. After I read these rememberances we go straight to bed and relive it again. Here is what my wife Anna wrote:

I arrived at His room precisely on time. The door, when I arrived, wasn’t quite latched so I knocked softly, opened the door, stepped inside, and closed it behind me making sure it latched. I was breathing a little faster than normal but it wasn’t because I hurried getting here. I looked around his dimly lit room getting my bearings, and located Michael. He was lying on his bed in satin pj's. He got up as I neared. I knew that while he had been lying on his bed waiting, he had been thinking about me and what he was going to do to me when I arrived because it showed. My eyes drank in the vision of his noticeable erection…. I couldn’t wait to touch it, feel, and yes wrap my lips around that beauty inside those pj’s! He was eager for me; his cock was erect tenting his pj’s, it was clearly ready for me and the hot little treat waiting between my legs. The whole room shimmered with his want! And believe me, I was simmering! By the time I had closed his door behind me, I was in heat! When he gives it to me, I’m going to gobble up every inch he gives me with my pussy, marking it as my property. I'm going to take him like no other woman ever has. Michael is going to get more pussy than he can handle! I am going to work and milk his cock with my cunt until he is limp and dry!

Without a word, he got up off the bed taking me in his arms and kissing me, my body melted into his. I wanted him to feel all of me, to feel the heat of my cunt against his hard cock. And I wanted to feel all of him pressing against me. I wanted to feel his chest against my breasts. I wanted to feel his cock planted firmly against my belly. He offset his stance…. Slipping his thigh between my legs. We stood like that swaying slightly and feeling each other’s body against our own. I slowly moved my hips rhythmically in time to our swaying, rocking my pussy mound firmly against his thigh. I wanted Michael to know I was ready, (DAMN, was I ready… I could not wait a moment longer) I would be his and I wanted to be fucked! . He slipped his tongue between my open lips and slid his hand down my stomach to my crotch. It took my breath away to feel a stranger’s hand on my cunt so quickly and it surprised me, he was doing exactly what I had hoped he would do! I had been unable to sleep all night long, planning this adventure. Now I was in the arms of a strange man and my head was spinning, my stomach was buzzing, my pussy was defiantly tingling, and my knees felt too weak to hold me. My want and need was at a fever pitch, my body was quivering for the fuck, and my cunt was in full bloom as I felt his rock hard cock shaft against me pressing into my slice!!!

