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By now I have seen my wife make love to many different men over the years. Yet it never loses its attraction for me! Though I have seen it a hundred times, each time she lays back, spreads her legs and invites another man inside her vagina is like the first time! Every time I see a lover begin to moan and quicken his thrusts, when I know that he is going to leave his semen inside my wife, I get so hard I nearly cum myself. I get so hard when I watch her happily sucking on another man's cock, eager to please him, and I hear him moan and begin to shoot spurts of sperm into her mouth! Hearing the Little Sound her throat makes as she swallows his cum is incredible.

I do not share my wife with other men becauise I cannot satisfy her. My cock is bigger than average, she adores the way I eat her pussy and we have sex with just the two of us often. But by now she freely and happily admits that she thouroughly enjoys having sex with another man once in while, especially when I am there to join in.

What I particularly enjoy is that she does not want to just be fucked by another man. My wife MAKES LOVE to other men. She enjoys long, deep passionate kisses which show that it is much more than just sex. She enjoys being taken missioanary, really giving herself to her Lover and letting him fully connect with her, including the most intimate act of all: accepting his sperm into her vagina. When a Lover ejaculates in my wife, I also have a very deep feeling of the act being "complete".

I wanted to give an update of how a recent "date night" went. It was a lot naughtier than I or my wife expected!

She had not seen Lover U for about 3 months due to his schedule, our schedules, work travel ... the usual. But within 1 minute of walking in that hotel room, their mouths were locked together in long, deep, passionate intimate kisses. I adore watching my hotwife kiss her lovers! She had her hands on the back of U’s head, pulling him close, stroking his hair and he had his hands on her face. Of course I would be jealous if my wife fell in love with another man but I have no problem with her having strong feelings of fondness for her lovers. They took their time kissing, just enjoying the heat and passion. He began to undress my wife and I helped him do that from behind. Our hands were roaming all over her body and she was loving it! After she was naked, he turned her around and I began kissing her deeply and sucking on her breasts, As I was doing this, lover U started fingering her pussy. Remember, she had her period so he was just fingering her clit. But she was loving it. She loves that in combination with having her breasts sucked and licked. I could feel the excitement she was experiencing from U fingering her in her kisses! And then came a really hot moment: my wife had an orgasm on U’s fingers! I could feel it coming in her kisses and then that wonderful moment where her lover brings her to orgasm.

She said to him that she really wanted to feel him inside her but she has her period. He said “what about the shower”? That was music to her ears! So we all got naked and got in the shower which was luckily big enough for three. He had brought a few condoms, not because he normally doesn’t take her bare but he did not want to bareback her while she is on her period. He got behind her and I pulled her ass cheeks apart so he wold have an easier time inserting his stiff cock into my wife. It is a big turn on for me to “help” a lover enter my wife. As I was in front of her near her face I could clearly see and hear her reaction as his cock pushed up inside her. Pure bliss. So I began kissing her again and sucking on her breasts while U fucked her from behind. It is amazing to feel the pleasure she is getting from a lover’s cock in her kisses! He fucked her for a while then turned her around so I could have a turn. I slipped my cock into her pussy which had just been loosened by lover U and pushed my tip up against her cervix. She loved it. She began kissing him with more and more passion. He went down and really started kissing and sucking her breasts with passion. All of this was turning her on so much, I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock and I knew she was about to have another orgasm, and she did. She pushed down on my cock and came with a loud moan. I loved it casue we left the bathroom door open and I was hoping that the other guest could hear my wife was getting fucked by two men!!

Now Lover U and I were ready to cum too. My wife got on her knees between us and alternated sucking my cock, then his cock. I told her I wanted to watch U cum on her face and in her mouth. She was happy to comply and so was U. She sucked his cock more intently, really working it. It looked more like cock worship than cock sucking! He said he was close and she opened her mouth and held it right in front of his cock. I was so excited! Here was my wife wating for another man to shoot his sperm straight into her mouth. With a moan, lover U began spurting! The first spurt splashed across her mouth, cheek and nose, the next two very large spurts went straight into her mouth, then he started dividing the next few spurts over amazing face. My sweet little wifey was on her kness in front of me with another mans semen all over her face and a mouthful of his sperm! She moaned the whole time he was covering her face and mouth in sperm. She gave a little smile and swallowed. Then she stood up, leaned directly into me and gave me a big kiss. She had not washed her face but I was so turned on that I didn’t care, I just got the semen on her lips mixed in with the kiss. I didn’t mind, his semen tastes good, very similar to mine Now it was my turn. She knelt back down and opened her mouth in front of my cock. After three or four good strokes, I started spurting as well! She made sure to get the first few spurts in the mouth then started dividing the rest over her face. There she was, on her knees with the sperm of two different men on her face and some of it in her belly. She looked so beautiful – like a love Goddess. Then she stood up and I’ll be damned if she didn’t kiss lover U right after swallowing my semen. TO his credit, he just returned the kiss and seemed to enjoy the taste.

We all rested for a while, ordered a pizza and ate it while shooting the breeze. We were all still naked and I got a real thrill from watching my wife cuddle up to him, putting her head on his chest and occasionally moving up for a deep kiss. Soon, his cock began responding to those kisses and I enjoyed the sight of her hand with wedding ring lovingly stroking his cock to hardness.

While on the bed, U moved my wife to a kind of 69 position and was playing with her cute little ass. I had an idea what he was up to….so I pulled her ass cheeks apart for him. He licked his finger and began playing with her asshole! Now I was really turned on! I kept her ass cheeks apart as he casually rubbed my wife’s asshole with his finger and gently inserted his finger in her ass. As she was sucking on his cock, she was pretty turned on and did not mind his finger in her ass. I have to admit I was totally turned on by the nastiness of it: this other man was sitting there with his finger up my wife’s ass! Then he put his face in there and began to tongue her ass. She liked it. And I was sitting there pulling her ass cheeks apart so he could finger and lick my wife’s asshole. No other lover had ever really done that before. One time a lover slipped his cock in her ass but that was more by accident.

Back to the shower we went! Lover U slipped on a condom and put some lube on it. I took my position as the kisser. I assumed he was going to put his cock in her pussy so I held her ass cheeks apart to help. Then she moaned and started kissing me like a mad woman. I heard her say “it’s so tight in there” and all of a sudden I realized, he was fucking my wife in the ass and she was liking it! My sweet little wifey, being assfucked by another man? Amazing. I just stood there and took it in,so thrilled that she was giving him her asshole. Then he pulled out, put on a new condom, picked her up and entered her pussy from the front. I helped him hold her up and thought “why not?” so I bent down a bit, put my cock head against her asshole and started to slip in. It was amazing! She also moaned! I could tell she liked the feeling. But we just couldn’t hold her up for very long. Still, my wife had her first DP, even if it was short. I don’t think it will be her last. I can’t wait to see lover U again and next time, we will get her on the bed. I will encourage him to take her ass because I love the thought of her being fucked in the ass by another man.

What happened next was basically a repeat of before, her on her knees and we both came on her face and in her mouth. It is so hot for me to watch her eat another man’s sperm!

I hope you enjoyed my summary of what happened. Sorry there are no vids but lover U is totally paranoid about being caught by his girlfriend who has no idea he loves to fuck my wife.

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