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First of all, I'm Michael, Kim's husband. We are a couple married for 10 years, and yesterday was Kim's introduction to hotwifing in a sense. I apologize beforehand for my misspelling's or improper grammar on this blog, and I advise you that it will be very long.

Typical story, 10 years married, occasional sex, frustrations, bad mood. We even got to the point of asking each other if we wanted to get divorced last year, but we finally gave each other another opportunity. Things changed a little. Then we started going to tome kind of routine.

I lost my job in February, at that time we started thinking about starting a new business. We started thinking about a store in Indy. She said that she knew somebody that knew about that business, that she knew he was dating a lady that owns a mexican store, and that he might help us. I asked her to contact him. James was his name.

She contacted him, and he was friendly but not too much of a help. At the end we decided to stop with this project. We never met during this time. I had met him once during a trip to the local Fry's, around 6 months ago; she had talked to him for about 10 mins, she never introduced us, but I gave no importance because her daughter was with us and I wanted to give her some kind of freedom, and to be honest I did not care.

We then decided to switch kinds of business (restaurant, laundromat, dollar store, etc.). She asked him for advise, but he just gave her that. At the end, he gave us good tips but most important was that I noticed that Kim in some way trusted him. Nothing happened during this time.

She became discouraged at the idea of the business when we decided that I could take trucks as a business and at the same time start a wholesale used clothes business. We did that. I went out of state a couple of times, during the last time I thought that it could be a good idea if James could become Kim's lover.

I armed myself with courage, and when I came back I asked Kim for James's number, I told her I needed advise for the business. I talked to him over the phone, and I uploaded pics of Kim on my phone that I had taken some time ago. I was so nervous because I did not well how to approach him or what would be his reaction. We decide to meet the next day.

We met at some parking lot. To be honest I did not like him so much because he has some mannerisms and I thought that he might say no. But I decided to go ahead, I explained to him about my fantasy, and asked him to be part of the fantasy, I asked him that I wanted him to be Kim's lover, but I told him that he needed to win Kim, that she would not give herself, that she actually knew nothing.

I saw his face and he was in shock, I thought that he might said no. Then I showed him the pics on my phone, he did not talk for a while. Then he finally said that he liked Kim as a woman, but that all for this time he had respected her because she is a married woman. He said that it was a boundary that he could not cross. He kept apologizing to me, but he was embarrassed because he was talking about Kim. I explained to him a little more about the fantasy, and about how we needed to establish some rules, the most important was that Kim should not know, that it would be a conquest, that if Kim decided to tell me it was going when she would be ready, but that she knew I trusted on her and would tell me right away.

He finally gave me back my phone, and I asked for the final time what he had decided, he said. "Sr. Michael, I will be honored to be part of this fantasy" (he still addresses me formally once in a while", I promise you that I will treat Kim as a lady, and that nothing will happen without me telling you.

I told him that he would call Kim every day if possible and make just normal conversation, also I told him that he would sent text messages to her phone telling her she is pretty, complimenting her about her looks, but nothing explicit or vulgar. I told him that the most important thing was to make Kim laugh.

He started doing that, most of the times when he called I was present, she never hid and I knew most of what they talked about, Kim treated that as a friendship. Then I had to go out of state, and I told him that he could be a little more open with Kim. He kept calling me every day, and he was telling me that he did that, that he asked Kim out, but she said no, that she had let her know he was interested on her.

The weekend I went away, Kim told me that she would ask James about fixing a electrical problem on her brother's house. She said that he did that, and at the end he had invited her to go to eat along with my kid. For some circumstances I had to come back early home, on the way back, he called me and said that Kim had decided to go and eat with him alone. That she would take my kid to the babysitter. I told him that I was going to arrive around that hour (4:30 pm) home. He said that he would better cancel that plans because he did not want Kim to be caught on a situation that could make her uncomfortable. I told him no.

