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My wife Kristine and I got married very young (18) while I was in the Army and have been quite happily married for 17 years. In our first year of marriage I went on a field exercise in Ft Polk for a month and when I got back my wife had confessed that she had kissed a guy named Mark while drunk at a friends house.

I was upset and slightly turned on which I thought was really weird, but we got through it, but I always believed there was more there that she wasnít sharing, but I never pressed her about it and just let it go.

Fast forward 8 years later, we were having drinks one night and I started asking questions about what really happened and she told me the entire story about going out dancing with him and making out on the dance floor, to ending up in his barracks room sucking his dick and having sex with him until it got too real for her and she made him stop, whereupon he took her home and that was it.

I was so confused. It was the sexiest and worst thing I had ever heard and from then on I would pester her for details about Mark or past boyfriends while we were having sex and would get so turned on by the thought of her doing these things to other men that I just had to make something happen, but with the exception of a failed swingers night with a couple we know (extremely boring story by the way) nothing other than a few tame kissing scenarios ever happened until a very surreal night almost a year ago.

My wifeís last serious boyfriend before me was a guy named James who I didnít like very much. He was a pretty aggressive guy and didnít treat her well at all while they were together in high school and the only reason she would ever give when I asked her what she saw in him was that they had an amazing chemistry which mostly translated into passionate sex. So much so that she slept with him twice in the month before we got married while I was in basic training and as much as I like hearing the stories about how good he was or that he was larger than me, I always felt a little jealous because I knew they had something together that was powerful, so I had mixed feelings about our bedroom role play with him as the star. Very sexy and a little threatening.

Long story short. My wife has been very casual friends with James over the years seeing him with other people here and there or getting a phone call or a text 3 or 4 times in a year, nothing to worry about. Then Kristine had James and a few old school friends over to our house one Friday when the kids were on various sleepovers. I didnít worry too much about it because it was a group setting, but there was a little tingle in the back of my mind, either worry or excitement as I watched them interact. We had drinks around our fire pit till about 1:30AM and everyone went home except for James who said he had way too much to drink so we decided to let him sleep on our couch and Kristine and I went to bed.

At some point in the middle of the night I woke up to go to the bathroom and my wife wasnít in bed and the sliding door between our side of the house and the living room was closed. I could see through the frosted glass that the lights were on and could hear muffled voices so my heart started pounding and I went to a clear spot to peek.

Kristine was wearing an old school short night gown and was sitting cross legged facing James who was laying on the L of the couch who Iím sure could clearly see she wasnít wearing any underwear. And they were chatting away about old times etc. after a while the conversation got too soft for me to hear but I could plainly see the erection James had forming under the blanket that was on him.

He was holding Kristineís hand while they talked and pulled it under the blanket for her to feel and all the blood rushed from my head as I watched Kristineís hand slowly pump up and down under the blanket as she leaned over to start kissing him. This was my agonizing dream come true as I watched them make out for what seemed like forever. Eventually they got off the couch and moved the blankets and pillows to the floor and Kristine pulled her nightgown over her head and James took off his shirt and boxers, and I watched their hands roam over each others bodies and the most intense kissing Iíve ever seen.

I listened as James told her how she was even more beautiful than in high school and how much he missed her and as he moved his hand to her mound and began rubbing her clitoris I could see she was in heaven. After a while she began moving and kissing down his body and I thought I was going to explode as soon as she grabbed his dick and begin licking and sucking him. The expression on his face as she gave him head said it all.

James grabbed her head and pulled her up and down and started moaning quietly that he was going to come. She didnít stop. She just looked at him and said to go ahead, which was all he needed as his back arched and he let out a soft long ahhhhhh! He came in her mouth which she let him do, but made a quick dash to the sink in the kitchen to spit it out and came back to him and they laid there naked, softly talking for the next few minutes about how good they were together and how good it felt to get back together if only for one night.

Shortly they began kissing and rubbing each other again. This time with much more passion and aggression as he sucked and bit her breasts and she pumped his dick back to life again and he whispered.

"I donít have a condom, do you?"

"Theyíre in the bedroom I canít go in there"

He said "is theyíre any way we could just.?"

"No way", Kristine said, "we canít"

They resumed kissing and fondling each other and I could see that James was slowly positioning himself between my wifeís legs, which she spread for him and he asked her to put her hand on his dick and rub it on the outside, so she reached between them and they kept kissing and Kristine kept saying, "not inside, not inside" to which he kept replying "it's ok, it's ok."

At this point he was between her legs and I could see that his hips weren't moving at all and she had both of her hands between them holding him and keeping him from entering her. All of a sudden I could see James do a slow push forward into her and could hear him let out a gasp of pleasure. Kristine quickly gasped in surprise and moved her hands from between them and put them on his chest to push him off and whispered urgently for him to stop and that they couldn't keep going.

He grabbed her hands in his and moved them above her head and started moving back and forth inside of her while she struggled beneath him and kept whispering for him to stop and that it wasn't right and they didn't have a condom, but he wouldn't listen and just kept kissing her and never let up his back and forth rhythm. After a few minutes of this she reluctantly gave in and moved her legs up around his back and told him to make sure he pulled out when he came. He promised he would then she grabbed his ass and started pulling him deeper and deeper inside her. I watched as he pounded her faster and faster while telling her how much he missed being inside her and she kept saying "I know, I know".

He slowed down and stopped moving after a while and told her to turn over which she did obediently and rolled to her stomach. He told her to spread her ass for him and then slipped into her from behind and started moving in and out of her, gentle at first and then faster and faster, roughly grabbing and squeezing her ass, as Kristine started to moan and pant.

She lay spread eagle on her belly and was moving around as much as he would let her. I could see and hear that he was getting very close to orgasm and hoped that he would keep his word about pulling out. He moved his hands to her hips and pulled her over and over into him and then said that he was going to come.

Immediately Kristine freaked a little and said that he had to pull out as she wasn't on any birth control. He said that it felt too good and that he couldn't. Now Kristine was starting to panic and tried to move away from James, but he had her hips in his hands and kept pulling her back into him. In hindsight I know I should have helped her, but I was mesmerized by the sight and sound of Kristine trying to pull away as she kept telling him to stop, please stop as James Fucked her from behind like an animal.

All of a sudden he said "oh god" and forced himself one last time into her and held perfectly still as he came inside her and then collapsed. They lay there together for a minute like that with him on top of her still, inside her, both of them panting and trying to catch their breath. She said "oh my god, I can't believe we just did that,oh wow".

He finally pulled out and laid beside her and she got up immediately and went to the bathroom. She came back in a minute to him and he tried to pull her down to him but she just grabbed her nightgown and said she couldn't and had to get back to bed. I quickly ran to our room and played dead while she came and I could tell she lay awake for a while, thinking I guess.

James was gone the next morning when we woke up and Kristine showered first thing and then lay in bed all day saying she had a hangover.

It was the most turned on I've ever felt in my life but I still don't know how to react.

Mark T





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