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So my wife says she has something to tell me! - My wife walks past me on her way to the front door. She says "I'm going to the pool I'll be back later." This was around ten o'clock at night. I asked "isn't it a little late to go to the pool?" She said "no its still open." I noticed she is not wearing a swim suit. I asked "why are you going up there?" and she said she was just going up to tell the kids to come home. She was dressed a little better then usual for retrieving kids, but it was not unlike her to dress like she was. I asked her why she was dressed so nicely and she said, "I just wanted to". She returned about an hour later, and I asked what took so long? She said she ran into someone she knew and they chatted it up for a while. This was last year.

She and I have been together for quite a few years. We met on a dating site and I had it in my profile that I was into swinging, cuckolding and swapping. Our relationship was based on this understanding. I am a fan of the cuckolding sites and we often read the stories together. We have dabbled in each area and I have even let her date and go off with other men and on trips a few times. She always told me what she was up to and who she was with. She knows how excited I get when she is with someone else and she enjoys being a hot-wife but she has always been submissive and never pro-active.

Fast forward a year later. So she comes to me and says, "I always see you on those cuckold sites and I read your stories. I have asked you many times if you wanted me to take a lover but you never give me a straight answer. So I have something to tell you. Do you remember last year when I went to the pool at ten o'clock at night? It wasn't to get the kids, it was to meet a guy I have been chatting with on-line for the previous month." She proceeds to tell me how she knows of my interest in cuckolding and decided to put an ad on a dating site to find a "friend with benefits". He had sent her a text her that he was in the area and wanted to meet her.

She dressed in a short skirt and a low cut blouse. Her tits were on display and her long legs unencumbered by panties. She says "We met by the pool in the dark and chatted for a little while. Then he asked me to his car. We got in and started making out." His hand found its way up her skirt and his fingers into her tight pussy. He felt up her boobs and ass while he tongue kissed her over and over.

She told him "follow me" and they got out of the car and walked downhill to some secluded tennis courts. She tells me that they made out some more and her hand had found its way into his trousers and to his hard cock. He unfastened his pants and she slid them down to his knees. His large thick cock glistened in the moon light as she lifted her skirt and turned around showing him her beautiful tight ass.

She bent over and he took his large cock and started probing her between the legs. She had told him that she was married and that I was into cuckolding, so she was going to see how interested I really was. That she wanted him to take her bareback and to cum in her as it was her intention to give me sloppy second sex when she got home. He obliged her and his cock slipped easily into her vagina all the way to her inner reaches.

She put her hands out in front of her and held on to a tree and her entry into true fendom cuckoldry began. He thrust into her like he was on a mission. To own a married woman sexually while her husband waited for her at home. He came his load deep into her making her orgasm in a torrent of wetness and emotional release that took both of their breaths away finishing with his cock ball-skin deep inside her. After a minute he caught his breath, then slid out of his new claimed possession, my wife vagina, and now his lover. She pulled her skirt down, they said their good nights and she left to come home.

Later that night when we were in bed, she asked "If I were ever with another man do you think you could tell?" I said, "of course." Mostly because I thought I could and I also I wanted her to think I could. So she says "well tell me if I feel like have been fucked". So I felt inside of her and said "nope." She asked "well smell me and tell me if I smell like sex?" I did and I also tasted her, she seemed normal.

So I said again "no." Bear in mind that she had not showered and was full of cum only thirty minutes old. Looking back now I feel slighted as I was denied the pleasure of enjoying her in her used sloppy condition. I also feel somewhat humiliated that she was fucking someone and kept it a secret from me for a year. We proceed to make love, me adding to her sperm collection, and then went to sleep.

She invited him over the next time, when I was out of town, bringing him into our bedroom slipping his pants down and taking his dick into her mouth giving him the first of many deep throat blow jobs. The next time he came over she lay on her back to receive him, when he asked "don't you want me to use condoms?" She said no that she could not get pregnant and that he had already cum in her so there was no point in using them now.

They continued to meet and have sex for the next year often leaving wet spots in our marital bed and him using my things as he assumed his place as what he thought would be his replacing me as the primary copulator and accessorer to my wife's body. His being married also, did not stop them going to public parks and making public displays of affection, usually culminating in his cumming inside of my wife in some secluded alcove. As his wife, being unaware of their dating as was I, it would have ended in disaster had they been recognized.

She proceeds to tell me that she became primary in this guys life. He was not close to his wife and began to use my wife as his emotional and sexual replacement. He would get jealous of her spreading her legs for and spending her time with me and him not being her primary suitor. I found out later that he was texting her all through our vacation and was getting mad that she would not answer his text and that she was away for too long. When he announced that he was getting divorced the dynamics of their relationship changed. He had become possessive and now available, he became to close and his designs on them running away together were not going to happen. She says "I'm telling you this so you will know, and so you can enjoy the submissive side of cuckolding and being a cuck!"

She tells me she has a new ad on her dating site, she will not tell me what site it is. Its the only secret she keeps from me so don't ask me for it. I would not give it out if I did know. That's her personal and private business. She is the one that decides who gets access to her body. All I do is decide if I want to share her or not. She has interviews set up this week and says she will have a replacement lined up and inside of her soon.

Good luck and happy cuckolding.






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