I called Kim and I explained to her on the change of plans. They canceled the dinner. When I got home, I noticed Kim was a little quiet, I asked her what had happened or why her mood, and she said that she was a little depressed. That night on bed I asked her what was the problem, she said that nothing, that she was a little sad. I told her that I had trust in her, that she could tell me everything because of that.

She said nothing, I told her that I knew why, she told me to tell her. I said, there is a man that likes you, she said "what"? I gave her assurance that I would understand. She then said "James", so I said so James is his name. She said that she was not sad because him, but that I was correct about James liking her. She told me that James was texting her, that he calling her and that he was nice to her.

She said that she would never do nothing with James because she is a married woman, that James was not too much attractive to her, but that he was a very good friend. He said that she was sad because of the time alone, and that she wanted me to stop going out of state on business. I told her that it was OK, but that I needed to do another trip. She agreed to that.

She told me that James made her feel good because his text messages, and showed them to me. they were a maybe a little corny but they had worked. I went away for the last time and this continued. There was a little progress because James on his calls told me that he had said to Kim that he wanted to go out, and she said " I'm not telling you yes, but I'm not telling you no, my husband is not here and I will not do that", he told her that he would wait the time needed.

When I came back, she told me that James had asked her to go out, I told her why she did accept and told me the same story. I told her that we should invite James for dinner on Saturday. He came on Saturday, we had dinner, and everything was fine. We sat to watch tv, and and suddenly I said:" Kim, James just asked me if we wanted to go dancing, I told him that we cannot because of our kid, but if he wanted he could go with you ".

Hahaha they were in shock, she said no. He was all embarrassed, I insisted and after a while Kim said Ok, and went to change. Nothing special. They went out and she came back 3 hours later. We made love, during that I asked her what had happened, she said that they did not went dancing, that there was not too much people at the place and that they had stood in the car talking. I asked her if it was any touching, and she said that he tried to hug her and kissed but she rejected him. She said that he was mad because she wanted to dance, that maybe James was cheap, that she did not know why I had said they could go out. He corroborated the story.

During the next week I asked her to invite James's for dinner, he came and we had a good time but nothing happened or nothing was told. During the week I kept bringing him into conversations with Kim specially when we were making love. She said to stop fantasizing. At the same time he was getting a little bolder, but with good taste and respect. She kept telling him:" I do not say no, but I can not say yes".

He came to eat almost all week, we had a good time, it seemed that Kim liked that. On Friday she told me that James had invited her to the warehouse where he works to show her his job. I said that it was OK. She went out around 7:00 pm and came back at 11:30 pm. Her bottom three blouse button were undone. We made love right away. I asked her what had happened, she said that nothing. That he showed her his job, they had talked and they they had late dinner. That he tried to kiss her, but she had resisted.

James called me the next day, and he told me that in general nothing happened, that the only thing he did was to sit her on his legs that he had caressed her stomach. That he tried to kiss her , and she said that he should respect the trust I had placed on him letting her go, that he should act as a gentleman.

During the week he came to eat almost daily, he made the joke that I should claim him on the taxes. I told him that I might rent an empty room we have. Then Kim asked James to install a sink, he said that it was OK, and they would meet the next day at the local store. She called me from work, and told me that she would pick up James and pick him up to go there. They spent two hours "buying" the material.

When she came back, he said that he had hugged Kim, and had placed his mouth on one of her breasts, but that she had resisted to kiss him because they were in a parking lot. I run right away, and found the blouse and t-shirt she wore in the basket. sure enough, there was a small stain on her right breast area.

We worked on the sink, and at night we made love. I asked Kim what had happened, and she said that nothing. I asked her if head kissed her, and she said no. I asked her if he had caressed her breasts and she she did not said nothing. I asked her if had nothing to him, and she said no. I was masturbating, and while I was licking her breasts I asked her if James had licked her like that, she just moved her head. I finished and went to take a shower.

Then she said that what she had told me during the fantasy was not rue, that how I had became with the idea of her letting someone suck her tits in a parking lot, that she was not a teenager. BTW, I forgot to mention that she is 47, James is 43, and me 45). I told her that she had a stain on her blouse, that i had seen her when she got home, that is was illogical to spend two hours in a store for what they had brought.

