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The first time my wife cucked me was a long, long time ago. We are in our forties now, but then we were just kids still in our early 20s, newly married and literally "shacking up" in an old converted machine shop that her uncle owned, about twenty miles out of town in the middle of cow country. We spent a lot of time out there in that little shack having sex like newlyweds will do, and we would often lay in bed talking quietly to each other about what turned us on, what our fantasies were.

On one particular night, I whispered to her that I knew that my friends all thought she was hot and they all wanted to fuck her, and that the thought of them doing that really turned me on for some reason that I couldn't understand.

Well, instead of recoiling in horror at my friend-fucking scenario, my new bride just kind of smiled a little half smile, there in the dim light, and proceeded to confess to me exactly which of my friends she would gladly fuck if she could… and then she proceeded to screw my brains out as she no doubt fantasized that one of them was thrusting into her, and of course I was thinking the exact same thing! It didn't seem to matter what each of us were thinking - it was totally hot for both of us.

Anyway, as it turned out the first time she did it, it wasn't with one of my friends, it was with a stranger. We were used to having to hitch hike up and down the long road into town, because our old clunker of a car often broke down. One afternoon we were out of tequila (which we loved to drink after dinner) and because it was always easier for her, being a chick, to thumb a ride than me, she volunteered to make the booze run. Remember, this was the 90's - things were safer then! So on her way out the door I jokingly say to her, "Hey if you get picked up by someone you think is cute, bring him back here and fuck him while I watch from the other room." And she turns to me and says, "ok, be ready to hide" as my skin started to prickle with electricity, and the door shut behind her.

A couple of hours had gone by, I guess, and I was sitting there in the living room reading a magazine and looking for a drink, and I had kind of forgotten to be on the lookout for "company" as I waited. I was startled when the front door began to swing open, and even more startled when I heard her voice, talking to someone. In about three giant strides, I somehow made it out of sight and around the corner into the next room, with my heart pounding a million miles an hour. She did it? She actually brought a guy home? I couldn't believe it… but the bulge in my pants apparently could!

The "room" I was in was actually an attached garage, with a boarded up window that saw straight into the bedroom area, if you looked just right through a little opening in the boards. I carefully climbed over a pile of scrap to the window and knelt down, trying to see into the dimly lit room on the other side. Sure enough, there were two people in the room talking softly, my hot little brunette wife and some guy that had obviously picked her up on the road back from the store. After a few moments they moved out of my sight into another part of the room and things got quiet for a while. I assume they were making out but I couldn't see or hear anything for several minutes.

I won't ever forget what I saw next: her leading him by the hand to our bedside. They stood there, kissing for a moment, and then with what seemed like one motion she pulled off the little shorts and top outfit she was wearing and sat down naked on the bed. Man, I still remember how hot she looked, sitting there looking up at him. He dropped his pants on the floor next to hers and joined her, my wife, on the bed. It all happened so quickly from there – they lay there kissing for a minute, then he laid on his back while she stroked him for a minute and got him hard. He was definitely bigger than me, if you know what I mean, and as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs, he mounted her and I saw him sort of push into her with that long, slow first stroke, and then he fucked her for what seemed like an hour but was probably more like two minutes. It was probably a good thing that it only lasted a couple minutes, because there in the darkened garage I was stroking my own cock like a madman watching them on the bed, and I surely would have spewed all over the wall had it gone on for much longer!

And then, just as quickly as it had begun, it was over. I could see him clench up as he emptied himself inside her, and they were done. They dressed, and I watched her kiss him goodbye, and he left. I heard his car start outside as she came calling me, looking to see if I wanted to come out of the garage and join her back on the bed for my first, but probably not my last, brush with sloppy seconds. Oh boy, did I ever!!!

Now, the second time she cucked me, she had quite a bit more fun – but that will have to wait for another story ...





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