His lips were full, soft and inviting, His tongue filled my mouth, and I could feel his hot ragged breathing as we touched. The kiss was hot as he pressed his lips against mine; I worked my hand down through the access he allowed between us. I pressed against his cock pushing out against the satin cloth; I stopped breathing as I felt, memorizing the hot outline. He was very large, and oh so very hard, I could feel It’s heat radiating through the satin confinement. Without hesitation, I shamelessly slipped my hand down inside the bottoms to feel his bare cock. I immediately found the hot swollen cock head and walked my fingers down the shaft. I moaned into his mouth as I wrapped my fingers around the hot thick shaft and squeezed. "For me?" I asked myself, barely able to breathe. God my pussy was aching. His thick hard cock burned in my clenched fist, I felt his meaty cock throb in my grip, my knees were weak with my desire and you know what my legs do when there is a good hard cock around. He moaned in return, pushing his hips into my hand as I squeezed. His cock grew in girth and length as he pushed into my tight grip, the skin moving back on his shaft. As I felt the heat and power in his cock, my legs separated on their own, my body responding to the want and need in my pussy. I could not wait to get him between my open legs and feel him plowing into my cunt with his magnificent cock. He fucked my mouth with his tongue, pushing it deeper as I squeezed. I released his throbbing thick shaft, and moved lower until I found his balls. I cradled them in my hand "weighing" them and gently squeezed. He moaned his pleasure again. We moved together to the bed and he laid me down. He told me how he had been thinking about me and how much he wanted to claim my married pussy, fucking it and branding it with his cock. He wanted me! He asked me if I could handle him. He didn't even need to ask if I wanted him. I said, "oh yes", (but with his hand on my cunt, I could barely speak). I could handle him, and I would hungrily take every bit of his cock that I could get inside me. (After last night, all I had been thinking about this morning was getting up here to his room, getting every inch of his big cock deep inside me and letting him fuck me.... I had purchased, and wore new sexy panties just for him to take off). I wanted him to be thinking about only fucking me and forgetting all about other women. After I left him today I would make sure he would want only my cunt servicing him. I would love taking every inch of his powerful cock into my cunt as deep and as hard as he could to push it into me. And I would not be thinking of my husband while He was fucking me either. I would be pushing right back, making sure my married pussy was feeling every possible exciting inch of his big forbidden cock and I would make sure my pussy was full and leaking his seed by the time I would leave! He undressed me slowly; his hands explored my flesh as he removed each article of my clothing. His hands held and massaged my breasts, squeezing first one breast then the other, his fingers traced around my nipples then rolling them between his fore finger and his thumb. My nipples responded, getting hard as they popped out. They grew and grew, standing up tall with his teasing. He certainly knew how to use his hands…. I loved how his hands felt on my naked skin, God; I loved every thing he was doing to me. He removed my damp black lace bikini panties. First pulling the elastic over one hip then the other, I could feel the elastic slowly trail down my belly till my dark curly bush was fully displayed. I lay back on the bed spreading my legs, presenting my cunt for his eyes. His dark eyes looked hungrily into my eyes; the pupils were large with his want. Those eyes danced down my body, lingering at my breasts, protruding hard nipples and my swollen eager cunt. Even in the dim light you could see my bush glistening, my lips swollen and full with my want. My pussy flooded his room with the perfume of my need and hunger. I spread my legs further, opening my cunt wider exposing the inner pink opening for his inspection! His cock bobbed up and down his anticipation and want evident, his eyes riveted on my cunt. The satiny material covering his cock shimmered in the light as it bobbed. I wickedly raised my hips, off the bed covers, teasing his eyes and taunting his cock with wet fragrant pussy. I know how to and I had planed on leaving him, wanting to fuck me again! I want to make this man think of nothing else, except fucking my "out-of-bounds" pussy for the rest of his life! When he had me completely naked, he let me undress him. All I needed to do was unbutton his top and pull the elastic band in his bottoms away and over his cock, letting the bottoms fall down to the floor around his ankles. My eyes stopped their traveling down his torso as his cock sprang into full view. His cock stood straight out, pointing at me with its newfound freedom, it was almost glowing with his urgent need of my cunt. God, did it look good, I let out my breath slowly and an unexpected Mmmmm, not taking my eyes from it. I wanted that glowing cock deep inside my now dripping cunt! I desperately wanted it! I was on fire for it and I needed it! He got beside me and started kissing my mouth again. Our tongues pressed into each other eagerly. My hands knew what to do...they were drawn like pieces of iron to a strong dark magnet. They were vibrating with excitement as they memorized his magnificent hot tool. My hands glided up and his rigid shaft, the flair of the swollen head would stop my hand from going off and my hands would bump against his balls as I went from end to end. Soon this big and hard cock that I had my hands wrapped around would be pushing into my eager pussy and thrilling me. I was having difficulty breathing just thinking about it, the anticipation was making me ache! I wanted to pull his cock into me and wrap my cunt around it… I was having trouble thinking about any thing else. "Michael, Michael, Oh God Michael, just fuck me", I thought, or did I say it out loud? His lips moved to my breasts. He took each one into his mouth and sucked on my rock hard nipples, pulling it and my tit into his mouth while his hands cradled and held each breast. The tongue action on my nipples made my pussy crave and ache for his illicit taboo penetration. The rest of the time his hands were on and in my pussy, I was really dripping wet and hungry to get every inch of that cock inside me! I was stroking his hot thick cock, feeling his satin skin move along his rigid veined shaft. The swollen head of his cock had a white pearly drop of pre-cum nested in his opening; he was hot, throbbing and ready for my cunt. He loved His rock hard cock being stroked, almost as much as I loved feeling how thick and hard he had gotten "longing" for my married cunt. He seemed to be ready to cum just from my touch! His mouth moved from my nipples down across my tummy kissing and tonguing a wet trail leading to my cunt. He licked my pussy lips, sucked them into his mouth, and pushed his tongue in my opening as deep as he could. I was excited and so damn wet. My hips lifted off the bed and moved up to meet his tongue. His tongue fucked me like a little slippery cock hot and wet pistoning in my cunt. God, I loved how and what he was doing. I spread my legs farther and farther, giving it all to him. I was dizzy. I was loosing control. He ate my cunt and fingered my ass, working his thumb all the way in, until I forced my cunt into his face, gasping, moaning and cumming hard. As I came He pulled his thumb out of my ass causing me to gasp and cum again. When my breathing started again, he moved.

