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There is an adventure that really stands out in my memory involving three of us (me, wife and a male freind) going to a sporting event together. My wife had obtained a free night in a hotel and we decided to take advantage of using it after the sporting event.

We hadn't discussed plans for our friend to join us at the hotel, but I thought it might be a possibility.

We checked in to the hotel and got our key and briefly checked out the room. We went to our friend's house to drop off our children (his wife was going to baby sit) and picked him up. He rode in the front seat of the car with me while she sat in the back seat, chatting like old friends do.

When we arrived, we got our tickets and entered. We purchased beers and she said she wanted to use the restroom before we found seats. She grabbed his hand, and they walked toward to restroom while I stood there watching.

They returned together and we found some seats in the bleachers with my wife sitting between us. When they had finished their beers, she told me to go get three beers. It was obvious she didn't plan on going with me, so I went on my mission alone. The remainder of the event, if either of them went somewhere, they went together. If I needed to go somewhere, I went alone.

There was no sexual contact between them as we were in a public near our friend's home, but I often think the people around us most likely thought my wife and my best friend were the married couple, and I was just a friend. When I thought about that, I had feelings of humiliation, but was very turned on.

When the event was over, we went to the car. We stood in the parking lot talking while waiting for the traffic to disperse. When we were finally about to leave, my wife walked up to our friend and says, "So, do you think you want to go check out our hotel room?"

He looked into her eyes and she started to get that nervous giggle that I've seen so many times. After several seconds he responds, "Yeah... that could be fun." That was all that needed to be said and we were in the car driving to the hotel.

I sat there driving thinking I was driving them to a hotel so they could fuck. Again, I felt humiliation, but my dick was rock hard. At this point I have to mention that we haven't done anything cuckold-like ever and had only talked about it and enjoyed the fantasy in bed.

This friend was brought up many times and I was surprised at how bold my wife was acting at this point - not even asking me permission or anything to be the way she was with him.

Anyway, on the way, my stomach started doing flip flops. I thought it was from the excitement, but as soon as we arrived at the hotel and I opened the door for them, I had to run to the restroom and started sweating profusely.

It turns out I was having a severe reaction to some food I had eaten earlier and luckily the only reaction was to sweat a lot. When I walked out of the restroom, I wasn't immediately thinking about them until I heard my friend say, "Your wife seems to think I have too many clothes on. What do you think I should do?"

I look towards him to see my wife sliding his underwear down his legs to join his jeans. His shirt was already removed and he was standing there basically nude. I laid down on the bed closest to the restroom and simply responded, "I think you'll think of something." With just being sick, I didn't feel up to participating with them so I sat in the large recliner and watched.

My wife was still clothed but as she lowered herself to slide his jeans and underwear off his feet, he took hold of her blouse and pulled it over her head. When he was completely nude before her, she placed a gentle kiss on the head of his hardening cock and started to slowly stoke it.

He unhooked the clasp on her bra and she let it fall from her shoulders. His hands began stroking her nipples quickly bringing them to full hardness. My wife then stood and slid her slacks and panties off in one motion. Now they are both completely nude and she motions for him to lay on the other bed.

She reaches for his hard cock and begins to stroke it and engulfed it in her wonderful mouth. After a few moments of this, he moves in a position that allows him to pull her into a sixty-nine. For a moment, I was in the perfect position to watch his tongue work on her pussy and clit. Very soon after this started, I went to get a bottle of water from the fridge.

When I returned, she was coming down from an orgasm. She slowly pulled away from his tongue and they changed positions on the bed again. She moved on top of him so they were facing me. She rubbed her pussy along his shaft for a short time and then I saw her rise and aim his cock towards the sweet spot. As I saw her lower herself on his cock and let out a moan, I again felt very small and humiliated.

They fucked for a short time this way and both came fast. He recovered from his orgasm and told her he'd better get home because it was getting late. My wife was tired but raised up to let his cock free, and rolled to the side.

She kissed his nipple as he got up. He went to the restroom to clean up. I helped my sweet wife get under the blankets and kissed her good night. I whispered in her ear that I loved her and would be back shortly. She let out a soft moan and went to sleep.

Our friend came out of the restroom and got dressed. He checked himself in the mirror and said he was ready to go. On the drive to his house, I was hit with the feeling of embarrassment and humiliation of driving home my best friend... the man who had just fucked my wife... like I was a chauffeur.

I returned to the hotel finding my wife already sound asleep. After using the restroom, I climbed into the extra bed so I wouldn't wake her. I watched her sleep from the light coming into the room until I fell asleep.

In the morning, I felt better and we went at it like rabbits talking about the previous day. It was sublime. Shortly after we went and picked up our children, and we headed home ending this adventure. These are the only pictures she would allow me to post since they don't show her face or anything that will give her identity away.

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