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My wife and I shared a shower this past Sunday morning while getting ready for the day. She looked very sexy standing in the shower with the spray of hot water hitting her perky breasts, her hair wrapped in a thick towel on top of her head. I watched as her nipples harden and my mind started to focus on the possibility of making love to my lady. That thought didn't last long as she then started talking about getting our chores and errands done so we could enjoy the afternoon football playoff game. Truly my wife is a man's woman, a tough successful sales professional that's not afraid of going after what she wants. I thought "alright ... day of hanging with my bride so sex is not happening right now". I thought that if her team won and she had enough wine during the day maybe just maybe I can get my lips around those beautiful nipples tonight.

Football is my second favorite thing in the world, sex being the first. We happen to both be big fans of the game. I actually played Division I college football for a team in the southwest. We stunk, but I remember those days fondly especially remember the antics of the clowns I called my teammates. We had a diverse group; I think the team was probably made up of about 50 percent blacks, mostly junior college transfers.

Taking a step back, I met my current wife in my late twenties. I fell in love with my wife from the first time I saw her. She was a bit younger and very beautiful and carried herself with a casual sexiness. I was happy to bed, I mean wed, this woman. When we first started going out she ask me about a particular habit I had after I came out of the shower or while coming to bed. I had the odd habit of cupping my penis with my hand. I shared with her that it was old habit from my college days. I told her about the embarrassment my "equipment" caused me in the locker room due to how well hung a lot of my team mates were. With a wry smile on her face and a soft laugh she lovingly and lightly smacked my dick with her open hand.

While finishing shaving her legs in the shower she couldn't help but notice that I had the beginnings of an erection. I think at this point she pushed aside the notion of chores and seemed game for some action. We started kissing and getting a little frisky while we talking about which teams we each wanted to win.

I liked the defense of one particular team as I was a fan of a particular player; alumni of my old school that I thought was great but underrated. She joked that my fame was that I was under-endowed. I gave her a playful smack on her ass. She asked if I saw him play when he was in college and I told her I met him in the locker room after a homecoming game I went back to see the game at an alumni gathering. I told her it was weird being back in the old Locker room seeing a bunch of naked guys again. See laughed lowly at that statement and looked down at my hard little guy.

She asked me if any of my teammates in college made comments or fun of my little dick. I'm right around four inches hard, half that when soft. This question seemed to cause a quick powerful feeling of red rushing to my groin making my little chubby rock hard.

I had to confess to her that that I did get a lot of ribbing about it. I told her that one particular teammate taunted me by saying he was going to have to talk with my girlfriend at the time about helping her understanding her "situation". I thought he was kidding but I certainly ended up being wrong. But that's another story. I told my wife that he was in fact successful in bedding that particular girl.

My wife seemed very interested in this comment as she began to squeeze my little balls tighter asking me "how big was the guy's cock?" I told her that while I never saw him with an erection he was one of the better endowed guys on the team. She asked "how big in inches"? I told her that softly "it was nearly twice as big as the hard one you are stroking in your hand". She got this dreamy look in her eyes and asked me "how big do you think he got when he was hard?" I answer in a sarcastic, scientific manner and told her he probably grew a third. She wondered aloud……"hmmmmm. You are barely over four inches and you say he was close to seven inches soft! I'm guessing he was probably 10 fucking inches when hard!" I was very intrigued and hugely turned on by this line of conversation.

I wanted to see how far this would go so I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck and whispered in her ear "if you were handling his swinging cock he'd probably grow even longer. "How thick?" she whispered back. I told her we could only imagine. This caused me to remember that my ex-girlfriend had told me while in a fight "he fucked me hard, long and his cock was huge. That ex-girlfriend was a bitch and also shared that she loved the feel of his large balls slapping against her ass. Thinking back, I was pissed and crushed when she told me of this I was strangely curious.

By now my wife was furiously jerking my short dick as if she were trying to start a fire. I reached around from behind her sweet little ass and in no time had three fingers buried in her tiny pussy. She turned looked me in the eyes then rested her head on my chest I nuzzled the top of her head in the stream of the hot water showering down on us. I got the courage to ask "Would you like to stroke that big of a cock?" In a husky voice she whispered back "sometimes I fantasized about playing with, sucking and fucking a big cock". She continued, "It's been along time since I've been able to enjoy one that was of a decent size." During our love making she has told me she occasionally missed that full feeling, as her past previous boyfriend had a healthy eight inch cock. She said the idea of the cock she was now fantasizing about possibly belonging to a studley big cock was even more of a turn on.