She said that nothing had happened, he tried to kissed her, she had said no; and that he never sucked her tits. she asked me to show her her blouse with the stain. I said that I did not needed to prove anything, that if she had done that she should be honest with me and that there was nothing wrong with that if she had enjoyed. She said that it did not happened. I said that it was ok, and we felt sleep. The best part was that this time she did not complained about my fantasy of seeing her with another man.

Friday night came, James came to fix the sink. We had dinner and we put our son to bed. We started rinking around the table. Kim at the one of the end James's and me on the sides. Kim did not want to drink, but the started drinking. We finished our first bottle of white wine, then we decided to start drinking tequila shots.

We then started talking and making jokes about renting James the extra room, and then I started implying about a lover's relation. It was very subtle, but it was very understable... Then Kim:"It's OK but I want James to be very discrete, I do not want him to see me in anyway that anyone can suspect"

I said: "James touch her hand", he id and she was very nervous, she said, "no, not in front of Michael", and removed her hand. We continued talking about the relationship a little more open. At this time we had finished with the tequila (3/4 of a bottle), we were obviously drunk.

I explained to Kim that I trusted both of them, but principally her. i told her that it was not wrong this, that it was "normal" with a lot of people, some people would be open, some would hide it. I told her that i did not felt jealousy toward James, that he would compliment our marriage. I told her that it was OK to touch his hand.

She did that, then James kind or pulled her and sit her on his legs. she sat there for around 2 minutes and she said that she was very embarrassed with me. She got up, and we invited James to sleep in the basement. I went to the bathroom, and when I came back James told me that he had kissed her. Instant hard on.

We prepared the pulling bed in the bed for James, then we went to bed. I came back later to see if everything was OK, then James mentioned that while Kim was sitting on her lap he had caressed he ass. He also said that he had tried to touch her (I understood he had tried to kiss her), but she had said that it was not hygienic.

I went to bed with Kim, because it was late, she asked me to masturbate. I asked her if James had kissed her and she said no. I finished, and the she asked me how I came with James kissing her, that "she would not let him do that in our home, and that we would be talking on Sunday (Saturday her brother would visit us, and we had decided that James will not come to our house, call her or send her any texts).

During the day I talked to James, we talked about the progress, and about how Kim had accepted be his lover. I told Kim to call James when she could had a chance. She called him from the bathroom, her call was 5 minutes long. James called me later, and she said that Kim wanted to talk to us because she needed to talk about something, and she would want to put a rule.

I said that I would ask Kim what was about, and he said that no, we should give her some space and respect her wishes. I was upset, and I told her that she could not place restrictions on me, that if she needed to said something she would tell me first as a husband. He begged me not do so.

At night i tried to make love to Kim, at first it was OK, then she started complaining about the dog barking, and our son being awake in the next room. I asked her what was going on. She said that she was mad at us, and specially me about something that happened the day before. That she needed to say 2 things to James and me or she just would stop the relationship with James.

I told her to tell me, she said no. I told her that as husband she should trust me, and she said no. I told her that she should respect me, and she kept saying that she would not tell me until we were both presents. I was upset and i asked her to go and talk in the basement.

We went there, and I explained to her how I felt because she did not want to tell me. She said that it was fine. She said that first, she was mad at me and James because James had pulled her the night before and that I had said nothing. She said that she is a lady, and she was on her house. That my paper as a husband should have been to reprimand James. That James had caressed her ass and I had said nothing. She said that this made her feel like a whore, that it was a way of me saying: "James, here it is your whore; fuck her". She said she was going to be respected.

I told her that I did not see that that way. But, that I would accept all of the guilt because she was correct, and I should act as a husband and not to let or do something that would make her feel bad. I asked her for forgiveness. I told her that I saw this a play thing, and that also I thought it could be seen as jealousy if I had said something.Then she said that James had to slide her hand and touch her pussy. i told her that I had not seen that, but that this was totally wrong, and I would talk to James.

