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When I was in Ireland a few years ago I met an energetic young woman called Lyn. Within an hour of us first meeting she was in my bed, legs wrapped around my back and tongue deep in my mouth as my cock emptied itself deep inside her. This set the pattern for our relationship, and we fucked in my room, her room while her sisters and mother slept next door, in her car and on the beach; we couldnt keep away from eachother. Like most sexually-active girls, Lyn took the pill so we never used condoms.

Lyn was one of the most sexually-fixated girls I'd ever met. We were both 23, but she'd been having sex regularly for many years, having started very young, and she absolutely lived for cock. She hadn't had a steady boyfriend for a while but always managed to get plenty of fucking - she'd been online flirting up a storm and becoming quite good at it. Lynn told me that she also found an older man online who had taken her to her first orgy party and she hadn't looked back.

When I went back to England we kept in touch, and after a couple of months Lyn came over to spend a week with me. Neither of us had been faithful in the meantime, we both enjoyed the joy of sex too much for that! We spent our first few days staying with Nick, a friend of mine who I'd known for years, and who offered us his spare bedroom. After a weekend there, we were going to move on to Cornwall for a few more days, just the pair of us together.

We had a great weekend and spent most of the nights making up for lost time. Lyn was insatiable and inventive, knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't afraid to ask for it. I got really turned on by her demands like "fuck me harder! I want doggy now! fuck me in the arse! pull out when you're cumming, I want to taste it!". I like a woman who isn't shy!

On the morning we were due to leave, we had been fucking in mish for a while and the bed was creaking rhythmically when there was a loud knock and the bedroom door suddenly opened. It was Nick, and I pulled out of Lyn and just knelt there, erect and embarrassed. Lyn didn't move. She lay there smiling, legs spread and bent, giving Nick a good view of her wet and open cunt.

Nick looked a bit surprised; he'd wanted to catch us fucking to suit his sense of humour, but hadn't counted on Lyn being so unconcerned. He was off to work soon and had come to say goodbye. As he said it, Lyn jumped up, crossed the room, and kissed him. She looked a dream with her hair all awry and her eye make-up smudged after a night of sex, and was all sweaty, sticky and smelling sexy from having just been fucking. She thanked Nick, then saw the bulge in his jeans and laughed. I knew exactly what she wanted now! Smiling at me, she told Nick he'd be more comfortable with them off. Nick looked at me too, and I smiled back, so he undid his jeans and stepped out. Lyn pulled his pants down and as he kicked them off, took him by the hand and led him to bed, his cock sticking up with lust.

Lyn got into doggy and told me to carry on where I had left off. I slid my cock back into her while she stroked Nick's, then guided him to kneel if front of her so she could suck him. I didn't take long to start cumming, and with a groan I pumped another load of sperm into her. As I got soft and slid out she turned around and pushed her bottom at Nick's cock. He thrust it into her sticky cunt and started to hump hard, his cock squelching as she moaned with pleasure. I stroked her hair and back, until eventually she pulled forward and rolled onto it, spreading her legs so Nick could fuck her in her favourite position. He went hard at her and she came with a shriek - she was a very noisy fucker! - and he came soon after with a grunt, holding her hips tight as he filled her again.

As Nick knelt up, Lyn put her fingers into her cunt, pulled them out dripping with cum and licked them slowly, grinning at us both. She said she loved sperm, and especially loved having more than one man's inside her, it made her feel wanton, feminine, fulfilled and happy. The word she herself used was 'sperm junkie'! She hadn't told me this before, and I found it very arousing.

We ended up staying another night, and Nick joined us in bed that night. We took turns doing Lyn for hours; by the time one of one of us had cum, the other was hard again and she wanted his cock inside her. Eventually we fell asleep exhausted, only to wake up and start again. Her period started in the night and next day the sheets were splattered with blood and cum. She was in heaven and very sore, but not too sore to spoil our fun for the rest of her stay when we moved on to Cornwall. Even though she wasn't my girlfriend I did feel like she was and we were like young lovers who only had sex with each other when we were together. Having Nick join us was my first real taste of cuckolding and it turned me on so much more.

After our holiday we drifted apart. I found a girlfriend in my town and Lyn met someone and eventually got married. I often wondered if she kept on cucking her partners, or settled down. Maybe. All I have left to remind me of her are a few pictures of her posing nude on the bed before and after sex and wearing my green boxers in between. She was a fantastic fuck! Right now I'm trying to get my wife to do the same to me and she has shown interest in watching MFMs in porn but that's still a long way off. Hopefully soon.

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