In one quick move, he was on top of me, his thick glowing cock head pressed right to my cunt. His feet were planted on each side of me. Squatting on his haunches, his hot cock head pressed into my slice. I spread my legs wide to give him complete access (and to finally get that thick cock in to my hungry cunt). My cunt was swollen, wet, and wide open for COCK! I whispered to him, "fuck me", over and over as I pressed my cunt against him. The tip of his cock head had found the entrance, shifting slightly and disappeared. I was finally going to get his big cock inside me and get fucked! He mounted me and prepared to take me! I thought I was going to die the incredible thrill of feeling the swollen hot head of his cock push against my opening, it was so HOT! He was going to brand my cunt with his glowing branding iron. It seemed as if there was steam coming from the very spot his cock head touched. He was so turned on; he needed to fuck me. He was so HOT he could barely breath. God it felt so God damn good, so good!

Then he started talking to me. "Are you sure....... you can take this..... Anna? (As he moved his cock back and forth in my opening) His speech was raspy and thick with his want, but he talked low and slow speaking in sentence fragments. The head of his cock slipped against the lubricated surfaces of my cunt.

And as he asked, he was moving the head of his big cock just inside the opening of my cunt. "OH YES," God, I needed it desperately, "give it to me now, give it all to me, I'll show you", I begged. He gave me a little more and I raised my hips to take all of what he offered, giving him more access. "Want me....... to fuck you..... hard, Anna?" I could hardly talk! All I wanted was for him to hurry up and shove that forbidden cock all the way up inside me and give me the good hard fucking I came for! I said, "Yes, baby, fuck me hard". I whispered, low in my throat, "I need the fuck!" I looked down between my spread legs watching and feeling his thick bare and glistening cock work it's way in... I held my breath as he worked it in; it looked and felt incredible. In no time his kinky pubic hair was pressed and matted into my trimmed bush. His balls flattened between us. He was home! My cunt gripped him tightly and he moaned and jerked with the unexpected pleasure. I loved how he filled my cunt all the way up. I was thrilled with the feeling of power his hard cock gave me. I asked him if he liked the hot and tight feel of my cunt. He answered by levering all his weight to his lodged cock, making it burrow deeper into my cunt, pushing me further into the bed, and kissing me. Every inch of his cock and his tongue filled me!

With every inch he worked inside me, I moaned "Oh Michael". I was drugged with the forbidden thrill of his illicit taboo claiming of my married cunt. He already had me so excited from eating my pussy that I didn't think I could take much more pleasure without cumming again quickly, this time my pussy would be singing to his incredibly large buried cock! Every nerve in my body was absorbing the electric erotic thrills. He spread my legs wider and looked into my eyes saying, "Is this...... what you............came for Anna?" He continued, "is this……..what you want Anna? I looked right back and kept saying, "yes, Oh yes", "baby I want all of it!" He wanted me to call out his name as he pushed it in. I did! Saying "Michael, oh God, Michael your cock feels so damn good, I can't get enough of it in me. Your fucking me so damned good, don't stop fucking me!" He got even more turned on by hearing his name and the way I talked to him. Saying, "fuck me Michael, make me cum on your cock Michael". He rammed his cock into my cunt and asked, "you like to .....fuck......... don't you? You like.... Taking cock?" "Yes!", I said to every question and pushed right back to his every thrust grinding my hips up into him as I answered!. I felt so very wicked with his thick cock pumping inside me.

I've told Sam how good it felt, to be fucked hard and deep by someone other than my husband. I told her how exciting it was to spread your legs and be mounted by someone new, to feel his cock slide all the way in and give me pleasure. She had said how she would jump in a heart beat for the chance to fuck Michael. And this morning, it was my pussy that had total and complete control over Michael, exciting him, making him so very HOT and MINE! "Yes, Sam," I thought, "it was my lips that Michael was kissing and tasting, it was my tits flattened against his chest and it was my pussy that was squeezing and enjoying Michael's big and fucking cock as it repeatedly buried itself deep in my cunt over and over!"