I asked her about the rule, she said that it was simple. If she would be James's lover she would tell him when, how, and where. That it would never be in our house. She said that we would not drink at home anymore, because we could take advantage of her, and then I could say "James, fuck her, I want to watch".

She then said, I need to ask another queston to both of you.. I said what? and she sid that she would not tell me until James was present. I was mad and demanded to tell me, she said : "fine... I want to ask both of you if you are homosexuals, why you guys want to watch each other fucking me. You guys will never have a trio with me, why if you guys decide to try a "little train"

I was speechless, first I was mad at her thinking I could be homosexual (not because I think it is something wrong, but because we are married for more than 10 years, and now she was thinking that). I asked her what the fuck was a "little train"? she said that either him or me would introduce her dick on her, and the other one would introduce his dick on the first one. I exploded, I was very mad.

I told her that it was over, I would call James and tell him that. She said to wait. I said that no, that i would call him and meet at that time (12:30 am). I told her that she would not hint I was an homosexual, and also I told her that she would not be so proud of herself because I had given her my trust and she had failed, that every time she had gone to see him or was out with him she had done something, and she had denied.

I told her that the day at the restaurant, he had caressed he stomach and touched a little her breasts, that she had forgot to check the lower part of her blouse. That she lied when she said that he had not suck her breast when she was stupid enough not to check the stain on her blouse.That she was a liar because she had tell me he had not kiss her on the dinning room.

I told her it was over, then we talked about all of the failings in our marriage for the last year. Then I decided to call James, I told him to see me right away, she said nothing. Then I asked Kim if she loved James, she said that no, I asked her if she liked James (not in the physical way), and she said that no. I asked her if she had desire for James, and she said that yes.

She said that because the lack of sex, she needed to have sex now because she was extremely horny. That James made her feel OK, and he liked him as a brother. That he was good man. She then said it was OK if I terminated the relation, but that we could be friends, and that she knew James would respect that. I told her "NO, you want me to take my role as a husband? this is my role as a husband, he will never call you, never she you again, never text you again; and you will do the same. i had no jealousy toward James, now it is different.

I told her I could not trust the man that tried to touch her pussy, that I could not trust her when she lied to me about little things when she knew she had my trust. I said that it was over. I called James, and we met. I explained what had happened, he first apologized for his behavior on Friday. Then said that he could not said anything that could make a change because we had taken a decision, and he respected that. He asked me to take it home, but at the middle of the way asked me to drop him. He looked really sad.

I was a little sad about that too, but I was more sad about the other problems we had at home. I came back to home, and Kim was awake in bed. She asked me what had happened, and I told her that I would tell her the next day (yesterday), she then said that she was tired and would sleep.

Then I told her to give me 10 minutes. I apologized to her for all the pain and depression I had caused to her in the last year, i told her we could start all over and build a better marriage, but that I needed her help, and not to wait to say something if we had a problem. I asked her if she loved me, and she said that she loved me more that anyone, that she had left her family for me. I asked her if she liked me, and she said that she does. i asked me if she has desires for me, and she said that every night she has desires for me.

She said that her pride made her not to look for me, and tell me that she had desires for me. She said everything would change.We kissed, then felt sleep. Yesterday after her brother left, we went back to bed to talk.

At that time, both of us received a text message from James: " It said: Thanks for gave me some happy moments on my life, and believe me I would had been very happy to be part of your life". I showed the message to Kim, then I replied. She asked me what i had replied, and I told her that I would show her at the end of the conversation.

We talked about our relationship, and we talked about trust. She apologized that she had not tell me that James had caressed her stomach, but that he never sucked her breast at the parking lot. she said that James had hugged her, and had placed his head on hover her chest, but that maybe because she had the bra, a t-shirt, and her blouse she had felt nothing. She said that she did not remember kissing James, but if that happened maybe they had just touched lips.

