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My wife and I have read the stories here a couple of times per week over the past couple of years but we mostly just lurk, but this week has been mind blowing. A little background about us:

We are a couple that have been in the lifestyle for about 10 years. Swing clubs, meets and greets, internet hook-ups but most of this is with another couple. She although loves to fuck and I found out that I like to have her fuck more than I enjoy fucking another woman. Cause women are so dam hard to figure out - especially how to push the right buttons.

Well she takes to fucking lots of online men and also my friends, mostly married friends where she is a friend to the wife also. Many of the guys she has fucked over the years have been friends in sexless marriages and they just love to have fun with her.

I know about every little detail but only a couple of the guys know that I know and that I not only approve, I love it. This week has been the best week yet. It started last Sat. night while we all went out to the bar. Wife got to feeling really good and doing her normal thing which is heavy flirting. She would go dance with someone and come back and whisper to me that she felt his cock, or that so and so would not stop brushing her nipples.

This went on for hours at the bar and finally a FB of hers that I know showed up. Well she walks out to the truck with him for a little 420, rubbin on him and him rubbin on her. He had his hand down her pants a couple of times where I could see her eyes roll and I knew. Well about then a darn fight broke out and it was time to go quickly so we loaded into my truck and we headed home.

We did finally make it home when she said what did I think about her playing this week while I was upstate working. I said fine thinking she wanted her regular FB. Well low and behold she wanted him but also my 2 freinds at the bar. She said she wanted them both, one each night and me on the next one. I was telling her how I would love for her to have been filled by 3 different cocks in a week while I was out of town.

We did not even make it out of the yard before I had bent her over the lawn chair doggy style. With her telling me to cum so I could go ahead and clean her out and then I could really get to fucking her. Well this sent me over the edge and right there on the lawn I filled her with her first load of the week. We quickly ran in the house to the room and she kept telling me that she could not wait to fuck Rick on Monday night. Man I was hot as hell with my face buried in her filled pussy. She began to slowly chant Monday, 'I'll have Rick, Tuesday I'll have Alan, Wednesday I'll have Rusty' ... over and over she was saying this, I was so hard I could not hear her no more I wanted to be in her.

So I slid up and in the whole time she is chanting. I unloaded deep inside her as she passes out. The next morning we both awoke very late and feeling a little hung over and our night really did not come up in conversation until about 4 pm. She walked past with her tits out of her bra and said remember what I might be getting this week. I almost fell over right then as another friend had stopped by had his back to her whien she flashed me and made her comment. My other friend kind of grinned and ask what that was about, with a sheepish smile I said that she was going to get some new shoes. LOL

So now comes Monday morning and I am getting ready to go up North, when she turns over and gives me a kiss and says she will have a suprise for me or 3. I am just going nuts all the way to work and throughout the morning when she sends me a text that says "looks like I might start the week off good " It's killing me at this point so we have a little mindless banter over the phone while I am working.

I usually do not call home on Monday night since I just left and there really ain't much to talk about. So as I am drifting off to sleep my phone goes off at 10:00. It is a message from her that reads "1st guy 2 loads on our bed." I got rock hard in a second, texted her back to see who it was when she says she is tired and headin to bed. So I lay there wondering who had just fucked my wife in our bed and filled her with 2 loads of cum.

The next morning I awoke to a message that read "Not a new one YET but one I like" whick I took as her FB who knows I know to an extent. Then the next message reads "he had me doggy style on your side of the bed first, then he laid me on my back in the bed and filled me again......." The thought of him taking her in our bed was great since this is the first time she has done him in our house. They have fucked outside, in the truck, garage but never in the house much less in our bed.

She then sends me a message ; "Going to work talk to you later" So now I am at work with a raging hard on wanting to spread my wife's pussy and lick her clean. But I have 3 more days to wait.

But the week keeps getting better.