Michael didn't disappoint me either; I was getting exactly what I had come for. I thought I was going to pass out it felt so damn good! Once he got all of his long thick cock working up inside me, he fucked me hard. And the harder he fucked, the hotter I got! Every stroke Michael made I was ramming my cunt as hard as I could back on to his cock, our bodies would slap together. I moaned, telling him how good it felt to be completely full of his cock!!! He didn't ask about other men or my husband or if some had been big, he just fucked me hard and deep, giving it to me just the way I wanted and needed it. Oh God, I wanted and needed it DEEP! At first I was aware that he was big, but once he worked that hot cock deep up inside my cunt, it didn't matter what color it was. All I could focus on was getting fucked, the thrilling forbidden delicious fucking! It just felt so God damn good! He was losing control, working inside me like a jackhammer ripping into the street. I ground my cunt into him; digging my heels into his ass and feeling his balls flatten against me. I loved every incredible inch of cock he would slam into me.

I kept scooting down the bed, as he drove his cock hard into my cunt, sometimes my head would slip off the bed. He would tell me to hold on to him. I would put my arms around his neck and wrap my legs tight around his back, locking his delicious thick cock up inside my cunt, and then he would lift me, moving me back onto the bed. That one move reminded me so much of the way we would change positions and your cock would never leave my cunt that I started thinking of you. Oh God, how that really got me going! I was saying things to him that I had said to you. I didn't call him Michael from then on; instead I kept calling him baby. I told him how much I loved him fucking me. I whispered, "fuck me baby, fuck me! "Give my married pussy that thick cock of yours, stretch my cunt and make every bit of it all yours." My talking turned him on. He, like you also wanted me to look into his eyes as we fucked. (I loved looking back into his dark eyes... I could see the lust and pleasure, he felt in my cunt.) I felt so sinful so wicked, so utterly drugged with the forbidden need of his cock. It was so taboo, my married cunt craving his hot pleasure, wanting to feel his hot baby making seed pumping deep inside me and filling my cunt up!

We fucked for the longest time. His cock pounding and throbbing inside my cunt. I would lift my hips off the bed to take him deeper into me. He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me, driving his long cock all the way home each and every delicious raw stroke. His appetite for fucking my cunt was seemingly endless; I had really gotten him HOT! It felt soooo good to be fucked hard and deep by his thick cock. Every stroke his cock made in my cunt brought me closer and closer to making his cock mine. Exciting doesn't describe what I was feeling.... It was heart pounding, heavy breathing, moaning, grunting, gasping, clutching, pumping, mindless and hot beyond words. I didn't care who I was or where I was or who was watching. My only thoughts were his thick cock ramming like a piston up inside my hot cunt and that delirious feeling as the edge of orgasm danced closer and closer to my throbbing cunt. I started chanting, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me".

When he got close to cumming he asked if he could cum inside me. I answered him by holding him, whispering in his ear, "Oh God, Michael…. DO IT, take me all the way, make it yours!" He rammed it all the way home. And my cunt automatically clamped his cock as hard as possible. HE WAS CUMMING, AND HE WAS CUMMING DEEP INSIDE MY CUNT! I didn't care about anything else, even getting pregnant; I urgently wanted all his cum I could get! I wanted his sperm deep inside my cunt swimming up into my womb, looking for an egg to impregnate! As he came, I was in ecstasy, I felt his fluid pumping into me, and my hands grabbed his sweaty ass and pulled him deeper into me. My legs automatically wraped around him, locking him in tight. I reached my peak, let myself go, falling into a whirl-pool of sensations, cumming, gasping, writhing, moaning, and feeling his cock jerking and throbbing. His cock pumped hot sperm deep inside me, filling me up. He had to hold on tightly though, to keep his cock lodged firmly in my cunt as he gave me his seed. I was flailing in rapture, oblivious to everything except the unrestrained pleasure, the hot burning release of every nerve connected to my cunt. And every nerve in my body felt as if it was connected to my cunt. At that moment I was totally his, I was 100% cunt and I was filled to the brim with 100% of long thick forbidden cock and his "baby-making" seed! My cunt was milking his gushing cock draining every drop of cum it could get. My cunt felt like it was trying to pull him in even deeper as I milked his fertile seed. My cunt pressed hard against him as I milked him down….. We separated after awhile, sweaty and still breathing hard, his cock starting to soften in hot the liquid heat of my cunt. I loved feeling his spent cock softening inside me in the afterglow of our morning lust. When he pulled out, my cunt was still gripping tightly, to his cock. It glistened with the shiny juices of my cunt and his cum. It was still thick and hot but not rigid, I grasped it. It was slippery from my cunt juices and his cum and as I tightened my grip around his softening cock more cum oozed from the opening. I moved lowering my head positioning my lips around the head and firmly stroking the slick shaft, more cum oozed out into my mouth. I sucked and stroked his cock until he was absolutely empty of cum! Both our bodies were glistening; a trail of his thick stringy cum trickled from my freshly fucked and satisfied pussy across my ass cheek and pooled onto his sheets. I placed my hand over the leaking cum, holding it in, wanting to keep as much of his cum in my cunt as I could…….. I just love knowing my pussy is full of fresh hot cum, nothing feels better. God, how I relish the smell of being fucked!

