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I have a sort of an unusual story about how I became a cuck. Lucy (not her real name) and I met in our 20's and were always "just friends," despite the fact that I'd made a pass at her at first, and always had a crush on her. She's very sexy and to top it all off, she's got a very sexy personality. Needless to say, she can have any guy she wants, and in college she did.

The year after graduation I moved to the west coast, and I found a new roommate named JD who was your typical alpha male. He was brash and overconfident, very funny, muscular with rough hands. I can't even tell you how many times I would come out of my room to find a new woman in the kitchen wearing his boxers and t-shirt. One day he was in my room and saw a picture of Lucy, and let's just say he expressed his approval. He asked me if I'd ever banged her and I had to say no, unfortunately, I hadn't.

That put an idea in my head that made me so hard, I almost came in my pants right there. I would get Lucy to come visit with me, and I'd let JD take it from there. She and I had already discussed having her come out and visit, so it wouldn't be a strange idea. Several months later, her trip was almost a reality, and I let JD know that she was coming... and that he had my full permission and encouragement to bed her while she was staying with me. JD, being the kind of guy who doesn't think too far past the next orgasm, thought it was a great idea.

Lucy arrived looking sexier than I had ever seen her before, dressed in a tight tank top that showed off her marvelous breasts, and my heart was pounding. When I brought her back to the house, she and JD had a brief and businesslike introduction. I could tell that he was just playing it cool and not seeming interested, while she became noticeably fidgety while she looked at him. That night she and I went out without him and had some drinks, during which she announced, "for the record, your roommate is way hot." I knew the deal was all but sealed, but that she would only fuck JD behind my back, being my friend and not wanting to flaunt her sexuality and lack of interest in me to my face.

Luckily, I was working for some of the days she was staying with us, and JD would be home. (He had an unusual schedule of being away and on the job almost constantly for two weeks at a time, then having two weeks with nothing to do at home.) On Sunday night, she and I discussed her plans for sightseeing on Monday, even though we both really knew what was going to happen when I went out the door. As I headed out for work Monday morning, she was sitting on the couch in her pajamas, and he was a short distance away at the table eating breakfast.

Needless to say, I was not very productive at work that day. I couldn't think of anything other than Lucy and JD naked on his bed, fucking in every position imaginable. Shortly before lunchtime I nervously made a call to her cell phone, trying my best not to betray the anxiety in my voice, though my mouth and throat felt like sandpaper. She answered, sounding cheerful, and I asked what she had been up to. Just hanging around the house so far, she said. I quickly got myself out of that conversation, ducked into the men's room across the hall (fortunately nobody saw me), and shot my load almost the second my pants went down. For a moment I felt sick and ashamed, but the lust came back quickly. I wasn't able to eat lunch, and I pretended to work through the rest of the day.

When I arrived home, it was a gift: neither of them were there. I ran into JD's room and saw that the bed was unmade--which was not at all unusual--but there was a definite smell of sex in the room. I looked in JD's trash can and found the proof: three used condoms, with cum inside. Once again, I barely had enough time to get my pants down before semen shot out with a velocity that I would never have thought was physically possible. Filled with an anxious and self-loathing excitement, I rearranged his sheets to cover the evidence of my visit, washed my hands, and did the only thing that seemed logical: I went for a run to get rid of all that adrenaline.

By the time I came back, they were both in the apartment, having gone out together to get take-out for the three of us. It was a little easier for me to act natural having just run like a maniac and there no longer being any question about my plans coming to fruition. As we ate, they didn't touch each other, but were definitely acting flirtatious in a way that they hadn't before. I managed to tamp down my jealousy and egg them on a little bit. She slept on the couch again that night, but I suspected that by the end of her stay she would be relaxing in JD's bed.

Things got still more interesting a couple nights later. We all went out to a bar together, had lots to drink, and the truth serum that is holy water worked its magic. My drunken female friend asked if I knew she and my roommate were fucking while I was at work, right?, and I said yeah, I figured that out by now, and made some lame joke about it being part of the hospitality we provided. She asked if I was okay with it, and I said of course, and she seemed to get excited, and then she asked if she could relax in JD's bed that night, and I said of course, and by now my dick was rock hard. I had known from secondhand stories and insinuations about what an active sex life she had, but this was one of the few times we had ever addressed it directly. JD put his hand on her thigh, she leaned against him, and she suggested that we all go home.

I sat against the wall between my and JD's room, shivering, trying to hear everything I could. Once I was sure that they were getting busy, I went out into the hallway, knowing that I could hear better through a door than through the wall. I could hear smacking lips and the sounds of bodies moving against the sheets, and I thought for a moment that they were already having sex, but then I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper opening. The temptation to grab myself was enormous. I felt a little bit dizzy as I realized that I was listening to Lucy-- my friend Lucy, that smoking hot woman who I loved and who had never been mine-- was about to surrender her exquisite body to my meathead roommate.

What followed was evidently a few minutes of him performing oral sex on her, judging by the relative stillness and her increasingly loud moans and heavy breathing. And then, the first thrust. She let out a gasp as the bed creaked a single time. Then the creaks continued, rhythmically, as her panting became more frantic. "Oh fuck, JD," she said, and at the sound of that I came hard in my underwear. He started thrusting a lot more energetically, and their skin slapped together loudly as he moved in and out of her. "Oh fuck me, FUCK!" she shouted, surrendering to her first orgasm of the evening.

They had sex for more than an hour before falling silent for a while, so I went to relax.

