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Hi to all. My name is Hotwife K and I live near Worcester. My husband and I love roleplay and we really love the cheating fantasy. We both cum VERY quickly when we talk about me having other guys! I've never been able to help myself when it comes to men, but then I finally met Steve and he has never minded my appetite for men.

When we had only been going out for less than 6 months I had started seeing two other guys (one of which used to come over to mine regularly) I had been sleeping with them for weeks but little did I know at the time that Steve knew about them both and had watched me with them! One night we were having dinner and he told me he had seen me shagging in the front room while he watched through the letter box and saw me kissing heavily with the other guy in my car.

I burst out crying cos for the first time I really cared about someone. But then I realised he wasn't mad but smiling and holding my hand! He explained his views on sex and it was like a huge weight had been lifted for both of us. That night we both had the best sex of our lives! He wanted to know everything and we must have spent the best part of 24 hours talking and shagging! We got married a few months later and we are still happy as ever 2 years on. I have regular partners (some of which he knows about and some he doesn't which adds more excitement for him).

The added aspect of excitement for me is when I go home with another guy, I tell them I'm married and that always seems to get them really horny! I'm pretty sure all guys are turned on by some sort of cheating!

One weekend I was away at a party from friday night through until sunday morning, I went through 4 guys (and a woman!) and then came home and spent another few hours telling Steve everything while we fucked, sucked, licked, rubbed, spanked, squeezed and came.

That's a very general insight into our lives.

Recently, we had a few encounters.

Steve loves me having phone sex with other guys while he licks me out, they never know he's there, they just think I'm playing. But one day while we were doing this, the guy on the other end of the phone really wanted to come round and fuck me, and he only lived 10 minutes away. I told him he could come here as long as he kept me up all night, Steve looked up at me and smiled. Then I told him I'd see him in a minute and hung up.

When my phone friend knocked on the door I opened it and invited him in. Steve was sat in the chair watching telly and I brought my companion in and introduced Steve as my brother who was just staying over that weekend!! With that I went upstairs with him while Steve sat and watched me walking up the stairs, holding hands with him. The guy never even noticed our wedding photo's on the TV! I think he was just so blown away that he was getting lucky with me tonight!

We spent hours fucking and I made sure I was as loud as possible for Steve's benefit. At one point I saw a shadow under the door so I knew he was out there listening, I moved us onto the floor and got him to pound me hard from behind while my face was pressed against the door, screaming like a mad woman and talking real filth! I found out later that while Steve was on the other side he came 3 times while he was playing! He said he must have cum at least 6 times that night!

The best moment for me was when the gentleman left at 5am. I was a sweaty, cummy mess! My make up was everywhere and the bedsheets looked a state. Steve (having let him out and said good bye!) came into the bedroom and just looked and smiled at me while I saw the bulge growing under his jeans. This was the first time he'd seen me in that 6 hour period! He started licking me out while I told him exactly what he did to me and how much I enjoyed it. I even told him that I'd probably fuck him a few more times without him knowing!

We spent another 2 or 3 hours fucking then got up, made breakfast and had a great day together. I love him to bits and we're both having the time of our lives!

I'll be back on again soon guys, hope you liked this.

Hotwife K




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