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After trying unsuccessfully for several years to get my wife Lily to have sex with someone else, I got interested in car park sex. The idea of parking up and exposing Lily to a stranger was a real turn on and to think of her opening the window and letting him grope her was mind blowing.

Previously, she had exposed her tits as we were driving along so that other drivers could see her, and she had let me expose her at the beach, but this was different, she would be accessible. She wasn’t that keen.

I set up a meeting with Ryan, who was going to watch Lily get her tits out and then reach in through the open window to touch her as he wanked. Lily didn't want to do it.

I was very disappointed and eventually after some discussion, Lily agreed to do it for me so that I could watch someone else touch her. I arranged another meeting with Ryan but this time she knew all about the arrangements.

Lily had agreed to let me get her tits out as Ryan watched, and then, when she was ready, she would open the window for him to touch her as I watched. I told Ryan what we had agreed and added that if she let things go a bit further I wouldn't mind.

We parked the car in the lay by at the agreed time and said very little as we waited for Ryan. I got her to remove her bra in readiness, and opened a couple of buttons on her blouse.

My heart was thumping as a car pulled up behind us and a man got out and walked towards us. He stopped next to the car and looked in. Lily closed her eyes and laid her head back on the headrest.

I looked at the man, who I guessed was Ryan, and cupped one breast in my hand over her blouse. He carried on looking so I undone another button and slipped my hand inside. I asked Lily if she wanted to go through with it and she replied that if it I really wanted to see someone touching her, carry on. She didn't answer when I said she could open the window when she was ready so that Ryan could touch her.

Ryan was looking closely at my hand inside her blouse and, with my heart still thumping, I withdrew my hand, opened the rest of the buttons and pulled her blouse right open, exposing Lily's breasts to him. As I caressed her tits and moved them around for him, Ryan's hand was moving between his legs.

After a few minutes of this, I reminded her about the window. She replied that she needed to be more worked up so I moved my hand slowly up between her legs and moved her pants aside so that I could slip a finger into her. This had an immediate effect, as she started to breathe heavier.

After only seconds of this I heard the sound I had been waiting for, the window opening. She only opened it halfway but it was enough for Ryan to reach through and touch her tits. I thought my head would burst as I saw a stranger touching her as I rubbed her clit. The most exciting thing was that she was enjoying it! I pressed the button to lower the window fully and sat back in my seat to watch Ryan reach right in and pull her blouse off her shoulders. Lily lifted off her seat to let him remove it.

I watched as Ryan leant right in, caressing her breasts and kissing her. I was surprised that she kissed him back. Watching him kiss Lily and seeing their tongues going in and out of each other's mouths was so sexy. She opened her eyes and looked at him as they kissed, and then she looked down at him touching her breasts.

Whilst they were kissing he rested his hand on her leg and he was slowly moving it higher so that it eventually reached the top. When Lily didn't resist, he put it under her skirt and again let it slowly travel up. I could tell when his hand met her vagina as she gasped and pushed up to meet him.

Incredibly, she didn't stop him. He pulled her skirt up so that it was above her waist. Ryan pulled her pants aside and I could see his fingers in her vagina as Lily had her legs wide apart. Ryan had now taken the lead and it wasn't long before he opened the car door so he had better access to Lily.

He stood right next to her and slowly masturbated whilst he had his hand between her legs. Ryan reached down and pulled Lily's pants off, at the same time pulling her leg out of the car. They weren't taking any notice of me as I watched Ryan all over Lily – she was wearing just her skirt, pulled up to her waist, and he was wanking.

As he kissed her, his cock would touch her and I could see that it was touching her lower and lower down her belly, until he pushed her leg aside and let it touch her vagina.

I watched Lily reach down to hold his cock and gently wank it. She turned to me and asked if I wanted her to get into the back seat with him. All we went there for was to let Ryan to look at her tits and maybe touch them, and here she was going to let him fuck her. I told her that I would love to see her in the back with Ryan.

She turned to him and held his face in her hands as she kissed him. It was still quite light and we were visible from the road as Lily got out of the car and stepped out of her skirt, standing naked in front of Ryan before climbing into the back seat.

Ryan, still clothed, spread her legs wide and rammed his cock into her. It was like watching a movie seeing them writhing together and then hearing Lily cum. Seconds later, as Lily was still moaning, he shot his load into her. Ryan stood up, pulled Lily to him outside the car, and kissed her.

He then turned her towards me – and the road – and put his fingers in her and felt her tits. She put her skirt back on and got into the car, and Ryan knelt next to her and said how good it had been and if there was a chance, he would like to do it again.

He kissed her again, turned and walked away.

Lily was quiet on the way home and when we talked she got upset because she enjoyed having sex with Ryan. When I told her that I had wanted her to do it and that I had enjoyed it she got upset and said that she found it really good and didn’t want to have enjoyed it so much but as she did, she would do it again.





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