She said that she did not tell me because she did not want me to think something mayor happened. She apologized and asked me how would I be sure that she was not talking to him, also asked me how she would regain my trust. I said that i accepted her apologies, I could not understand it but that it was OK.

I told her that it was her decision to cheat or not to accept my decision and see him or talk to him. but that to me that would end forever our marriage, that I would take my son and go out of state and I would let her be happy with whoever she decided. I told her that I loved her, that I would be sad for along time, but if that was something that would make her happy I rather let her go.

We talked about other stuff, when the theme went back to my fantasy. She said that she would never do a trio, that she was like that. I asked her what she meant for a trio. she said that two men fucking a woman, and taking turns fucking her, I asked her how about the high fives... she started laughing ... silence on my part..

Then she said.. ok tell me what do you want... I said.. I would tell you what I could had wanted, and what do I want now. I told her that first.. we could not fuck her.. we could make love to her... we could assure that he body would be covered by kisses and touches that she would never had experienced.. that our main and only objective would be to assure her physical pleasures..

I told her that I would envision going to an hotel, and i would let him undress her while i watched. that i would let him caress her body, and I would let her do the same, maybe he could suck all parts of her body and she could do the same. That at some point, either when i decided I could go to bed, and meanwhile he could work in some areas of her body I could go and work in another areas. Then I gave her more details about positions and everything else.

Then.... She said... please stop... I'm extremely horny... I have desires for James, he excites me a lot, he has left me all horny when he did not proceeded.. i need your dick. I want to have multiple orgasms with both of you... touch me.. I have my pussy all wet... look at nipples... Please do not tell me more, I'm so horny now, and I need some dick now...

Then I told her OK... she continued touching her pussy outside her pants... then I told her that I had texted James giving him the thanks, and telling it would have been great to realize my fantasy, that i liked him, but we could not be friends, and had said goodbye. She said nothing...

Then I told her that if she wanted I could call James, but that I would ask him to meet at one hotel and we could make what I had told her before. She said .... YES.... but he will never answer you... I asked her again if she really wanted to do it.. she said yes.. I called James, and of course he did not answer because I was using her phone. Then I called him using my phone and he answered right away.

He was very polite, I explained the situation, and he asked him if he could meet us at one hotel, that we could do it, but that after that we would talk about a set of norms we should follow. He said that it was OK, the I told him to come home. Meanwhile Kim was all excited, she did not know what to do. She was going upstairs.. downstairs.. finding a babysitter... I was all nervous... had some worries..

James came, and Kim went to take a shower, she was going to take my son to the baby sitter. She told me that I should talk to James about what had happened in the morning. We went outside to smoke and talk. when Kim finished taking the shower, I told her that I would tell James to go and rent the room. That way he could take a shower there meanwhile we could take the kid to the babysitter, and wait for us. She said that it was a good idea. I told him that and he agreed it.

James was taking his stuff, when Kim came down, and said... Michael, could you please give James the 50 dlls I have in the china cabinet, so he can pay for the room?, he can pay the rest if needed, and I pay him later tonight when we come back to talk.. Then in one of the most beautiful smiles... she said.. what is wrong with you guys... I will fuck both of you, and I will pay for the hotel... I should charge both of you... and started laughing...We were all tense, this kind of relaxed us...

Then I told her... how about if we stay here... and she said why. I told her that we could save the money from the hotel, we could have a nice bed to make love, a clean bathroom, and it would be not as impersonal as an hotel room. We could save the driving time, we could enjoy the atmosphere's more..

She said that it was OK with that, and asked James if he was OK with that... he said OK. She took my son to the baby sitter, when she came back James was taking a shower. She asked me what to dress, if I wanted her to dress a baby doll .. then I told her that what she was dressing was OK (blouse and jeans).

She said that she was very nervous, I told her that everyone was, I told her that after some minutes she would be OK. That the only thing i wanted her was to tell us what she wanted (Kim was very prudish sometimes, she never asked for something, I had to ask. Also she never used some words in bed).

Then I kissed her and I led her into the bedroom...