Still stroking my dick she looked up and said. "I've never felt you harder". She gazed straight into my eyes and asked me "it seems to turn you on to know I sometimes crave a larger cock; a cock that would fill me up." She was really in a hot sex mood now! I was now the one breathing hard my mouth buried into the towel on her head. Risking it, I lowered my head and whispered back "I'd love it almost as much as you would". She then asked me to lie down on the shower floor. With the shower was still running, she removed the towel from her head, joined me on the floor. She then proceeded to give me the most awesome blow job of our time together! She looked me in the eyes while she mouthed my short cock. She's bit down on my cock head and smiled while looking up at me. A first for me happened at the moment as she managed take both my dick and balls into her mouth at the same time. She appeared to be relishing the control of having all my manhood in her mouth.

Somehow she managed to continue to stare in my eye until I was begging for an orgasm. She then released my dick and raised her head to about five inches over the top of my cock. In a hot, dirty voice she said "imagine me about to take your old teammate's huge cock in my mouth". That did it! I surprised both of us by shooting my load right then and there it was a powerful spurt hitting her lips and nose.

She laughed while rising from the floor to clean and towel herself dry. She then disappeared into the bedroom. I got myself together and in the process of drying myself I again became aroused. I walked out into the bedroom seeing her lying on our bed. She was still nude laying on top of the bed her knees apart fingering her clit with one finger and three fingers of her other hand reaching from under her butt cheek pumping slowly into a very moist pussy.

I stood there at the foot of the bed stroking my dick while we looked into each others eyes. She stopped what she was doing and said "lie down on the bed". She kissed me and then slid down to my hard cock lying on my stomach about two inches below my navel. She looked up at me and said in a sexy voice "It would so hot to have one of your big cock teammates lying naked right next to you." I'd love to do a side my side comparison, measuring your cocks" She thought about what she said, winked at me saying "well... 'd measure his COCK and your dick". I knew exactly what she meant by how she said it! The word COCK, when spoken by a beautiful and sexy wife, seemed to communicate a different level of desire. She seemed to be on fire. possess.

My wife then promptly raised herself up, moved herself over my rock hard cock... dick. She slid quickly down my short shaft the started to grind her wet pussy into my crotch, rocking herself quickly to a huge orgasm. Catching her breath she sat there on my lap with her eyes closed, literally shaking for what she called her best ever orgasm. She then fell off me onto the bed lying on her side, eyes closed taking in large, deep breaths of air. I leaned in on my side watching this incredibly sexy woman coming off a powerful climax and slowly settling into an easy, comfortable state of being. See then opened her eyes, smiled and whispered "man that wore me out" she then said "Honey, size really doesn't matter but its sure fun fantasizing about it sometimes." "Yeah right!" I said. We cuddle for a few more moments and decided that the chores could wait as we cuddled and fell back to relax.

Waking up a little later I turned on the bedroom television and started watching the early game. While watching the game I was reading the paper sipping on some coffee. I felt some rustling by my side and glancing over at my wife I could tell that she was not only awake but playing with herself as she watched the ballgame. I silently watched until I could not stand it any more and asked her "what's got into you?" Then I said "what's fair is fair" and pulled my little guy out for some stroking. We laid there watching each other masturbate me watching her checking out the packages on the players in the game. I knew the answer but I asked her anyways what she was thinking about. "I'm checking out the bulges in the player's uniforms" she responded. She then said she'd love to be in that locker room shower after the game like the female field announcers working the sidelines.

In a soft dreaming voice with her eyes slightly closed she asked me one final question about my locker room experience..."what was it like to see so many big cocks in one place?" I told her "I never thought about it". I said "I could never be in a situation like that now because I think I'd probably get a huge hard-on.....knowing you'd love to see those long, big, swinging cocks". With this answer, her pace of fingering increased, her eyes glazing over, her hips rising as she exploded into another strong orgasm. I was not far behind with my stroking. As my dick softened I began to think about how much fun I was going to have watching the afternoon game.

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