The next day, Lucy and JD were very open about touching and kissing around the house and in front of me. I listened to them fuck again from outside the door the following night, wishing that I could watch what was going on inside... but this was new territory and I had to remind myself that I would need to continue living with JD after Lucy left. As it turned out, that second night of me listening in was JD's last night in the house before going away for work for two weeks, and Lucy was still staying with me for one additional night after that. Things were bound to get interesting.

The day JD left, I watched from the window as Lucy walked him out to his cab and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. I sat on the couch and waited for her to come back, and to my surprise she sat right up next to me and leaned her head on my shoulder. I confessed right there that I had found her and JD's escapades extremely hot, and my only regret was that I didn't get to watch. She admitted that she liked the idea of an audience too-- she liked the idea of me being both shocked and turned on by her voracious sexual appetite. We talked for a few more minutes and then I got an idea: why not post an ad and pictures (see attached) of her online, including the condition that the lucky guy would have an audience. She loved the idea. I asked her what kind of guy she preferred, and she said muscular and aggressive. I typed up the ad, attached a picture of her, and waited for the flood to begin. Then, unexpectedly, she leaned over and gave me a kiss with just a little bit of tongue. My heart began to race--I felt exhilarated and a little bit guilty. "That's as far as I'm ever going to get with you, isn't it?" I blurted out. "Pretty much," she said.

Needless to say, within an hour there were dozens of replies. I called her over to look through them with me, and as we scrolled through the e-mails she placed a teasing hand on my thigh, just inches from my throbbing dick but never actually touching it. There were about five guys in the bunch who caught her interest, and one she especially liked named Eddie. His e-mail complimented her body and promised to make her toes curl, and he sent a picture of himself in a bathing suit. He looked like a bodybuilder, with tattoos stretching from his broad shoulders down his huge triceps and biceps. What Lucy liked most of all was his huge chest and rippling abs-- the kinds of muscle that cast shadows in the sunlight.

Eddie left his cell number in the e-mail, and Lucy called him right away. From listening to her end of the conversation, it seemed like he didn't believe at first that we were for real, but she put on her best bedroom voice and the deal was sealed. He was coming over at eight. I just hoped that the guy in the picture was really the one coming over.

A few minutes past 8, the doorbell rang. I was in the kitchen, out of sight of the front door, mixing takes for Lucy and Eddie. My cock was getting hard and I was fighting off waves of nausea as I nervously anticipated what was going to happen. I told Lucy that I would make myself scarce at the beginning, to give them a little bit of time to get comfortable without having an audience from the very beginning. I heard her open the door and a brief exchange of hellos, and then there was the sound of a kiss. My nausea got the best of me and I ran into the bathroom, shut the door behind me and, trying to muffle the sound, threw up into the toilet. Pull yourself together, you want this, I kept repeating to myself as I hurriedly cleaned up, flushed the toilet, and tried to get the smell out of the bathroom and off of me.

When I had regained my composure, I brought the drinks out. They were sitting in the living room, her on the couch and him perpendicular to her on a chair. He was very much the guy in the picture-- shorter than I would have expected, but intimidatingly muscular. He wore a polo shirt that hugged his torso and did little to conceal his tattoos. Lucy introduced us and I offered a clammy hand into his firm handshake. We made awkward small talk for a few minutes, and I could tell he was not at all impressed with me. I couldn't stop thinking about Lucy naked and pinned underneath him as he had his way with her, and I left them to their drinks, conversation, and whatever would come next.

I lay on my bed in my room for a while, just waiting, my heart pounding so badly that I could see my pulse in my eyes, my dick still rock hard pushing against the inside of my jeans. After what felt like forever, I walked over to my door, which was open a crack, and peered outside into the living room. Lucy was kneeling on the floor in front of Eddie, his pants were down, and she was rubbing up and down his cock with her hand while she looked up at him and smiled mischievously. I had, of course, expected that he'd have a monstrous cock. His was a little bit longer than mine, maybe about 7 inches, and he had a small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Then she lifted his fully erect cock and began to lick, starting from his balls all the way up the shaft. I had already come in my pants by this point, which only served to increase my offense and sense of inadequacy, but I could not tear my eyes away from Lucy playing with this random guy's dick. She gave several short licks to his head and then took him in her mouth and began to suck, and if she tilted her head from side to side I could see the bulge in her cheek. His head (the one on the end of his neck, hehe) fell back and he sighed and told her she sucked great dick. She alternated for several minutes between running her tongue up his shaft, caressing his cock with her hands and sucking more and more energetically on his dick, a few times getting almost the whole cock in her mouth. He looked at me for the first time since I reappeared and said "she's fuckin' awesome" and began to stroke her hair.

I can't even tell you how much time I'd spent obsessing over the thought of Lucy naked, so when he leaned down and pulled her tank top up over her head and off, I thought to myself that I'd finally found a way-- even if it was not the way I had imagined-- to see what was under her clothes. She stood up, now down to her bra, and pulled his polo shirt off. She ran her hand over his six-pack as he reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. Oh my God, did she have marvelous breasts. Not that it was any surprise, and not like I hadn't seen most of them bulging out from under a tight top before. They were round and suckable. He stepped out of his pants and started to unfasten her belt as he kissed and licked around one of her nipples. Her jeans went down, revealing the nice thighs and legs that I had admired so many times, and then he pulled down her underwear. Her pussy was clean-shaven, and as she sat back on the couch I looked in astonishment at her labia and clit. He leaned over and kissed her neck, and then put two fingers inside of her...

They went on for hours and I could too but this is already getting long enough. When I have time I'll write more.

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