I call her Tuesday afternoon to see what is going on, and the first thing out of her mouth is that she has been leaking his cum all day and her panties are soaked. We talk for awhile as she will not get into too many details while on the phone ( always kidding around ). We get ready to end the conversation and the last thing she says is " ot my choice tonight but can not decide" and hung up.

Well, Tuesady night came and went and I did not hear anything else from her until I was leaving the hotel the Weds. morning. My phone goes off with a message so while sitting in traffic I take a look at it and here is what I saw "Al came over last night but everyone was still up so we went to your office in the garage."

Well I could not respond until I got to work and I sent her a text to ask what went on, she told me that I was only allowed to hear about it after I get home Thursday night. She did tell me that she was so full every step she took she felt her pussy leaking. I instantly had to rub my cock through my jeans. I thought I was going to cum right there. I had so many images running through my head of how she looked while taking his cock into her. She called me after lunch while on her lunch break and it was all we could talk about.

She said it was great but kind of dissapointing as he was not nearly as hung as she thought. She likes a nice thick cock and since I am 7.5" and pretty thick she has gotten spoiled. Turns out that AL was only about 6" and not very thick but did know how to use it, he filled her after about 5 minutes of fucking but she was not able to cum. She said that she knelt down on the carpet to take him in her mouth and after only a minute he pushed her away saying that he was not able to hold out much longer if she kept sucking him off, and since my wife can not take a load in her mouth he thought it was better to just get on with the reason he was there.

My wife was all too happy she said. After telling me that she stopped she told me that she had to get back to work but was getting alot of texts from my third friend Rusty. Asking her if I was going to be back in town Weds, or thrusday. She quickly told him Thursday night and that she would be getting home about 5:30.

Well Rusty has to drive right by our house on his way home about the same time. So now I sit the rest of the day wondering if she was going to actually pull off 3 guys in 3 nights. I was aching with pleasure and she knew it all to well. Well I was back at the hotel that night looking and reading this site among others when my phone goes off and says, "You better not be touching your cock." well like I said she knows me all too well.

I texted her back and asked her about the 3rd in 3 days and she said she did not know yet and since it was getting late she figured that Rusty chickened out and she was done for the week. Which she said was kind of fine since she was tired from a long week and working and fucking and that 3 loads by 2 men should be fine. I was all too happy to agree but was really hoping to have 3 different cocks fucking my wife in 3 days.

So comes Thrusday morning, I get up and pack my stuff and get checked out ready for my last day then I was hauling ass to the house. Then the phone rings .........

Well here is the remaining highlights from the week..... I head on in to work and all I can think about is my wife fucking and sucking others for the past 2 days. I am thinking that the possible 3 in 3 days was lost since late the evening before she hadn't heard anything from our friend Rusty. I spend all day dreaming of what she has done and what she will do to me. Mind you this is not the best thing to do since I work in a very dangerous environment but my mind keeps drifting back there.

Finally after what seemed likes ages it was time to go. I have a couple hours drive to get home I text her to let her know that I am on the road, and do not receive a reply. I figured she is still at work and gotten busy when she sends me a little note that says "I am busy right now, got your 3rd ". I instanly went hard and started rubbing myself while driving down I-77 south. My mind was racing as fast as I was driving with thoughts of what she was doing at 6:00 in the afternoon or better yet where she was doing it.

I got home a little past 7:00, and walked in the house. Wife was making dinner at this point with a sheepish grin on her face. I walked right up to her and gave her a big kiss and looked at her with the biggest smile. The kiddies were still running around while I stood in the kitchen and watch her every so often give me the look. The look of I have just been fucked. Finally it was time to hit the bed as soon as the kids were asleep. She told me to wait 5 minutes and then come to bed.

I walked in and she was laying on the bed with her legs spread wide saying she had done her job all week, now it was my turn. I layed right down between her legs and gazed at her swollen and I mean very swollen pussy. She said that I needed to hurry and dig in since it was barley 3 hours ago she had Rusty in the back on the minivan parked on a backroad. I almost shot my load right then. She had showered each day but only lightly rubbed her pussy as to not lose anything.


- 37yomale




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