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My girlfriend and I have talked about the possibility of having a threesome for quite some time. The conversations usually went along the lines of me wanting her and another woman while she wanted me and another guy. We recently took a trip to Las Vegas, thinking this could be the opportunity to realize our fantasy. After all, like they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The plan was to check out the action in the hotel bar and maybe even the casino floor. Katherine came out from the bathroom after getting herself all dolled up wearing a VERY short, Very low cut dress. The dress came to just below her ass, leaving just enough to the imagination and her gorgeous nipples were practically poking through it. She topped it off with a pair of fuck-me spike heels. She asked me if I liked her outfit as my jaw hit the floor. I had never seen this one before. She told me she picked it out just for this occasion It took all I had to not throw her down on the floor and fuck her right there. Oh, by the way, she somehow "forgot" to put on any panties.

On the way down in the elevator Katherine told me how she was surprisingly not as nervous as she thought she would be. She told me she packed a few things special for the trip. Vibrators, her favorite dildo, She even confessed to buying a somewhat large strap-on. She blushed as she told me this. She wanted it to be a surprise for me to see her fuckinng some hot girl with it.

Not finding any suitable candidates in the bar we ventured out to the casino floor. After a few minutes of checking out the game tables we strolled through the lines of slots. Katherine stopped me, pointing out a smoking hot redhead at one of the machines. "How about her?" she asked. I looked down the row at her when something hit me. "I’ll be right back," I told her as I walked toward the redhead. Only I didn’t stop at her. A couple of machines further down was someone I thought Katherine would like better.

I introduced myself to Dave, a tall, well built guy. He could have been an athlete of some kind. About 6" 4", 225pounds. I told Dave that my girl wanted to fuck him and it would be all right with me if it was all right with him. He looked over at Katherine, whose mouth was hanging wide open at this point. He didn't say a word as he left his machine and walked up to her and kissed her deeply right there on the casino floor. He then walked towards the elevators. Katherine gave me the most confused look as I just shrugged my shoulders and gave her a wink. With that we followed Dave to the elevator. Not a word was said as we rode up to our floor and walked to our room.

Once inside the room Dave pulled Katherine to him and pulled her dress down off of her shoulders. He immediately went to work on her tits, sucking first the right nipple into his mouth, then the left. He kept alternating like this as Katherine pulled his head into her chest, moaning and starting to breathe harder.

She pulled his shirt up over his head as he worked on her tits. Dave then laid Katherine down on the bed, pulling her dress off the rest of the way. I could feel my cock grow as he knelt between her legs, kissing his way up her thighs. I took this as my cue to start taking my clothes off. Katherine gasped as Dave's tongue finally touched her pussy. What a sight it was to see another guy licking her. Katherine threw her head back as he ate her. Moaning, eyes closed. Enjoying it thoroughly. I climbed up on the bed next to her and rubbed the head of my cock across her mouth. She eagerly took my cock into her mouth, damn near taking the whole length at once, not that I'm huge by any means. Katherine wrapped one hand around my cock as she sucked me, the other hand was holding Dave's head tightly into her dripping pussy.

Her body rocking as she ground herself into his face. I could tell it wouldn't be long before she would cum. And sure enough, she did, screaming out "I'm cummmmmiiinnnngggg!!!!!!!!!" When she finally came down Dave stood up and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. As he did this Katherine turned over on her hands and knees, keeping my cock in here mouth. She didn't see what was about to happen. But I did. Dave's cock was hard as a rock. It was easily curving upwards in the air.

He started rubbing the head up and down Katherine's dripping slit before slowly sliding it into her. Katherine stopped what she was doing and looked back at Dave. "Oh………..my…………..God!!!!!!" she screamed out as he slid the entire length into her. Dave started fucking her, slowly at first then building up the pace. I just backed away and watched my girl get fucked by this hard cock.

Katherine leaned down and buried her head into the pillows as she screamed in delight. He was fucking her so good. I stood back, stroking my own cock, loving what I was watching. I asked Dave to lay back so Katherine could ride him. I wanted to see that cock in her pussy. As they changed positions I could see that Katherine had tears running down her cheeks. He literally fucked her to tears. She gave me a quick kiss before she mounted him, Whispering "thank you" to me.

Katherine guided Dave's cock to her pussy as she climbed up on him. I could see her lips stretching around his cock as she began to ride him. Nice and slow she fucked him. Her tits hanging down in his face. Dave reached up to play with her tits, once again working each nipple in turn. Watching this gave me an idea. I reached over into Katherine's bag of tricks and found some lube. I oiled my cock up and climbed up on the bed behind her. I guided the head of my cock to her tight asshole and slid into her. She stopped long enough for me to get inside. Soon we were fucking like a well oiled machine. Dave in her stretched out pussy and me in her oh so tight ass.

Katherine screaming out with each thrust. She's always been more of a moaner but I guess with two cocks inside her it was enough to make her scream. Katherine rode our cocks for a few more minutes before I started to feel her ass contract around my cock I knew what was coming ... her. She let out a long, loud scream as she came. Not missing a beat, she climbed off and knelt between me and Dave, taking our cocks in each hand. First she sucked Dave into her mouth as she stroked my cock. Then she did the same to me. Back and forth she stroked and sucked until we were both ready to cum. She then aimed both of us at her tits and had us cover them with load after load of hot cum.

Katherine leaned over and kissed me, our tongues dancing together. She then turned to Dave and kissed him as well, thanking him for a great ride. Dave in turn thanked her, saying most girls he meets are too afraid to take his rough and fast fucking. He just couldn't turn down an opportunity like this.

Three days left in Vegas.

I wonder what will happen next.

- Mike





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