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For about five years now my wife has been cuckolding me with a guy she was blowing and fucking all throughout college. As I have said to some of our chat partners, he has become a good friend, so much so that we socialize with him when our busy schedules allow. Unfortunately, for all this time I have never been present to watch my slut wife suck his cock and fuck him.

Whether somewhat shy or possibly a bit reluctant to have an audience, he, not my wife, has always preferred to fuck her in private, although I must say he has always been willing to provide me with nice photographs of my wife spreading her pussy, blowing him, and /or the cumshot!

The last time my wife fucked him was this past Tuesday. I wrote about it to some of our profile friends. Today to my surprise the telephone rang and it was him on his cell phone. He said he needed for me to provide with some advice about a non-related issue, something having to do with my profession.

We spoke for some time and I answered his questions. I asked him where he was and what he was doing. He told me he was with some guys from work at a bar having a few drinks. As it so happened, I myself had enjoyed a few glasses of wine over lunch with my wife. Perhaps it was the alcohol or maybe my pent up frustration, but in any case I decided to ask him the million dollar question.

Broaching the subject very carefully, I expressed to him my desire to be in the same room when he fucks my wife. Even if only once, it was something I told him I would love to experience. Not wanting to scare him off, I did not get crazy and talk about taking pictures of the action nor of eating her out while he was fucking her, nor of any other participation on my part. Keeping it simple and sane, and telling him that I just would really like to watch him work her over, was all I said.

Holding my breath, I waited for an answer. What he said next really rocked me. He told me that my wife had mentioned this to him several times. She even said that she would like me there to eat her out after he came in her. He said that he had thought about it for awhile prior to this conversation and thought it would be OK, as long as everybody was really OK with the idea. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Not wanting to press my luck and further, we agreed to meet up, just the two of us, for drinks in the next week or so. At that time we would talk about it some more and put a plan together!

When I got off the phone, I relayed the context of the conversation to my wife. She was happy but cautious. First she asked me if I would really be OK with watching another man fuck her. I replied that since I not only approved of her fucking him but often facilitated the activities, why would I mind? Then she asked if I would be ready to go down on her and lick out his cum after he shot his load inside her, as that's something she really wanted me to do. I reassured that I most definitely would!

So for now I will wait until we get together and put a plan into action. I just hope that for his part it wasn't the alcohol talking to give him the courage to do something he is yet to do; fuck my wife's mouth and pussy with me watching! I will update all as it plays out over the next couple of weeks!





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