James was coming out of the shower, Kim and me went to use some mouthwash. After that I took Kim into our marriage bed where James was waiting.She laid in bed, and I told James to start. He did that and started kissing Kim on her face, he was caressing her breasts. meanwhile I had moved back, and I was just looking.

James lifted Kim's blouse, then turned her around to un-hooked her bra mean while he was licking all her back. He was like a teenager having sex for the first time, kind of sloppy but with a passion like there was no tomorrow. He licked her all over her back, and then turned her around. then he started kissing her in her mouth, Kim started making noises, they were very nice kisses, lot of tongue action. She kept giving him short kisses, i know she loves that.

She was caressing his head with both hands, and kept kissing him with small kisses, she was looking for him. I could not believe, she was like she had never fuck before. My own wife kissing another man in front of me.... Then he started going south, and started taking off her jeans and panties, Kim turned around and told me, come here Michael I want to suck your dick, please put it in my mouth...

James meanwhile was giving her one of the best heads she had on her life, he was eating her pussy in a wild manner meanwhile Kim was sucking me, we were in ecstasies. At that moment I told her to stop sucking me, she said to me ... please tell him that I want him to penetrate me, I want to feel him inside.

I kneel next to Kim, and I told James that she wanted to be penetrated, that she needed his dick on her wet pussy, Kim was breathing heavily... then James's penetrated, she gave a loud moan, meanwhile I started kissing her forehead and telling how beautiful she looked.. I asked her if she liked her dick, she said yes. I asked her if she felt good, she said that yes. Then she aid ... please tell him to come inside me... James meanwhile was thrusting like a horse, he was buffing, and I told him to please come inside of my wife and fill her pussy with all his hot cum.

Kim was moaning, keep asking me ti ask him to fill her up, then James came, he pulled and came the end at her stomach. He felt over her and they kissed and meanwhile she was telling him.. James... you came inside me... you have filled me with your hot cum... and kept kissing him...

Was i dreaming?... my wife that never talked dirty to me was so happy because another man had just discharged his hot cum on her, she was so happy !! Then she turned around... and told me ... NEXT!!! We started laughing... Kim had broken her inhibitions, low self esteem, her complex; now she was making jokes !! I laid next to her meanwhile I was touching her pussy and feeling all the juices coming from inside.

She was kissing me very passionately as same or better than James. meanwhile James was fondling her breast and ass. I played with her clitoris for a while, and she said... how do you want to come? I told her that I want her to mount me... She said that it was OK... She mounted me and started moving... after a while she had her first orgasm.. Then I noticed that every time she was having an orgasm if James would suck her nipples that was magnifying her orgasms..

There was so much wetness by now.. His cum and her juices all mixes.. James sucking her breasts and making hickies on those, she was buffing, She had like 8 orgasms in a row, some of them lasted longer than usual, she said that it was like never before, she was buffing, all wet, sweating beautifully.

Then she said that she needed a mini break..She asked me when i was going to come, I told her that when it was the moment but now she was having the best orgasms on her life and I would not stop that. she said that she wanted to come on James. James was lying next to us, Kim then started moving again, and had another orgasm or two.

Then she said.. James I want to suck that beautiful dick you have, please let me suck it.. then without dismounting, she sucked his dick..She had maybe another two orgasms again, she then said... Michael.. I want to cum on James... I told her that it was OK.. and gently pulled up... She went over James and started mounting him,, now it was my turn to suck her nipples and squeeze her ass (she loves that, but at this point, I no longer know what she likes, hahaha).

She moved very fast over him... but after some minutes said that she could not cum..We told her that it was Ok, not to worry... Then she said that she wanted to come more.. I told her to mount me.. and I asked James to lick her nipples meanwhile I was doing it... I lost count of the orgasms she had, maybe 3 or 4.. (I think she could not come was because the angle of my dick and the way she mounted, also she wanted to pee and was holding it, James's dick is straight and bigger than mine)

After that I lay her on bed, and asked James to mount her again. He did that and Kim started moaning again, she was crazy... keep telling James to come inside... I was kissing her mouth, telling her to tell him that she desired him, but she said that she could not.. I told him to tell him to come inside.. she told him, he was very wild... she started screaming... then he said that he could not... We told him that it was OK...

