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This is a story about my ex-girlfriend and how she came to cuckold me.

Lauren and I met our freshman year in college. She was very beautiful and extremely athletic. She played on the women's soccer team for our school and was probably the first or second best player on the team. We lived together in the same freshman dorm and started going out at the end of the first semester. I'm modestly attractive but I always knew that Lauren was in a league above me and that I was lucky to have her. We stayed together through our senior year and even after graduation. There were a couple hiccups over the course of four years but our relationship stayed strong. I did a semester abroad and missed seeing her for over half a year. I knew there were a couple times too when she drunkenly made out with a stranger at a party. Small transgressions were forgiven instantly though and we decided to move in together after graduation.

A few months after graduating, Lauren decided to join a 30 and under soccer team in our area. Before she joined, the team was all guys. It wasn't an explicitly co-ed league but she was better than most of the other guys on the team and they were happy to have a girl around regardless. I had concerns from the beginning but I also wanted to support Lauren and I knew she loved soccer more than anything. Despite her beauty, Lauren could be somewhat of a tom-boy and she had no trouble fitting in as the sole girl on the team.

The team had one practice a week. They practiced at a local high school on Thursday evenings and often went out to a bar afterwards to hang out. They only had access to one locker room at the school though so Lauren avoided changing after practice at first. After several weeks though, Lauren knew the rest of the team well and she would join them inside the locker room. She'd even shower in her sports bra and shorts so she wasn't sweaty for the rest of the night. I'm sure the guys got a free show now and then while Lauren was changing but Lauren never admitted to it.

I joined Lauren at the bar with her team a couple times but I never felt fully included. The rest of the team usually surrounded Lauren and she enjoyed being the center of attention. Lauren kept going to the bar after practice every week even after I had decided that it wasn't for me. They always went to the same bar. It was a small dive and they pretty much owned the place on Thursday nights. Lauren got tons of free drinks from the bartenders and sometimes she was too tipsy to drive herself home. On those nights, she usually caught a ride home from one of the guys on the team. One night though, she texted me and said that she was too drunk to drive so she was gonna sleep it off at one of the guy's apartments that was just down the street from the bar. I protested but she didn't respond to my texts afterwards. The guy's name was Mike and I had met him a couple times. He was the type of guy who went to the gym twice a day. He had washboard abs and I knew Lauren found him attractive.

The next morning when Lauren returned home, I asked what happened but she was mum on details. She said she just slept on his couch. I was hesitant to believe her but it also wasn't worth pressing further. I was never going to leave Lauren, even if she had cheated on me with Mike.

By complete chance, I ran into Mike at the grocery store a couple weeks later. I said hi but he responded somberly. I asked him what was wrong and he proceeded to start apologizing for having sex with Lauren. I was shocked and he quickly realized that Lauren had never told me what happened that night. He started to freak out but I told him I wouldn't tell Lauren what he had told me. He was confused but also relieved. I told Mike that he had to tell me all the details of what happened though because Lauren was never going to tell me. Begrudgingly, he described how Lauren came to his apartment and almost immediately passed out on his couch. In the middle of the night though, apparently Lauren got up and came into his bedroom. She was completely naked and she crawled up on top of him. He protested mildly but Lauren soon had his cock in her hand and was jerking him off. They made out for awhile and then she went down and started sucking his dick. She was rubbing herself and apparently came multiple times while sucking him. She then got up and rode cowgirl style on him. He said her pussy was really tight and he came inside her after 5 or 10 minutes. Lauren then got under the covers and slept next to him for the rest of the night.

I was intrigued by the all the details that Mike described and eventually realized that I was getting turned on by his story. At the end, he asked me what he should do. I told him that I would keep his story secret. After some hesitation, I also said that he should hook up with Lauren again if he got the opportunity. Mike didn't understand what I was saying at first but I followed by saying that I loved Lauren a lot and I just wanted her to be happy. I insinuated that she was getting the sexual pleasure she needed from me and I think he got the point. After an awkward goodbye, we both left the store.

A few months later, Lauren broke up with me. She never admitted cheating but she obviously wasn't interested in me anymore. I haven't seen her since she moved out but I still fantasize about her infidelity every day.

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