Setting Out to Share Her



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The Mrs and I have a fantastic sex life and enjoy each other all the time.

We live in Atlanta, Georgia.

I always wanted to share or let my wife go with another man. She had had a good variety before our marriage but once we met she stayed loyal to me. I asked her to try someone else and eventually she did. She crossed paths with an old boyfriend and we invited him over and we all ended up in bed. It was good and he became a regular visitor to our home. I didnít mind and quite enjoyed it. Jan did for a while as well. But after about a year it was Jan who ended it. She believed that he viewed her as just a fuck when he didnít have anyone else and she felt she was being used. She wanted to try something else and I was happy to go along with her.

Her plan was to go out and find someone new and unknown to both of us.

We went out and found a good looking guy online and he soon worked out what we wanted. We got a motel room and had a threeway. Both of us males came twice be we parted company with him. I supplied the condoms and used one myself so there was no confusion.

We both enjoyed the situation and although good, we never saw that guy again.

Next time we found another guy in a bar. We got a table and there was dancing which Jan and he enjoyed. While dancing he was all over her, touching and rubbing. She liked it and when they sat down he was playing under the table. I suggested a room and thatís where we headed.

When we got into the room he was all over her and she him. I just let him go and he undressed her, he ate her and he fucked her. I was still fully dressed and they were so involved with one another it almost seemed that they did not notice me. My wife Jan told me later that she did not forget me but thought that I may just want to watch. She had thought I might want that although I had never said it. Smart girl. When they did finish I got undressed and fucked her. He was ready again joined in.

I could go on how we further developed what we both like but this is what we do now.

When we meet a guy we get a room. I go to the hotel desk and pay for the room. The desk clerk usually says is that a room for 3 people. I say no, I am not staying. That is a thrill in itself. What are they thinking now?

We go to the room. He fucks her while I watch. If he is just an average fuck then Jan will say to me to take my clothes off and join them and we may have a threeway or we both have her one at a time before the night ends. If he is a good catch and she feels good about the guy then after I have watched him fuck her then she will say. Honey, will you leave me here and come back in the morning and get me. I then leave and go home. She will text me in the morning when she is ready to be picked up. I love this set up. I will not have cum and I never touch my cock. I get to the hotel and if there is time before checkout then I will fuck her good. I can make it last, I donít have to cum quick. She will cum and when I do itís like Christmas.

This will be the first fuck without a condom. She will be very wet but not creamy. We are careful.

Then we go home and I fuck her again. She will tell me about the night. What he did, what she did and what was said. Some guys get off wanting to know about me and how I feel. She tells all.

If the guy was a good one she will have his number and she will call him again. This saves being disappointed when you go out and donít find one suitable or get a waste of time. We donít stick to regulars though, we know our rules and what suits us.

Atlanta has about 5 million people so there are a lot of bars, clubs and we never see the same people when we go out. Jan likes blacks, we are both white. Itís definitely not cock size, she loves the contrast, black against white. Itís also more forbidden. It is for me as well. Booking a room at a hotel with a black man beside me is awesome.

We never bring anyone home anymore. It costs a hotel room but we can afford that.

So if that makes me a cuckold then so be it. We donít do it all the time, maybe once a month sometimes more depending on how we feel or what else we are doing. We have a very frequent sex life between these nights.

I think is great that I set out to share her and let her have some freedom. She in turn worked out what I wanted or needed. She loves it, I love it. It sure works.

- Jack & Jan





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