After this morning, I wanted him to miss me. I wanted him to remember how he fucked me. I wanted him to remember how my pussy felt as he touched it and fingered it. I wanted him to remember how I spread my legs for his access. I wanted him to remember how I tasted and smelled. I wanted him to think that my cunt was just made for his cock! I wanted him to think and fantasize about my cunt and how good it felt to have his cock buried deep in it. I wanted him to remember how it felt to have my cunt gripping his cock as he thrust in and out fucking me. I wanted him thinking about how good it was fucking my pussy and how good I made him cum! I wanted him to be ruined for other women, always missing the thrill of my eager and talented hot married cunt.

I got dressed and as I was ready to leave he asked if I could come back that evening so he could fuck my hot little married pussy again... I just smiled, winked, blew him a kiss and said, "maybe", then left.

I was going to meet Robert in a few minutes and I had to hurry home to shower! (Robert was married and I knew he would always be thinking of cumming in my incredible pussy when he was fucking his wife.) I would be spending the night with my husband, but I was on my way to get fucked by another hot cock. And my cunt would be holding (and savoring) the cum of two lovers. When my husband would be fucking me tonight, I would be teasing him with my cum filled pussy and his cock will get coated with the sperm of my two lovers. In the morning, I would again be with Robert, He also would be fucking my cunt as it held my husbands cum.

Right now though, I guessed, Michael would be smelling his newest trophy, his nose would be in my sex damp panties, and wearing a fresh hard-on. He would be remembering my spread pussy and how good it felt! I had left my new black-lace panties, damp with my nectar of sexual desire. They were just for him to smell, taste and keep. I wanted to make this man fantasize of nothing else except fucking me for the rest of his life!

By tomorrow at this time I would also be willing to bet that I would be holding at least seven loads of cum from three different men. At least six of the seven loads would be from big cocks' thrust deep into my greedy cunt! I can not get enough cock or cum! I would be very happy if I could get fucked four times a day. Of course, there's only one small draw back of letting both throbbing cocks cum inside me, and I was dizzy with the forbidden prospects of a milk chocolate baby growing inside my womb! Maybe before Michael leaves, I can get Robert and Michael together for a HOT little threesome…. Wouldn't that be thrilling? Each one taking turns stroking my cunt with their excited cocks… in every possible position until my cunt dripped with their collected cum and their cocks could no longer stand tall and thick………. Mmmmmm what other forbidden erotic pleasures I could think of?

I love you very very much. Wish you were here also, my cunt still hungers for the cock that fills my pussy and fucks my pussy they way I need to be filled and fucked! The cock that thrilled me like no other ever had. The cock that taught me how to experience the fantastic ORGASM! The cock that made my husband a cuckold so many times……. The cock I dream about every night.

I'll never forget how exciting and thrilling it was the night you fucked me as my un-aware husband was napping in the next room!

Love you,


So as you can read she had an incredible time. I will admit that some of the story was made to seem more dreamy-like but that was for us to share. It really was good for her and she really was taken like that. We won't be seeing Michael again but are once again on the prowl for more of the same. We will be taking a 2 month break to get some house matters in order and will be back at it soon.

Thanks for reading and bearing with us,




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