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Last night was college night at the local bar, so me and my wife Kayla headed out there as she likes to get the youngers ones as well as the older ones. Kayla is 39 years old and gets hit on a lot when she shows enough cleavage. So at the bare she drank a little and and flirted with several guys.

She had this hot little outfit on, black tight one piece skirt that came down to the top of her knees. After a couple hours she and one of the guys she been flirting with start making out in the corner. He was a fairly young slim guy. About 20 minutes later they come over to me, I'm sitting there just listening to the music and watching her. They come over to the table and sit down. We all talked for awhile, and we told him we were married and that I liked watching her with other men.

He thought it pretty odd but he said he was down. He told us he had a little suprise for Kayla. We go out shortly and get into our car. They climb in the back and I hopped on in the driver seat. I grabed a condom out the glove box and handed it to Kayla. At that moment he laughed and said thats not going to work, I laughed not catching what he meant.

They begain kissing and she stuck her hands down his pants and immedietly said "holy shit". She pulled it out and it was semi hard and freaking huge. She begain to suck it as I pulled out of the parking lot. He finally got as hard as he could but it was soooo big that it never got fully hard. I said I knew what he meant by the condom not working so I told him i'd run to the store and get them a Magnum.

When I got to the store, He had her dress down below her breasts and she had his shirt off and they were making out as she stroked his cock and he caressed her breasts. I told them to put the seat down while I was inside and that give them more room in the back. When I got back out I jumped in and looked back and they were butt naked in the 69 position and she was looking up at me with his cock in her mouth.

I started the car up and pulled off to the very far end of the parking lot, away from the entrance. I turned off the car and turned around to watch them. I opened up the magnums and gave one to her. She sat up on his face and opened it up. I was amazed at how freaking big it was. I asked her as she was opening the condom, "isn't that the biggest you've had?" and it was. It was almost twice as long as mine and thicker and I'm 7 1/2 inches.

I mean this guy should be in pornos. She started putting the condom on and couldn't get it on. After a minute the condom was fucked, so I handed her another, she climbed off him and told him to put it on. He looked at us and said, "hey, I'm willing to not use it if yall are." We looked at each other and I gave her the 'up to you' shrug.

She said. "why not, I just want to feel that big dick in me". She laid down with her head right between the front seats. I stratled the center console and watched as he grabed her ankles and spread her and took his dick and slowly penetrated her. She jumped as he entered and was like "careful, slower". She took it all, and after a few slow strokes she was taking a pounding. I bent down and kissed her as she moaned. I moved down to her nipples then her belly button as I bent over and got a closer look at the action. They fucked that way for a bit and he moved her on top of him and I continued to watch as she rode him.

I watched them for over an hour. By this time I was in the back leaning up against the back glass jerking my cock. They were both sweating so bad it looked like they just got out of a shower. He moved her from doggy to her back and went missionary on her. After a few minutes she began to get off, she started moaning slowly and saying he was hitting the right spot and not to stop. As she started getting extremly loud, he started to cum and she just repeated, "don't stop don't stop." and he said, "I'm cumming" and soon as he said that, she wrapped her legs around him, helping him and keeping him deep in her.

He blew his load and with a hard thrust and she screamed, and still moaned and when he was finished he kept going for a few moments till she was done. He slowly pulled out and I watched the cum pour out of her. He fell to the side of her and they both were just panting with exhaustion. I went over to her and grabbed up her legs and started kissing them. Then moved them down to her pubic area and couldn't help but just flick her clit with my tongue.

Then I slowly stuck my dick in her nice loose wet pussy, and with about 4 thrusts I came. I pulled out and looked at my cum soaked cock. He asked her to suck my cock. So I moved over to her and let her suck the juices off my cock. When she fell onto her back, he leaned over and started kissing her with long passoinate kisses. He put his hands to her pussy and started fingering it, then rubbing all the juices all over her puicy and stomach.

I put my clothes on, as they did a little after sex play, hopped in the front seat and headed back to the bar. When we got back, it was around 1 am. Kayla had to step out to finish putting the dress back on. We said goodbye and exchanged numbers. Kayla wanted to go back in so she fixed her makeup and hair and back in we went. We didn't have any intentions of hooking up, just wanted to relax a bit.

When we went in, the guy she just fucked, was standing with his friends at the pool table. He pointed and I could hear him say that was her, they all high fived him. We were sitting there watching some band try to sing some song they had no business singing when one of the friends came up and asked, "hey Andrew (fake name) said he just banged you, did he?" Kayla replied, "yeah he did and that fuckers got a big dick doesn't he?"

We both laughed and he said, "damn wish I could have got a piece of that".

Kayla looked at me and smiled, 20 minutes later I was driving down the road listening to her moan in the back. We went back to the same spot.




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