Then she said.. and you when are going to cum, you know that I want you to fill me with your hot cum...again... i was perplexed at my wife,.. she was telling me something that never did before... I mount her... but unlike James I was thrusting slowly.. she closed her eyes meanwhile James laid next to her and was playing with one of her nipples. She started moaning, but this time she was moaning slowly, and more quiet ... like she wanted to enjoy it forever...

Then i moved my head to one side and I said: "James, please kiss my wife on her mouth" They started kissing inches away from face, Kim was holding James head with both hands, they were very sweet kisses... then i told them: "please kiss more passionately, use more your tongues, open your mouth Kim, James please kiss my wife in front of me". At that instant they got crazy again, they kissed devouring each other, my wife started moving more, and I started feeling her contractions.. then I came... I felt like it lasted forever... then she moved James aside and asked me to kiss her, she said.. please do not take out your dick.. I want to feel it pulsating inside of me filling me with your cum.. then kissed me as passionately like she kissed James minutes ago.

Then she said that we needed to rest a little, she said that it was half time... we laughed.. James and me were laying parallel to each other while Kim had her had over my stomach and her legs over James's body.. we asked Kim how she felt, and she said that she felt happy, some tired, but very happy, that she never expected something like this, that it was a good idea to had changed of mind this morning. We were all naked like nothing, we were talking and joking.

Then i told James... now we are Milk brothers (it would mean like: "cum brothers), we laughed.. and Kim then said.. James i want to slap your face for what you did the other day... he said OK.. then he slapped him slowly, the she did the same to me... at that time she saw the hickies on her right breast.. and playing said... cabrones.. look at what you pinches did... I will do the the same to you... and without warning mounted James and placed a couple of hickies on his chest.. then she mounted me and said.. it's your turn.. I said fine... but.. I did not do those hickies...

She said: it does not matter, and did a couple of hickies, then she laid between us... then i said: "now it is my turn, James this will be your tit, and this one will be mine, and proceed it to make some hickies there.. again..unbelievable it had to been years since last time we did that...

Then I said time is over meanwhile i mounted Kim, they started making some conversation, and i called their attention and we continued. James mounted her after me, then I fucked her doggy style while she was sucking his dick, then I licked her ass and pussy (I forgot about the creampies, lol... but anyway she tasted nicely). Then James did it doggy style, but the got problems accommodating each other (Kim like it close to the edge meanwhile I stand in the floor, and James likes it both on the bed.

I believe she had a couple of orgasms but not as strong as before when James mounted her... She wanted him to come again.. he did that and again she was shinning on happiness... she asked if she was tight, and he said that he loved that. They embraced and kissed for minutes.. I was caressing Kim's hair.

Then I said... now it is my turn.. and same as before they were kissing passionately inches away from me... needles to say I came... she again moved James a little to the side, and started kissing me... she said... thank you bebe, thank you for coming inside of me, you make me very happy... I can believe it... it is only the second time in 10 years that you came twice... leave it inside I want to take it until the last drop...

I was in heaven... I thought that I might had a heart attack... I laid over her some minutes while we gave each other short kisses like she loves.. Then she said... OK guys, it's over... We said that it was OK... and then we just played with her and kissed her taking turns...

While she was laying.. she said.. look guys all the bed is dirty with cum.. one of you guys need to clean this bed... She said.. I feel all full of cum.. you guys really filled me up.. then started smiling and said... I wish i could get pregnant, i would love to have twins, one like James and one like my bebe... we joked around saying that James would pay child support and James saying that because it was born in my barn it was mine, hhahaha

we took a shower and went to pick up my son, after that we went to dinner. We had agreed not to talk about what had happened, but again Kim started making jokes to both of us about it, she was so happy...




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